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MWFV Ch. 71 Part 2 – Mr. Qin’s Counterattack (II)

After venting out, Song Yancheng once again stared at Qin Shao: “This information is indeed wonderful. But unfortunately, do you have any proof?”

Mr. Qin wasn’t a person who would do something without certainty. Without conclusive evidence on hand, he would never take out the information in front of Song Yancheng.

Qin Shao’s calmness contrasted with Song Yancheng’s outburst.

“Qin Shao, you are slandering!”

“Me? Slandering?” Mr. Qin sneered, “You should keep these words to the police and prosecutor.”

Song Yancheng: “Bastard, you called the police?!”

Qin Shao: “As a good citizen, it is my duty to report criminal activities to the authority. Maybe they will even grant me a ‘dutiful citizen’ medal.”

Su Bei tried very hard to not laugh out loud: It was her first time knowing that Mr. Qin could say such satirical remarks so funnily.

Su Bei glanced at Su Xiaobao.

Su Xiaobao: “What?”

Su Bei: “Watch and learn.”

Lin You suddenly screamed. Su Bei initially thought that Song Yancheng did something again. But when she looked up, she saw Chen Xueyan has fainted.

“Mom? Mom? What’s happen?!”

“Someone help! Mom has fainted!”

“Xueyan, Xueyan! What are you doing? Quickly call a doctor!”

The whole house was in a mess, and Qin Jinguo hurriedly sent his wife to the hospital.

Jihua Private Hospital.

Right now, Qin Jinguo was accompanying his wife in the ward for examination. Qin Shao sat on a chair outside, with Su Bei and Su Xiaobao beside him. As for Song Yancheng, he took advantage of the chaos to take Lin You and left. Probably to flee or destroy the evidence.

When Song Yancheng left, Mr. Qin threw a sentence: “Do you think I will give you a chance to stand up again?”

Song Yancheng couldn’t get away. When he went back, he would find that his personal information has been blacklisted, and all his funds were frozen. At this moment, the police might have arrived at his house.

After a while, Qin Jinguo came out of the ward. The old man seemed to age ten years in an instant. Qin Shao stood up. Qin Jinguo glanced at his son, sat down, and said to Qin Shao: “Sit down too.”

“How is Aunt Chen?” Qin Shao asked.

“She is alright. She will wake up soon.” Chen Xueyan was getting older, and the recent visits by Song Yancheng and Lin You had also made her unwell. Stimulated by today’s incident, Chen Xueyan fainted because she couldn’t take the blow.

Qin Jinguo sighed softly, “These years, I’ve wronged you.”

After knowing the truth, Qin Jinguo has a kind of indescribable guilt towards his son. For the sake of so-called family harmony, he always asked Qin Shao to be tolerant of the child of his remarried wife. Qin Jinguo couldn’t imagine what he had experienced over the years and how much he had to bear.

“I was wrong…”

Maybe he and his wife should never bring the two sons together, wanting them to get along well. Even sending one of them abroad would be better than the current situation. However, if he had to choose to send one of the children abroad, Qin Jinguo at the time might still choose to send his own son.

Qin Jinguo didn’t know how to face his son. He felt guilty and helpless.

Qin Shao opened his mouth and broke the deadlock: “The past is the past. It’s meaningless to mention old matters. But this time, I hope you and Aunt Chen will not try to interfere.”

Of course, even if they want to interfere, they couldn’t do anything. After all, Song Yancheng violated the law.

Qin Jinguo nodded: “Don’t worry. This time, I won’t intervene anymore.” In his heart, he was hating Song Yancheng now.

Qin Jinguo: “How will Song Yancheng be sentenced?”

Qin Shao: “However he deserves.”

After a while, the doctor came out and told Qin Jinguo that Chen Xueyan was awake.

“Aunt Chen is awake. Do you want to go in and have a look?” Qin Jinguo asked Qin Shao hesitatedly.

“No.” It would only add trouble.

“Xiaobei, Xiaobao, let’s go.” Qin Shao turned his head and saw the sleepy twins: Su Bei was sleeping soundly on Su Xiaobao’s shoulders, and Su Xiaobao’s head was also drooped and was about to fall asleep.

“Eh, what?” Su Bei opened her eyes. Still half-asleep, she seemed to hear Mr. Qin calling her.

“Grandma wakes up. Let’s go. We’re going home.” Qin Shao took off his coat and put it on Su Bei’s body.

“Oh, okay.” Su Bei nodded sleepily. After two steps, she reacted and turned around to Qin Jinguo: “See you later, grandpa.”

“See you later, Xiaobei, Xiaobao.”

Watching the family of three left, Qin Jinguo fell into contemplation again: He totally failed as a father. Not even as good as Qin Shao.

On the way back, Su Bei sat on the backseat as usual. Her sleepiness had gone completely, and she was very refreshed.

“Don’t play with the mobile phone in the car.” Seeing Su Bei took out her phone, Mr. Qin reminded her.

“I’m not playing, just reading some news.”

Su Bei found the news about ‘Black and White Dream Girl’ on the internet, which showed Song Xinyi joined the movie’s crew. Su Bei noticed this particular news because of the headline photo: The man standing next to Song Xinyi was the man she and Su Xiaobao encountered on the train to B city. Wasn’t he precisely the suspicious man who gave her a business card?

Unexpectedly, the other party was really a director, and seemingly was rising in popularity. In just a few months, he was transformed from a shady middle-aged man on the train to a new and promising director.

At that time, Su Bei didn’t even look at the business card before throwing it away. She remembered that during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Song Xinyi said that she was going to act in Director Ou Yibin’s movie.

“I cannot find the name.” Su Bei muttered, continuing to scroll down. When she finally saw the name list of casts and director, Su Bei was so shocked that she almost threw her phone away.


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  1. Why send your don abroad? If you had done preventative measures when you found about Song trying to kill your son you should have stepped up… so annoyed 😒

  2. Lemme guess, the same director that “originaly” would bring a tragic end to su bei. That one pervert director.
    Just a guess though

    1. Yah, old mr qin, someone with waw backgrond like you surely had a hunch bunch of times. Just yourself choose to sided with ‘ignorance’. Well its good you’re now know. Doesn’t matter tho, whats done is done

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    thanks for chap
    pffft that seems funny how he always does injustice to his son, if he tries to get close to the twins they should just stay away tbh, he’s just a fence sitting opportunist

  4. I hope they warn Song Xinyi or at least get the Director arrested. Xinjiang might not be a good person, but criminals shouldn’t get their way. Qin Jingou didn’t do a good job, and neither did his second wife at raising Song. It can be difficult to bring two families together, but always making one son concede is a bad choice.

  5. i hope they dont just let song xinyi walk into this. shes a spoilt child, but shes still a child all the same

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