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DDDV Ch 146 Part 1 – Fate (I)

“Ten thousand years ago, Yun Jizi of the Divination Pavilion foresaw a prophecy and then perished.”

Lu Chongyun was puzzled as to why Yao Jiuxiao suddenly brought this up. With a somber tone, he recited the prophecy: “The passage upward will be cut off, the earth’s core will crack, mountains and rivers will overturn, and heaven will not last forever.”

“For tens of thousands of years, Yuanqi Continent has been engulfed in war, but before the prophecy, it wasn’t always in conflict as there were times of recovery… Later, rumors of world destruction spread, causing panic. The powerful beings from every race sought escape routes. Nearly all who could ascend did so.”

Few stayed to seek a sliver of hope, as they felt unable to turn the tide and stop the catastrophe. The powerful ones took their most cherished ones and left, while those left behind felt abandoned. That period was the darkest time for the Yuanqi Continent. Beings from all three realms cried out for salvation, but they were forsaken. It was like a final frenzy, filled with slaughters and madness. Countless souls wailed on the land, their spirits couldn’t lay to rest.

Yuanqi Continent gained another name: The Land Abandoned by Heaven.

After ten, twenty years… when people finally sobered from their frenzy, the Yuanqi Continent hadn’t perished, but countless lives were lost in the slaughter, leaving a war-torn land. Some then claimed the prophecy was false, that Yuanqi would not be destroyed.

A hundred, two hundred years passed, and Yuanqi still existed. Most people, seemingly forgetting that the prophecy referred to ten thousand years later, believed the continent wouldn’t perish. This belief seemed to cover the fact they were abandoned, and the prophecy was no longer mentioned.

However, even though the world had forgotten this prophecy, it remained hidden in the records of various sects, accessible to those of sufficient status, especially the Divination Pavilion that had originally divined this prophecy.

“Five hundred years ago, another Diviner defied the heavens to seek the answer, interpreting the stars to unfold the heavenly secrets, do you remember?” Yao Jiuxiao asked in a subdued voice.

Lu Chongyun’s expression turned solemn, his tone heavy, “Fate cannot be defied.”

“The Diviner who dared to peek into the heavenly secrets suffered a backlash, his cultivation diminished, and he received heavenly punishment—”


Yao Jiuxiao walked out of the pavilion. He stopped at the end of the cliff, gazing into the mountains shrouded in clouds and white mist.

After sitting silently for a moment, Lu Chongyun stood and joined Yao Jiuxiao.

“Since entering the Great Ascension stage, I’ve always felt trapped. There were these vague feelings, as if the heaven and earth itself is a cage that imprisons us, leaving us struggling in vain.”

“Senior Brother…”

“The Diviner then secluded himself for two hundred years, emerging only to divine one last time, exhausting his vitality, and finally foresaw a chance of survival.”

“Eighteen years ago, I sensed something, a variable within the ancient secret realm.” Yao Jiuxiao, a genius whose cultivation brought him close to heaven, could also divine fate, predicting others but not himself. However, whenever he tried divining for Lu Chongyun, for others, for anyone, it was always a dead end.

“…Senior Brother,” Lu Chongyun frowned, “I’ve never asked, but what did you encounter in that secret realm? If I’m not mistaken, your daughter was conceived there, right?”

Lu Chongyun speculated the time and place and also listed several possible female cultivators who had also entered the secret realm at the same time. The Sect Leader of Baihua Sect, the Fourth Elder of Biyun Sect, the wandering cultivator Fairy Miaomiao… These powerful figures had secluded themselves for more than a year after exiting the secret realm, making them the most likely candidates to have borne the child, but it was unclear who it was.

His senior brother was not known for being close to women. Could he perhaps have been tricked into a night of fleeting romance? The possibility was quite high.

Lu Chongyun deduced the most likely truth: only that certain person from the Devil Realm could have outwitted Senior Brother, and it just happened that both of them had disappeared together at the same time. Something must have happened in the secret realm, angering Senior Brother who then chased him for over a decade, ceasing only three years ago when the mother contacted Senior Brother about their child. This led Senior Brother back to the sect, where he prepared a residence for his daughter.

That explained why Senior Brother and that devil suddenly appeared; otherwise, who knew how long they would have fought? Being the pinnacle of cultivation in the Yuanqi Continent, they could fight undetected in a separate space they created for who knows how long, and no one could find them.

Lu Chongyun was certain Yao Jiuxiao hadn’t met his daughter yet, otherwise, he wouldn’t be so hesitant to talk about her.

Yao Jiuxiao: “…”

Feeling considerate, Lu Chongyun said, “I won’t pry into your private affairs, but—”

“Why did you suddenly bring this up, Senior Brother?”

“Chongyun,” After a moment of silence, Yao Jiuxiao spoke softly, “I plan to publicly announce Master’s burial and hold a grand memorial on his behalf.”

“Why?” Lu Chongyun furrowed his brows, confused about the sudden change in plans. Hadn’t they initially intended to keep it low-profile? Why so suddenly?

Yao Jiuxiao didn’t respond directly but instead said, “No matter what, Master was a member of Guiyuan. He is also your father’s younger brother. Back then, Martial Uncle was too emotional and ordered Master’s existence to be erased, forbidding everyone in the sect to mention him. Even so, Master was never expelled and remains part of our sect.”

“Chongyun, regardless of everything, you still have some affection for Master. Can you really bear to let his memory be forgotten by the world?”

Lu Chongyun remained silent, his face stern.

“A thousand years have passed,” Yao Jiuxiao turned to look at Lu Chongyun.

Lu Chongyun lifted his gaze. A thousand years had left no trace on Yao Jiuxiao’s face, only adding a cold, imposing aura.

“Senior Brother, what exactly are you planning to do?”

Yao Jiuxiao remained silent.

Lu Chongyun suddenly became furious, “Don’t tell me you want to continue their absurd ideals!”

“Ask anyone in the Cultivation Realm. How many whose families do not have grudges against other races? Relatives, fellow disciples, friends… who haven’t suffered at the hands of demons and devils? The deep-seated hatred passed down from generation to generation has seeped into everyone’s bones. This blood feud isn’t erasable. Ask them if they can forget their dead loved ones and get along peacefully with demons and devils!”

Yao Jiuxiao’s expression remained indifferent, as if nothing could affect his emotions.

“Do you want history to repeat itself? Guiyuan Sect almost perished once. We’ve spent years restoring its glory, do you want it to fall into ruin again?” Lu Chongyun’s voice lowered, “Isn’t the blood of tens of thousands of people in our enough to prove that they were wrong?” He asked harshly, “Yao Hengwu, do you intend to repeat their mistake?”


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  1. Poor Yao Jiuxiao.
    With that amount of hatred around, he wil never be able to reveal his daughters true origin.

  2. It’s true that all those people who suffered losses at the hands of devils and demons may never forgive them, but at the same time, those races also suffered from the humans; it’s not like humans aren’t equally guilty in some part. I just think it’s pretty interesting that Yao Jiuxiao is finally making the connection between the divination, the strong enmity between races, and his daughter’s existence.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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