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THDP Ch 143 Part 2 – Seeing Yun Qingyan Again (II)

Meng Qi stayed in the room for seven days and nights. Perhaps by Yan Shunbei’s order, no one disturbed her during this time, allowing her to focus on making pills for seven full days. In addition to Nirvana Pills, she prepared various commonly used pills. The Five Spirits Cauldron greatly improved her efficiency in refining medicines. What would have taken two months in the past, she now accomplished in seven days.

During this time, her medical cultivation level improved further, reaching the peak of the fourth rank, only needing an opportunity to step into the fifth rank. Meng Qi didn’t force herself. After returning the Five Spirits Cauldron to her spiritual sea, she stood up and stretched her body. Seven days and nights had passed, and the Ten Absolutes Mountain was about to open in a day or two. When she opened the door, the sunlight streamed in, so brightly that she squinted instinctively.

“Um…” As Meng Qi adjusted to the sunlight and reopened her eyes, she saw several people in the courtyard.

“Meng Qiqi!” Sikong Xing was the first to leap up. She almost pounced on Meng Qi and hugged her tightly, “You finally came out!”

Behind her, Su Junmo looked resigned. Meeting Meng Qi’s gaze, he shook his head heavily and said, “It’s tough for this girl to have restrained herself from barging in!”

Next to him was the red fox youth Sikong Zhan, who suddenly appeared in Starfallen Sea and gave Meng Qi a large bag of profound-grade spirit stones. He glanced at Meng Qi and then at Sikong Xing, then huffed and turned his head away, saying nothing.

Besides the fox trio, Chu Tianfeng, Qin Xiumo, and Li Che were also in the courtyard, sitting in a circle on the stone bench. They all looked up at Meng Qi, their eyes filled with concern.

“When did you guys arrive?” Meng Qi murmured.

“Yesterday morning,” Chu Tianfeng corrected, “My father sent someone to inform me that the Ten Absolutes Mountain will definitely open within three days. He asked me to come to Jingyuetian to avoid missing the opening.”

“Um,” Meng Qi nodded. It didn’t surprise her that Chu Tianfeng would also go to the Ten Absolutes Mountain. The Fentian Palace, one of the ten major sects of the Eastern Realm, certainly had the qualifications to enter.

Her gaze shifted to Qin Xiumo. Since their encounter in the Starfallen Sea and what he said there, they hadn’t had a chance to talk alone. She wanted to say something but then felt there was nothing much to ask about. Her gaze swept over Qin Xiumo and then settled on Li Che. Li Che would also go to the Ten Absolutes Mountain, right?

It seemed that aside from Sikong Xing’s group of demon cultivators, most of her companions were going to the Ten Absolutes Mountain. The friends she had mentioned to Yan Xuan were Chu Tianfeng and the others. They had fought side by side in the Starfallen Sea and, at the very least, were trustworthy.

Meng Qi’s spirit lifted and her lips curved up slightly. She hadn’t been someone with many friends before and was used to being alone. Even so, this feeling wasn’t bad either.

“Xingxing, it’s enough. Let’s talk first.” She patted Sikong Xing’s shoulder.

“Okay,” Sikong Xing finally let go of Meng Qi. She quickly snapped her fingers, and her adorable primordial spirit was summoned. During this time, Sikong Xing and the others had been cultivating in a secret area close to Jingyuetian City, and everyone had made progress. Her primordial spirit had become even more agile than the last time Meng Qi had seen it.

The little red fox looked at Meng Qi, its big, round, black eyes rolling around lively. Being in sync with its master’s thoughts, the primordial spirit liked Meng Qi as much as Sikong Xing was fond of her. Without waiting for Meng Qi to reach out, the little red fox jumped from Sikong Xing’s palm into Meng Qi’s arms and nuzzled her hand obediently.

Although this little cutie was only a primordial spirit, its cuteness went beyond its appearance, as it even felt almost like a real red fox to the touch. Meng Qi couldn’t hold back her smile and stroked the little fox’s pointy ears. The fox immediately tilted its head back in enjoyment, eyes squinting in contentment.

Meng Qi chuckled, turning to Sikong Xing to ask, “Does it eat anything?”

“It can eat things with spiritual aura,” Sikong Xing replied.

“Um.” Meng Qi took out a small purple fruit from her storage pouch, one of the pill ingredients she had bought from Beyond The Heaven. It was a common fruit easily found in Three Thousand Worlds.

The little fox immediately reached out its paws to hold the purple fruit and began eating obediently.

“So cute!” Meng Qi rubbed the fox’s head again and sighed contentedly, “I wish I was a demon cultivator.” Then she would also have such an adorable primordial spirit!

Su Junmo and others looked befuddled. Just for the sake of a primordial spirit, she wanted to become a demon cultivator? Well, they men probably would never understand the thoughts of women in this regard.

No one rushed her, and after Meng Qi played with the little fox for a while, Su Junmo finally spoke, “Meng Qiqi, are you going to the Ten Absolutes Mountain?”

“Yes,” Meng Qi nodded.

Su Junmo glanced at Qin Xiumo, not surprised by her answer, “We demon cultivators can’t enter the Ten Absolutes Mountain, but…” he turned to Sikong Xing, “Sikong Xing can.”

“I oppose!” Sikong Zhan interrupted before he could finish, “Xingxing can’t go, the Ten Absolutes Mountain is too dangerous.”

Meng Qi paused, suddenly remembering Sikong Xing once mentioned her mother was a cultivator from the Three Thousand Worlds, meaning she had half-human blood.

“Don’t control me!” Sikong Xing retorted to Sikong Zhan, jumping up and glaring at him, “Sikong Zhan, I’ve put up with you far too long! Even if I should call you ‘big brother’ by clan seniority… hmph!” She snorted a few times, not finishing her sentence, but the implication was clear: Sikong Zhan had no authority over her.

“I’m going!” Sikong Xing declared firmly.

“Xingxing?” Meng Qi frowned, “You shouldn’t go. This time, the Ten Absolutes Mountain is even more dangerous than before. If you go, I’m afraid…”

“I’m going!” Sikong Xing insisted, “Su Junmo also said that this time, although it’s dangerous for me, it’s also an opportunity. Besides…” She glanced at Su Junmo, then continued, “We’ve discussed it already. The current Ten Absolutes Mountain won’t be more dangerous than in ancient times. The real danger lies in people’s hearts.”

“But we’ll be together, so I’m not afraid.” Sikong Xing said this with a smile, linking her arm with Meng Qi’s.

“Sikong Xing is right,” Su Junmo nodded, “If she misses this chance, she would have to wait another ten years, and even then, the opportunity might not be as good as this one.” He paused, then added, “Moreover, I think the best arrangement is for you all to enter together.”

While speaking, Su Junmo scanned the group, his gaze sweeping over Chu Tianfeng and the others: “We have Brother Qin, who practiced dual cultivation of sword and spell, Sikong Xing’s exceptional defense, Meng Qiqi and Li Che as medical cultivators, and…” he pondered, “If I’m not mistaken, Pei Mufeng will also participate. Together, you should be able to handle any dangers.”

“This is for you. It will come in handy this time.” Su Junmo then took out an item from his storage pouch and handed it to Meng Qi.


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  1. The Gang is finally back together!!!
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  2. Shouldn’t the demon cultivators be alle to enter the Ten Absolutes Mountains through the branch in the Demon Realm?
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