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DDDV Ch 123 Part 1 – Daily Life Begins (I)

That night, Lu Yaoyao lay in her room at her new residence, the bright moon hanging high in the night sky. Both inside and outside the house were quiet, and the night breeze seeped in through the partially covered windows, carrying with it a refreshing scent of flowers.

On her first night, the unfamiliar environment made it difficult for her to fall asleep right away. Hugging her blanket, Lu Yaoyao tossed and turned on the intricately carved spacious wooden bed, rolling around several times. Her disheveled hair framed her flushed little face as she sat up.

She misses her Father, she misses her Daddy… If only Father was really in the Guiyuan Sect!

Failing to fall asleep, Lu Yaoyao pondered for a while and took out five boxes from her small pouch. She suddenly wanted to know what gifts Master and her senior brothers had given her!

Lu Yaoyao first opened the box from her Master and found an ancient-looking book inside, titled “Alchemical Notes.” She picked it up and saw that it was written by Master himself. Clearly, this book contained his personal notes and insights. Curious, Lu Yaoyao quickly skimmed through the pages.

Next, she opened the box from Eldest Senior Brother, which contained six exquisite little bottles. She randomly took one out and saw a label on the bottle, on which three words were whimsically written: ‘Itchy Itchy Pill.’ Perplexed, Lu Yaoyao put it down and picked up another bottle: ‘Laughing Pill,’ ‘Freckle Pill’…

When she saw the names of the last two bottles of pills, Lu Yaoyao nearly choked on her own saliva. ‘Impotent Pill’ and ‘Strong Aphrodisiacs’… It seemed like some strange things had mixed in.

Blushing, Lu Yaoyao closed the bottles and put them back. She was still just a child and didn’t understand these things! What kind of peculiar pills was Eldest Senior Brother concocting?

The gifts from the other senior brothers were much more normal. The Second Senior Brother gave her a small artifact, the Third Senior Brother gifted a top-grade spiritual material, and the Fourth Senior Brother gave her a beautiful headpiece.

After a long while, Lu Yaoyao finally put the items back into her pouch.

Master and her senior brothers had treated her so well, but she had kept many things hidden from them. Sigh… What if her true identity was exposed in the future…

Lu Yaoyao refused to imagine how others would treat her after knowing the truth. She hoped that at least half of her bloodline was human.

Lu Yaoyao sat for a while before lying down, tossing and turning for a while longer. Eventually, as drowsiness overcame her, she settled down. Gripping her blanket with her small hand, she gazed up at the canopy, her eyelids gradually growing heavy. Finally, they closed softly, and her breathing became calm and steady.

The little girl couldn’t stay still in her sleep, changing her posture several times once she fell asleep. Her fair and tender little feet restlessly dangled off the edge of the bed. The dim candlelight flickered. A slender silhouette silently appeared by the bedside. The backlit face was shadowed, making it hard to discern his appearance clearly. When Yao Jiuxiao’s gaze fell upon the little figure on the bed, his expression softened considerably. He carefully tucked the little feet under the blanket and covered the small body with it.

His little girl’s appearance hadn’t changed, but after three years, she had grown more sensible. He reached out and gently touched Lu Yaoyao’s tiny wrist, finding another seal that wasn’t his on her. He wasn’t surprised; this was something Lu Qingyu would do.

Yao Jiuxiao stayed still for a while, looking at his daughter’s sleeping figure.

Well, since Yaoyao wanted to learn alchemy, then she should study well.

That night, Lu Yaoyao had a wonderful dream. She dreamt she found her Father in the Guiyuan Sect, and her Father was exactly the famous Dao Venerable Hengwu! With Father pampering her, she lived freely like a little princess in the Cultivation Realm. The dream was so sweet that when she woke up, a silly smile remained on her face. It took Lu Yaoyao a while to fully wake up. The morning light seeped into the room, illuminating it brightly. Birds were perched on the eaves outside, singing their melodious songs.

Lu Yaoyao glanced around the room. She had a strange feeling that her father had been with her last night, guarding her just like when she was a child. It made her feel secure.

Oh, well, perhaps she just missed her Father too much.

After a moment of melancholy, Lu Yaoyao jumped out of bed, put on her little shoes, and rushed out, her hair in disarray. “Suqing!” She called.

Suqing ascended to the second floor, holding a stack of clothes in her hands. “Little Martial Aunt, you’re awake!”

“These are your school uniforms. Try them on and see if they fit!”

Each sect had its own dress code, and new disciples were required to wear the sect’s uniform. The clothes for these new disciples had been in the making since their initiation yesterday, and two sets were quickly prepared for each person.

Lu Yaoyao curiously glanced at them and didn’t refuse. “Okay.”

Suqing placed the clothes on a nearby stool and was about to help Lu Yaoyao change. “I can dress alone!” Lu Yaoyao quickly said.

Suqing was a bit worried. Little Martial Aunt was still so young; could she manage to dress herself? But seeing Lu Yaoyao’s determination, she left the room, albeit still worried.

Lu Yaoyao picked up the clothes and carefully studied them. The next instant, her red clothes transformed, becoming the same white uniform before her. Ever since she started her study, Father and Daddy had given her many artifacts and tools. One of them was this Ruyi brocade which she had been wearing since she was a baby. It had the function of transforming according to its owner’s desire. Lu Yaoyao lowered her head to inspect herself. After confirming that there was no problem, she put the new clothes in the closet of the adjacent room and opened the door.


“Little Martial Aunt!” Suqing ran over excitedly, “You are so pretty!”

Lu Yaoyao had been wearing bright red clothes before. The color was bright and flamboyant, which made her stand out. In contrast, the pure white she was wearing now reduced her lively appearance and made her look like a quiet and demure little girl.

Lu Yaoyao’s face flushed slightly, “Can you do my hair?” She changed the subject.

“Of course!” Suqing nodded happily, “Let me help you, Little Martial Aunt!”

“Thank you.” Lu Yaoyao felt a little embarrassed. She had never done her hair before. At most, she could only make a simple ponytail, and she had no idea how to make other hairstyles.

Suqing happily started combing Lu Yaoyao’s hair. Because the uniform was simple in color, she didn’t use any vibrant accessories on the head, opting for a few small silver pearls instead. Nevertheless, in Suqing’s eyes, her little martial aunt was the cutest girl in the world!

“Little Martial Aunt, your fundamental classes will officially start tomorrow. Would you like me to accompany you for a stroll today?”

While disciples from different peaks primarily received separate teachings, a few basic courses were taken together by the entire inner disciples of the Guiyuan Sect who hadn’t accumulated enough points.

Lu Yaoyao was thrilled when she heard this. Didn’t that mean she could frequently meet her friends?!


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