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MSRV Ch 106 Part 1 – Accident (I)

When Fu Yunruo passed by, the director was explaining in detail to Wenwen how to shoot later, trying to do it once so that he would not have to suffer so much.

Wenwen listened seriously, nodding from time to time to express his understanding.

A moment later, the director finally instructed the set to be prepared and for the actors to get ready.

Wenwen stood to the side, waiting for the crew members to secure the rigging for him.

Fu Yunruo, watching from the sidelines, couldn’t help but ask, “It won’t be very high, will it?”

The director reassured her, “No, not at all, at most, it’s three to four meters high.”

Seeing Fu Yunruo so nervous, Si Yue also tried to comfort her, saying, “Using rigging in film shoots is quite normal. There will be even riskier scenes in the future, like cliff jumps, high-rise falls, or car stunts.”

While most people usually used stunt doubles for such scenes, Si Yue never did. He also believed that his son would be the same—it was a matter of getting used to it.

Hearing this, Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but give him a silent glare, “If you don’t know how to comfort others, don’t talk.” She was even more worried now! If Wenwen had to go through so many dangerous situations, how could she ever sleep peacefully?

Si Yue: “…” Actually, such situations would not be frequent.

With everything in place and all the actors ready, the crew cleared the shooting space to prevent unrelated personnel from being captured by the cameras. Then, the filming of this scene began.

Fu Yunruo watched from the sidelines. She didn’t understand filmmaking, but she could tell that Wenwen, who was currently acting, had completely immersed himself in his role, making it seem as if he were the character himself.

No wonder the directors had such high expectations. Some people were indeed born for this profession.

As the rig slowly lifted Wenwen into the air, his small body gradually ascended until it stopped at around three meters. Wenwen was no stranger to wire-flying, but he had lived pampered even since his rebirth, and he was no longer the person from his past life who had endured countless hardships. He realized he had grown fragile; when he was lifted, he felt his body being tightly constricted, making him extremely uncomfortable. During his first attempt, he wasn’t prepared, and he couldn’t control his expression well. The director called for a cut and quickly lowered him down.

Fu Yunruo immediately ran over and called out, “Wenwen!”

After failing on his first attempt, Wenwen felt a sense of disappointment. However, he still comforted his mother, “Mom, I’m fine.”

Fu Yunruo wanted to suggest giving up, feeling heartbroken just by watching from the sideline. But the look in her son’s determined eyes made her unable to bring herself to say it.

The director also asked with concern, “Wenwen, are you okay?”

The boy replied crisply, “I’m okay!”

Si Yue held Fu Yunruo’s hand and said, “He can do it. Let’s go.” He also felt sorry, but he believed that as a man, Wenwen should be able to endure this level of hardship.

The shooting soon resumed, so Fu Yunruo had to back away.

This time Wenwen was mentally prepared. He was also afraid that his mother would cry from worry, so he was determined to finish quickly.

From the moment his body ascended upward, he was no longer Wenwen, but the talented disciple of an immortal sect, a true prodigy of cultivation.

A gentle breeze lifted him, and as he soared forward, his pure white robes billowed around him, giving the look of an immortal descending.

It was such a breathtaking scenery, and everyone present was utterly captivated by his presence.

After Wenwen delivered his lines, the director fell silent for a moment and then loudly called for a cut, looking very ecstatic. He was extremely excited. He hadn’t expected Wenwen to perform exceptionally well. This scene was truly outstanding! It was bound to become a classic!

Wenwen was still suspended mid-air and hadn’t heard the director’s call, so he didn’t know if he had succeeded. He turned his head; his small frame wobbled.

Throughout the process, Fu Yunruo had been keeping a close eye on her son. Although she had also been captivated by the scene just now, her concern for Wenwen took precedence. She quickly snapped back to reality. Seeing the child still suspended up there, looking uncomfortable, she called out, “Quickly, lower Wenwen down.”

Others only reacted after her words.

“Yes, hurry and bring him down.”

However, before the rig operator could start the procedure, one of the wires suspending Wenwen suddenly snapped.

Wenwen’s body tilted, and he swayed unsteadily. The other wires soon followed suit. The small figure inadvertently knocked over a potted plant on the balcony, and it plummeted straight downward.

Fu Yunruo’s pupils suddenly contracted, and fear made her freeze. She stopped breathing, her mind went blank, and she moved like a gust of wind, instantly appearing beneath Wenwen with her arms outstretched.

But in the next instant, someone pushed her aside, taking her place. A pair of hands were raised high, steadying themselves to absorb the impact. There was a distinct cracking sound as if bones were breaking. Simultaneously, the tall figure was brought down by the remaining force, crashing heavily to the ground.

This all happened in a split second, and no one else reacted, utterly shocked by this sudden turn of events.

“Ah!!!” someone suddenly screamed, breaking the silence.

“Ah, ah, ah!!” Some of the more timid crew members and actors began to scream one after another, and chaos erupted on set.

Fu Yunruo sat down on the side, her mind completely blank, as if she had lost her soul, completely unresponsive.

Although Si Yue had slowed down the momentum of the fall with his catch, it crashed directly onto the chest. He coughed heavily twice and then spat out a mouthful of blood.

The bodyguards, who had been on standby nearby, reacted more quickly. They rushed over and saw Si Yue’s pale face. He immediately ordered, “Seal off the scene; no one is allowed in or out!”

“Ambulance!” Si Yue didn’t say anything more. The bodyguards quickly made several phone calls and swiftly took control of the scene.

The director also regained his composure amid the chaos and quickly cooperated.

None of the people present were allowed to leave the scene, and all mobile phones were confiscated.

Fu Yunruo’s entire body went limp, staring blankly at the two figures who had fallen together. Her teeth chattered, overwhelmed by fear.

When Wenwen noticed the wires snapping, he realized something was amiss. However, all the wires broke too quickly for him to warn anyone. As he plummeted downward, he couldn’t help but think that his mother would be heartbroken.

If something happened to him, at least Si Yue would be there for his mother…

Wenwen closed his eyes, bracing for the pain. But when he felt himself landing on the ground, he realized he was still conscious, and though he was in pain, he hadn’t lost consciousness. The ground beneath him wasn’t particularly soft, but it carried warmth.

Opening his eyes, Wenwen saw a broad chest up close. It was only then that he realized someone had caught him.

He survived.

And the person who had fearlessly caught him despite the danger was Si Yue…

“Mom…” Wenwen murmured softly.


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