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THDP Ch 85 Part 3 – Tengshe Sect Leader (III)

The moment Tengshe Sect disciples saw their sect leader appear, they seemed invigorated and instantly regained their vigor. The disciples cooperated to force Fengyu Town’s cultivators back, then turned around and ran to their sect leader.

“A bunch of idiots!” Tengshe sect leader’s icy gaze fell upon the disciples. He snorted coldly: “You cannot even deal with small ants!”

His voice was very cold. Every time he spoke, it sent a chill down to the listener’s spine, as if a slimy viper was crawling on their back.

Meng Qi suddenly felt sick.

After the sect leader’s voice fell, he flicked his sleeve. A strong wind suddenly blew over Tengshe Sect people calling ‘Master’ or ‘Sect Leader’ while rushing ahead. Many Golden Core disciples were even blown to the ground.

“All retreat.” The sect leader’s cold voice rang again.

The disciples didn’t dare to disobey. Those who were blown to the ground quickly got up and cautiously stood behind their sect leader. Even the remaining Nascent Soul elders also silently retreated behind him.

“Dare to set an ambush!” Tengshe sect leader’s eyes glinted coldly, like a venomous viper. His eyes swept across Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong’s face. “I initially planned to leave one-fifth of cultivators in Fengyu Town alive. Unexpectedly, some dogs are so eager to die that they run in front of our Tengshe Sect…” He let out a weird laugh: “I will fulfill your wish!”

Tengshe sect leader held out his hand, and a green whip appeared on his palm.

At first glance, the whip didn’t look anything special. But when Meng Qi observed carefully, she found that the whip was actually alive.

That’s not a whip, but a huge green viper!

The viper seemed to be very tame. Its tail wound on the sect leader’s wrist, obviously didn’t dare to struggle. But when it raised its eyes, its slit eyes were as cold as its owner, sweeping over Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong. From time to time, the viper spits out its forked tongue and made hissing sounds.

“It turned out to be a green phosphorus snake.” Ji Wujiong slowly said.

“So you have some knowledge.” Tengshe sect leader turned his gaze to Ji Wujiong’s face and let out another strange laughter that more resembled snake hissing. “I always appreciate talents. Now, if you kneel down, recognize me as your lord, and swore your unwavering loyalty to me, I will spare your lives.”

Ji Wujiong broke into laughter. He thought he was crazy enough, but unexpectedly, there was someone crazier than him!

“Just a bunch of fools using a little trick to play with snakes, insects, mice, and ants, yet dare to let me recognize you as my lord?!” Ji Wujiong sneered. “See if you are worthy!” He suddenly jumped forward. The narrow black saber in his hand swiftly stabbed into the ground. The amethyst eight trigram compass on his side suddenly shone brightly. From the flashing purple light, a complete array flew out and rushed towards Tengshe sect leader.

Amidst the weird laughter, Tengshe sect leader waved his green phosphorous snake whip and said coldly: “Just a small trick…”

Before his words fell, the array from Ji Wujiong’s amethyst eight trigram compass already landed on the ground. Purple light soared to the sky, and a huge serpent head suddenly emerged. In just a blink of an eye, a complete purple serpent had formed on the ground. The serpent moved its head menacingly. It spits out its forked tongue with a loud hiss and rushed towards Tengshe sect leader.

Ji Wujiong raised his eyes and said coldly: “Even in the matter of controlling snakes, you are far inferior to me!” As his words fell, the pitch-black narrow saber on his hand had finished the last stroke on the ground. With a swishing sound, a few ninth-grade spirit stones flew from Ji Wujiong’s hands toward the six corners of the array.

With a loud bang, a huge black tortoise suddenly appeared on the array. The purple serpent turned around, nimbly jumped on the black tortoise, and turned its head again at Tengshe sect people.

“Do it!” Ji Wujiong commanded sharply. His words not only signaled the black tortoise and the purple serpent to attack, but also for the remaining Fengyu Town cultivators to launch a general attack.

The five Nascent Soul sword cultivators immediately started their footwork again, and their natal long swords floated into the air, attacking Tengshe sect leader.

A Nascent Soul spell cultivator suddenly flew up, and a red lotus appeared on his side.

“Huh?” Meng Qi felt that the red lotus was a bit familiar.

The spell cultivators moved two steps forward, and the red lotus petals began to rustle. “One step lotus bloom.” Even though he was walking in the air, the spell cultivator’s movement was very steady. “Open!”

In an instant, a large flame exploded around Tengshe sect leader. Amidst the blazing flame, five cold swords rushed to attack. At the same time, the black tortoise and purple serpent summoned by Ji Wujiong also brandished their might. The tortoise was huge and bulky. Its movement was awkward, but when it stretched out its claws and slapped them on the ground, a huge tremor occurred, as if the sky itself collapsed and the ground split. Although Tengshe sect leader was floating in the air and his feet weren’t touching the ground, the air around him seemed to be torn apart by the power of the black tortoise’s claws. The big purple serpent was much swifter. It immediately fought with the green phosphorous snake.


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