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THDP Ch 144 Part 1 – Would You Save Them Too? (I)

“…” Yun Qingyan had a lot to say, but now he didn’t know where to start. It seemed he had thought too much. Meng Qi was even indifferent to that incident at Luoyun Manor. When she woke up, she was calm, as if nothing had happened.

It couldn’t be that Meng Qi didn’t remember; after all, it was he who was on the verge of qi deviation, not her. She was fully conscious. In short… she just didn’t seem to care!

Yun Qingyan let out a long sigh, and in the blink of an eye, he was already standing in the first-floor lobby. Meng Qi was still looking up at him, her beautiful face wet with tears. Her eyes red and her long eyelashes moist, giving her a pitiful appearance.

“Um…” Before Yun Qingyan could speak, Meng Qi quickly lowered her head and swiftly wiped her tears. “G-greetings, Sovereign Qingyan.” When she spoke again, her voice was nasal: soft, pitiful, and cute.

Meng Qi was embarrassed of herself and was too ashamed to look up. It was totally unlike her to cry upon seeing Yun Qingyan — she wasn’t someone who cried easily. Even when wronged or accused, she never found a reason to shed tears. But in front of Yun Qingyan, she seemed to have lost control of her tears.

A soft handkerchief appeared in front of her, held by slender fingers.

“Thank you.” Holding back her embarrassment, Meng Qi quickly grabbed the handkerchief and wiped her eyes again awkwardly. The handkerchief carried a faint scent of nature, similar to Yun Qingyan’s scent. As she wiped her tears, the fragrance wafted past her nose, distinct and hard to ignore. Holding the handkerchief, Meng Qi paused for a moment.

“What’s the matter?” Yun Qingyan spoke again.

“Um.” Meng Qi came back to her senses and quickly said, “Sovereign Qingyan, here…” She took out a porcelain bottle from her storage pouch, “These are Nirvana Pills, made possible thanks to the Phoenix Fruits you gave me. I refined a hundred pills and kept ten for myself.” Meng Qi admitted somewhat sheepishly.

Yun Qingyan looked at the smooth porcelain bottle in Meng Qi’s hand, then at her increasingly lowered head, and the exposed length of her slender, pale neck. “I don’t need…” He was about to refuse, but then saw Meng Qi looking up at him quickly, her eyes filled with disappointment and… sorrow?

“…So many.” Yun Qingyan quickly changed his response, “Just give me ten.”

“But these were supposed to be yours!” Meng Qi insisted, feeling guilty for even keeping ten for herself.

Yun Qingyan waved his hand, “Then give me some other pills.”

“Of course!”

Yun Qingyan watched Meng Qi amusedly, her eyes suddenly brightening with joy. Was she so easily pleased? When he was with her as the little white tiger Xiao Qi, he had spent quite some time observing her. Rarely did he see her showing so many emotions; most of the time, Meng Qi was too calm for her age, and only occasionally did she look more like a teenage girl whenever she was with that red fox girl.

Yun Qingyan hummed softly to himself, suddenly feeling the red fox clan was too idle. Maybe he should find something for them to do, lest their youngsters waste time wandering and playing around the Three Thousand Worlds all the time.

Meng Qi, unaware of Yun Qingyan’s far-reaching thoughts, took out a bunch of porcelain bottles from her storage pouch and muttered, “Beiming Pills, Jiuhuiyang Pills… But Sovereign Qingyan, your cultivation is so high, these pills might not suit you.”

She finally looked up at Yun Qingyan, thinking that the Nirvana Pill was actually the most suitable. This pill wasn’t limited by the refiner’s cultivation level and could be used by anyone, regardless the race, with the same effect. Those with severe injuries could save their lives, and those exhausted of spiritual aura could instantly replenish their spiritual sea. Even if their spiritual sea was heavily damaged and close to shattering, taking this Nirvana Pill would allow a cultivator to continue fighting for a certain period. Unfortunately, Phoenix Fruits were too rare, and medical cultivators were already very lucky if they could find one fruit to refine into a single Nirvana Pill in their lifetime. As a result, each pill was extremely precious and usually reserved for life-saving purposes.

No one would even dream of refining a hundred pills at once like Meng Qi.

“Well,” Yun Qingyan pondered, “According to the human level, I would be at the ninth realm of the Comprehending Perfection stage.”

Meng Qi gasped, looking up at Yun Qingyan in disbelief. So powerful! She always knew Yun Qingyan was formidable, but she hadn’t realized to this extent. Such a cultivation level must be among the top in the Three Realms, right?

Yun Qingyan observed Meng Qi’s astonished gaze, a slight smile playing at the corners of his lips: “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing…” Meng Qi quickly shook her head, “Then these pills really won’t be of use to you.” Her voice was tinged with regret, realizing once again how little she could do for Yun Qingyan. She had always known about the vast gulf between them, much deeper than the Starfallen Sea. Even if she tried her hardest to catch up, he would always move forward with a speed unattainable to her. So, it had always been Yun Qingyan teaching her, helping her, while she could do nothing for him.

Meng Qi stood still, lost in thought, and the bookhall instantly became very quiet.

Yun Qingyan reached out and took the porcelain bottle from Meng Qi’s palm. Then, taking her hand, he asked, “There’s an auction in the Heaven Auction House soon. Do you want to go take a look?”

“But the Ten Absolutes Mountain in Jingyuetian is about to open, I…”

“I know,” Yun Qingyan said, “The leaders from the major sects of the Three Thousand Worlds will be attending. The auction will end before the Ten Absolutes Mountain opens, don’t worry.”

“…Okay.” Meng Qi didn’t question why things were arranged this way; she never doubted Yun Qingyan’s words. Not before, and certainly not now.

“Let’s go,” Yun Qingyan said, holding her hand as they walked out of the bookhall. His actions were so natural, and Meng Qi, still in shock from their unexpected reunion, didn’t notice such details.

“Oh, by the way,” Yun Qingyan said casually as if making small talk. The northern corner of Beyond The Heaven City where the Heaven and Earth Bookhall located was rarely visited and very quiet. He walked alongside Meng Qi, holding her hand as if it was the most natural thing. “If you have extra spirit points, you can use them to rent medicinal fields here in Beyond The Heaven.”

“Huh?” Meng Qi asked in surprise, “Is that even possible?”

“Yes,” Yun Qingyan affirmed, “There are some pretty good medicinal fields here, with pure and abundant aura, ideal for growing spiritual herbs and flowers. Apart from those special areas such as grotto heavens, you won’t find better fields in Three Thousand Worlds.”

“Okay,” Meng Qi nodded obediently, glancing up at the sky as if contemplating. Since their destination was the Heaven Auction House, they were heading to that floating island higher than the Beyond The Heaven Restaurant, and beyond that…

Meng Qi turned her head and glanced at Yun Qingyan. The tall man in white always had endless patience in front of her. If it weren’t for one thing after another happening, revealing the truth, Meng Qi would never have believed Yun Qingyan to be the Demon Monarch and the owner of Beyond The Heaven.

He never…

She felt a bit dazed. In her previous life, such an amazing personage had been by her side for years, always appearing casual and leisurely.

Yun Qingyan, following her gaze to the sky, misunderstood. “Want to go there?” he asked casually.

“Eh?” Before Meng Qi could grasp his meaning, Yun Qingyan extended his hand, “Give me your nameplate.”


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