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THDP Ch. 45 Part 1 – Another Case (I)

On Beyond The Heaven’s highest floating island, white clouds were pouring down like a waterfall to the lake below. A man in a white robe stood still. His sleeves were blown by the wind, and his hair was tied at the top of his head by a small black sandalwood headdress.

When Su Junmo arrived in a hurry, the white-robed man had already waited here for an incense stick of time.

“Lord.” Su Junmo took a deep breath, then bowing respectfully.

“How?” The white-robed man did not turn his head. His star-like pitch-black eyes were still staring at the cloud waterfall.

“Xingluo Pavilion Master promised to enter the Starfallen Sea for ten years.” Su Junmo reported all the news he had heard in the past half-day.

“Oh?” The white-robed man’s expression remained unchanged, “Xingluo Pavilion?”

The number one sword sect in the Eastern Realm. He naturally had heard this name before.

“Yes.” Su Junmo replied.” Xingluo Pavilion made that promise in exchange to host the Medical Cultivator Conference in their Xingluo City this year.”

“Continue.” The white-robed man still did not turn around.

Su Junmo hesitated for a moment: “This subordinate also met Meng Qi from Qingfeng Valley.”

Su Junmo came to the Eastern Realm under his Lord’s order to solve Sikong Yan and found Meng Qi by the way. Su Junmo was a little nervous, so he didn’t notice that his Lord’s hands hanging on the side stiffened when hearing Su Junmo’s mentioning Meng Qi’s name.

After a pause, he continued: “She seems to have knowledge about arrays. This subordinate saw the medical knife she personally made. The array carved on the knife was very similar to….” Su Junmo fell silent, dared not to say the next words. That array was very rare, even in the Demon Realm. He only saw it carved under the Demon Realm’s Celestial Tree. Another one, was carved precisely on his Lord’s weapon——Xizhao.

“I know.” The man replied.

“This subordinate has followed Meng Qi to Fentian City. She should also be going to Xingluo City to participate in the Medical Cultivator Conference.” Su Junmo continued: “She is very obsessed with medical arts. She certainly would not miss this event,”

Su Junmo hesitated for a while. He looked at his Lord’s straight back, gritted his teeth, and finally said: “There is a little white tiger by Meng Qi’s side. I heard it was an injured spirit beast she picked up and wanted to raise as a spirit pet. Meng Qi loves that little white tiger and treats him very well, but…”

“Ah, cough, cough…I see, don’t worry about this.” The white-robed man quickly interrupted Su Junmo’s words. He flicked his sleeves: “Has Xue clan members arrived in Fentian City?”

“Yes.” Su Junmo replied respectfully. “Xue Chengxuan came in person. His father should also depart to Xingluo City at the beginning of the month.”

“Let them bring the ‘Xue Clan’s Record’ with them.” The man ordered. “Go to Fentian City’s Beyond The Heaven. I will give you command to mobilize the third secret team. If necessary, use them to assist you.”

“…Yes.” Su Jun Mo didn’t dare to say more. He bowed and took his leave. Although many questions haunted his minds, he didn’t dare to ask. The Lord clearly ordered him to find Meng Qi, but now didn’t seem to care about her.


Su Junmo was full of doubts. Especially when he mentioned the little white tiger. Although he didn’t see the Lord’s expression, he clearly felt the embarrassment from the other party, not to mention the quick change of topic.

Don’t tell him?!

Su Junmo suddenly widened his eyes. He quickly lowered his gaze to hide his surprise. Perhaps he didn’t see it wrong that day, and the little white tiger’s eyes really contained the Big Dipper star shadow. If it was true, then what was Meng Qi’s relationship with that little tiger?!

She found it? How could there be such a coincidence in this world?!

The more Su Junmo thought about it, the more he felt that his guess was right. There was also the matter of ‘Xue Clan’s Record.’ Although the title was so bland, it was a record that has been passed down in Xue Clan’s for generations from patriarch to patriarch. It was a classic that recorded all the medical techniques of Xue Clan for thousands of years. Why did the Lord want them to take it to Xingluo City?

Su Junmo felt that the answer was obvious.

He didn’t dare to think more and could only hasten his pace towards the teleportation array.

Has Meng Qiqi sobered up yet?

Su Junmo was about to check her condition when he suddenly received an urgent summon from the Lord.


Su Junmo stepped into the teleportation array. A flash of light later, and he arrived at Profound floating island. He quickly walked towards Xue Jinwen’s residence. Su Junmo found the red-dressed woman not in her room, but sitting under the bamboo grove in the corner of the small courtyard. There was a zither in front of her. Xue Jinwen fiddled over it with her delicate hands, plucking the strings absent-mindedly.

Hearing the footsteps, Xue Jinwen raised her eyes and looked at the gate. A surprise flashed through her eyes.

“Fellow Daoist Su.” Xue Jinwen stood up. Her eyes were filled with joy. The corner of her lips raised slightly, and she smiled as charming as ever.

“Xue Jinwen.” Su Junmo skipped the pleasantry and directly took out a bundle from his storage space, handing it to Xue Jinwen: “Mark your spiritual consciousness, and remember to get it at the relay station after you back.”

“Many thanks.” Xue Jinwen cupped her hands in courtesy. She then put on her spiritual mark on the bundle, which contained the items she previously asked Su Junmo to find for her. Although there were only two of them, Su Junmo’s willingness to take her words seriously still made her very happy.


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Su Junmo and his imagination 🤣🤣🤣

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  1. so Su Junmo is Lord Tiger’s errand boy? No hahaha is from Meng Qi. Alas does he think the little tiger is the lord’s son? hehe is the lord in person shshsh and I hope the lord will continue on Meng Qi’s side, eventually if she heals him, the memories will be recovered..

    1. Sun junmo naturally an errand boy for both Xiao Qi and Meng Qi hahahahhaa.

      And yes I think he thought that little white tiger is their son. Really…his imagination is hilarious. lol

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