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TGCF Ch 13 Part 1 – No Matter How Cunning, She’s Just a Little Girl (I)

After fixing her hair, Xia Mian glanced at the skull head short-sleeves and the self-cut ripped jeans that were so out of place she couldn’t stand them at all. She must do something as soon as possible – little angels only wore pretty dresses!

With Xiao Feng in tow, Xia Mian cheerfully made her way to the department store. The retro vibe didn’t give her much hope, but she soon discovered that fashion truly was cyclical, and she was pleasantly surprised by some of the available styles. After looking around for a while, she finally selected a beige, floral, knee-length dress. As she tried it on, the sight of her developing figure increased her already joyful mood.

Being born into an athletic family, her genes and environment made it hard for her to achieve her dream of being a little angel. In terms of figure alone, she had always been taller than her peers since she was a child. When other girls looked adorable in a princess dress, she would look like a King Kong in a pink tutu instead.

To make it worse, she had twins older brothers above. The two rascals never got tired of teasing and provoking her, so she had no choice but to train her body to keep. After puberty, her body was full of smooth muscles, a total opposite of what one would expect from a little angel. By the time she reached the third year of high school, she had successfully developed six beautiful abdominal muscles.

Although many people were envious of her, Xia Mian still preferred the delicate, soft, and lovely figure just like the girl next door. That’s her ideal little angel! Now that she finally had the body of her dream, Xia Mian couldn’t resist touching here and there, enjoying the smooth, silky sensation. This body truly had great skin!

Unable to hold back her curiosity, she pulled open the dress collar and looked around. She couldn’t help but whistle happily. It was at least a B+, right? Moreover, this body was only sixteen years old and still developing. Ah, it was simply the ideal type she had dreamed of — a perfectly okay little angel’s spec!

Basking in happiness, Xia Mian couldn’t resist feeling around. So big and soft, hahaha!!! Starting today, she would change her appearance and become an angel again!

“Auntie?” Xiao Feng’s puzzled voice rang out.

Xia Mian awkwardly put down her hand. In her excitement, she nearly forgot the little guy. With child trafficking rampant these days and the department store bustling with people, she didn’t dare let Xiao Feng out of her sight, so she had no choice but to bring him into the fitting room, instructing him to face the wall and not move until she finished.

It was only upon hearing her laughter that he expressed his confusion.

“Alright, turn around now!” Xia Mian said.

Xiao Feng turned around to find his aunt had transformed again, “Wow! Auntie, you look beautiful!”

“Really?” Xia Mian took his hand and checked themselves out in a mirror, then nodded in satisfaction. Thanks to her new figure, she finally looked good in a beautiful dress, though she was not without a complaint: while this dress wasn’t particularly expensive, it certainly wasn’t frugal considering her current financial situation.

A savings of over thirty thousand might not be considered little for an ordinary family nowadays. However, Xia Mian knew that with the rapid development of society, this amount would soon be hardly enough.

Moreover, she had to take care of Xiao Feng and herself while studying, so she wouldn’t be able to take a job or do business. The best method was to invest this money so it could grow before she finished high school.

Investing in stocks seemed the best option, but unfortunately, she only knew the names of the company owned by the male protagonist and his uncle’s company mentioned in the book. However, the male protagonist was currently still a child, and the location of his uncle was unknown.

Thus, without a way to earn money, Xia Mian had no choice but to cut expenses first.

Eventually, Xia Mian bought two dresses, a pair of shoes, and two sets of underwear. She didn’t buy clothes for Xiao Feng because she felt the fabric of new clothing wasn’t as soft as what Aunt Liu had given, so the old ones would make do for now. Afterward, she bought some nutritional supplements, medicated baby powder, storybooks, and toys.

Xia Mian found herself enjoying the shopping, but when Xiao Feng hugged her leg and moved slowly, she realized her oversight. A child this young naturally had limited energy, and Xiao Feng’s health wasn’t the best either. Guilt-ridden, Xia Mian picked him up, “I’m sorry, did I tire you out, baby? Should Auntie carry you on my back?”

Seeing the load in Xia Mian’s hands, Xiao Feng shook his head. He struggled to remain standing, trying to keep his eyes wide open, “Xiao Feng is not tired. I can walk by myself.”

Feeling extremely guilty, Xia Mian put Xiao Feng down and stuffed all the items into a bag to hang on her arm, then carried the child again, “You’re walking too slow, Auntie will carry you, and we’ll get home faster.”

Hearing this, Xiao Feng obediently wrapped his arms around Xia Mian’s neck. She hadn’t walked far when she felt a little head rest on her shoulder, its tuft of hair bouncing with every breath.

Xia Mian smiled softly, quickening her pace.

Around three or four in the afternoon, four or five thugs in their late teens strutted into the Huagang residential compound, their hands tucked into their pockets and moving with a bold swagger. Passersby avoided them like a pile of stinky trash, yet the group believed the air of ruffianism they exuded intimidated everyone around. They carried their chins high and looked around in haughtiness, accosting anyone they met with, “Hey, bro, do you know where Xia Mian lives? We’re here to hang out with her.”

If this had been a couple of days earlier, finding Xia Mian would not have been easy for them, but after the events of yesterday, almost no one in the compound was unaware of her name.

In the residents’ view, Xia Mian was an impulsive yet responsible good kid. However, the appearance of the thugs reminded everyone that before yesterday, Xia Mian was known as a troublemaker dressed in rebellious attire, seemingly no different from these ruffians.

The thugs did more than just ask for directions; they specifically targeted attractive girls and young married women for harassment, calling loudly, “Hey, you’re quite pretty. Do you know Xia Mian? She’s from your compound, and we had a great time with her. We’ll take you along next time!”

The shy ones would avoid them in a hurry, while the bold ones would curse them without hesitation. However, the thugs never confronted anyone directly and simply mused loudly with a wide grin, “Hey, we’re just asking for direction, no need to get angry. If you don’t say, then don’t.”

It was obvious that these guys were seasoned troublemakers; they didn’t cause enough trouble to start a fight, but they were purposely annoying and very good at taunting people. As the saying goes, good news stays within the walls, but bad news travels far and wide. In just an hour or two, whenever people in the compound mentioned Xia Mian, they did so with a frown.

This was much more annoying than Huang Xiaojuan. After all, Huang Xiaojuan’s malice wasn’t directed at them, but Xia Mian had brought a bunch of troublemakers into their compound, causing a tense atmosphere. Those who had teenage daughters, younger sisters, or a young wife at home were especially vexed.

When Xia Mian’s name was mentioned increasingly frequently among the residents’ complaints, Huang Xiaojuan finally showed a proud smile.


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