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THDP Ch 143 Part 3 – Seeing Yun Qingyan Again (III)

“This is for you. It will come in handy this time.” Su Junmo then took out an item from his storage pouch and handed it to Meng Qi.

“What is this?” Meng Qi looked at the object in her hand. It was a small black disc with the Big Dipper constellation etched on it. The size was small, but it was quite heavy.

“This is the Seven Stars Disc,” Su Junmo explained, “Each of you can mark your spiritual sense on this disc, and it will allow you to sense each other’s locations and conditions.”

Meng Qi nodded, safely storing the disc.

“In any case, if you’re determined to go, it’s safer for you to go together,” Su Junmo added, “And facing such a rare opportunity, Sikong Xing shouldn’t miss it.”

“Yes, exactly.” Sikong Xing also chimed in, “It’s rare for the Ten Absolutes Mountain to open, and Sect Leader Yan has granted me permission to enter. Meng Qiqi, wouldn’t it be great for us to go together?”

“But…” Meng Qi’s brows furrowed slightly, recalling Ji Wujiong’s words. If the Ten Absolutes Mountain here indeed connected to the Demon Realm, wouldn’t that make it even more dangerous for Sikong Xing?

“No buts!” Sikong Xing hugged her arm, “Let’s vote!”

“Vote?” Meng Qi couldn’t help but laugh, “Is that even a thing?”

“Of course!” Sikong Xing enthusiastically raised her right hand, “Well, then, I’m in favor!” She looked at Chu Tianfeng and the others, “What about you?”

Chu Tianfeng raised his hand, his voice somewhat deep, “Count me agree.” He glanced quickly at Meng Qi and then turned his head away, his eyes flickering, as if troubled by something.

“I’m fine either way,” Li Che said amiably, “But Meng Qiqi, Fellow Daoist Sikong is a much better fighter compared to me. I think she’ll be more useful than me.”

“I seconded,” Qin Xiumo stated succinctly.

Four people voted in favor…

“I oppose!” Only Sikong Zhan, with a stern face, firmly opposed.

“You’re not even going, so you don’t have a vote, okay?!” Sikong Xing glared at him and turned to Meng Qi, “Meng Qiqi, majority rules.”

“…” Meng Qi nodded helplessly. In the end, she thought it might be better to inform her friends about the situation in the Ten Absolutes Mountain.

Just then, there were three knocks on the gate, and a disciple of Jingyuetian announced from outside, “Excuse me, Fellow Daoist Meng, the Sect Leader requests your presence and the others in the main hall.”

“Okay,” Meng Qi promptly responded, “We’ll be right there.”

After the disciple left, saying they had to notify others as well, Qin Xiumo and the rest stood up.

“You guys go ahead,” Meng Qi said promptly, “I need to make a quick trip to Beyond The Heaven.”

Leaving the words behind, Meng Qi turned and ran back to her room. Once inside, she hurriedly took out the jade slip for Beyond The Heaven. The old man from the Heaven and Earth Bookhall had already agreed to help her deliver the Nirvana Pills to Yun Qingyan, but she just wasn’t sure how to hand them over. Through the relay station, perhaps?

As she pondered, Meng Qi gripped the jade slip and entered Beyond The Heaven. She used the teleportation array to transport herself near the bookhall and dashed toward it. She had refined a total of one hundred Nirvana Pills this time, keeping ten for herself and putting the rest into three porcelain bottles to give to Yun Qingyan through the old man.

The Heaven and Earth Bookhall was always so quiet. Meng Qi had visited several times, but it seemed she had never seen other customers there. Today, however, the door of the bookhall was ajar. She pushed the door open and entered. The inside was quiet and seemingly empty.

“Senior,” Meng Qi stopped by the lobby and called out, looking upwards, “Senior, are you here?”

The bookhall remained silent, with no response.

“Senior,” Meng Qi was anxious but had no other options. The old man wasn’t always there; there had been times when he was absent during her visits.

After waiting a moment, Meng Qi called out again, “Senior, are you there?”

The quietness only echoed her own voice.

“…” Meng Qi sighed in disappointment, wondering what to do next. The owner had said he would be there every evening. If only she had known he would be absent today, she would have come every day and delivered the pills regardless of quantity.


Meng Qi glanced towards the door, uncertain if she could wait until the evening.

She really can’t do anything well!

No matter when, she was never able to help Sovereign Qingyan.

It’s always been like this!


“You…” Just as Meng Qi was engulfed in frustration, a clear voice came from behind her, “Are you looking for the master of this place for something?”

The person hesitated before calling out, “Meng Qi?”

Meng Qi turned around abruptly. There, on the second floor of the bookhall, stood a man in white robes, leaning on the railing, quietly looking at her.

It was Yun Qingyan.

Meng Qi blinked, hardly believing her eyes. She hadn’t found the old man, yet she had encountered Yun Qingyan. Since their parting in the Starfallen Sea, where she had left stubbornly and willfully, she hadn’t seen him again.

Sikong Zhan had mentioned that Yun Qingyan had returned to the Demon Realm. During her last visit to Beyond The Heaven, Meng Qi had hoped, perhaps, she might encounter Yun Qingyan there. But the floating islands of Beyond The Heaven were still out of her reach, hovering in a place she couldn’t access. The teleportation arrays at the city gate had no route to the highest floating island.

Meng Qi just stared at the white-robed figure, observing the familiar yet somewhat distant expression on his face. For a long time, she couldn’t say anything. They had only been apart for a short while, but if it was as she thought…

Then the distance between them wasn’t just a matter of these few months, because he…

“Meng Qi?” Yun Qingyan straightened up, interrupting her thoughts, “What’s wrong?”

“I…” Meng Qi suddenly snapped back to reality and as she began to speak, her voice choked, “Q-Qing…”

Yun Qingyan’s eyebrows lifted slightly, and a faint smile appeared at the corners of his lips.

Meng Qi finally calling him by his name…

She finally…

“…Sovereign Qingyan.” Meng Qi looked up at him, finally managing to call out with a shaky voice.


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  1. This is so frustrating. Friend and foe know that Yun Qingyan and Meng Qi love eachother. Only Meng Qi is oblivious. Why doesn’t he just propose to her? Honestly, people in love can act so foolishly.

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