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DDDV Ch 104 Part 2 – The Boundary Gate (II)

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Lu Yaoyao didn’t waste any time and directly pulled out the spiritual tablet, “Your Nani clan can join my command, but all of you must follow my rules. In exchange, I will fulfill your request.”

Nani Gu took the tablet, scanned it with his spiritual sense, and mused inside. Sure enough, the rumors were true. Their Little Princess of the devil race was not at all cruel or bloodthirsty but rather strangely kindhearted. Nani Gu didn’t mind whatever demand Her Highness made. From the moment he laid eyes on her, the idea of becoming her subordinate instantly came to her mind. Nani Gu always did whatever he pleased without regard for others. Even if Her Highness demanded him to destroy the Nani Clan as a token of sincerity, he would willingly comply.

“That’s all?” The boy raised an eyebrow, “The moment I have the Nani clan in my pocket, I will shape it however you desire.”

Lu Yaoyao looked at Nani Gu’s nonchalant response and fell into contemplation, suspecting whether her demands were too simple. After a moment, she raised her head and solemnly said, “Don’t worry, I won’t treat you unfairly. In the near future, the Nani clan will become the fourth largest after the three major clans.”

Nani Gu smiled, “I’m looking forward to it.” He didn’t care about the future of the Nani clan, but if it would affect his weight in the mind of Her Highness, he would begrudgingly attach some importance to it. He hoped that Her Highness would keep him entertained to the end. Otherwise, if he suddenly lost interest midway, it might even lead to some fun surprise.

Lu Yaoyao was unaware that the subordinate she had just recruited was already thinking about the moment of his betrayal. She was pleased to have another subordinate and began to give Nani Gu instructions, “You are staying here for now, right? I will send someone to deliver something to you later.” Lu Yaoyao pondered. Now that Nani Gu was her subordinate, she must not treat him badly. She could provide him with resources, let him train hard, and strive to become the head of the Nani clan as soon as possible.

“Alright, I’m leaving.”

Nani Gu blinked, “Aren’t you taking me back to the Devil Palace?”

Lu Yaoyao asked back, “Aren’t you planning to return to your clan and consolidate your power to take over early?”

After a moment of silence, Nani Gu replied, his arms firmly crossed. “Going back right now won’t do me any good. I must wait until I have enough power to contend with my father before making a real difference. In the meantime, I’ll stay by Your Highness’ side.”


So, Lu Yaoyao went out alone but brought a boy back when she returned home.

Lu Yaoyao hadn’t figured out where to arrange Nani Gu yet, but the boy had his own idea and wanted to replace Bandan as her personal chamber servant! This shocked Lu Yaoyao to the point that she seriously suspected whether Nani Gu’s swear of allegiance was only a front and that his true purpose was to devote his body to her.

Of course Lu Yaoyao hurriedly refused. She was still a cub herself. It was good enough to visually appreciate handsome guys and beautiful girls, but doing more was impossible with her small body! Especially when her Daddy discovered a boy by her side; his expression was as if he wanted to silence Nani Gu at any moment. For the sake of her new subordinate’s life, Lu Yaoyao handed him over to Yaqing.

With Yaqing’s ability, Lu Yaoyao believed he could handle the troublesome boy. As expected, Yaqing did not disappoint. Soon enough, Nani Gu was too busy cultivating. He no longer ran to her every day and attracted Daddy’s deadly glare. Finally, Lu Yaoyao was able to breathe a sigh of relief and concentrate on her cultivation without any distractions.

Lu Yaoyao managed to stay obediently for two days only before her mind started to wander again. There were too many things to think about, making it impossible for her to focus. While trying to meditate, her body swayed involuntarily. She couldn’t resist the urge any longer and ran out of her cultivation place.

This time she didn’t sneak out to play but walked to the black pool where Lu Qingyu was meditating.

Lu Yaoyao squatted next to him, waited for a while, and then softly called, “Daddy?”

Lu Qingyu took his cultivation much more seriously than Lu Yaoyao. Although his cultivation had reached a high enough level that he wouldn’t see any visible effect in the short term, this did not diminish his ambition to surpass Yao Jiuxiao. As usual, Lu Qingyu noticed it when Lu Yaoyao ran out, but this time the girl didn’t run away but squatted beside him. Hearing her call, Lu Qingyu opened his eyes and asked, “What’s the matter? Are you having trouble with your cultivation?”

“Daddy, why do you keep the realm’s boundary gate closed? Isn’t it better to open it up?”

“Hm?” Lu Qingyu gave her a squint, “You want to sneak out and find that man?”

“How come!” Lu Yaoyao said with self-righteousness, “I heard other devils talked about it. They said the gate has been closed for so long that they haven’t had a chance to go out and seek opportunities in the secret realms.”

There weren’t many secret realms in the Devil Realm, and some resources needed by the devil race could only be found elsewhere. The reason why the Demon Realm and the Devil Realm covet the Cultivation Realm so badly was that most of the secret realms were located there. These secret realms were resources that all races on the Yuanqi continent shared, and entering them might lead to valuable opportunities. However, since the three realms were not connected, most other races would conceal their identities when entering secret realms outside of their race’s territory. The exception was for those particularly large secret realms, such as the ancient secret realm that led to Lu Yaoyao’s birth over a decade ago.

Lu Yaoyao spoke with conviction, “As the princess, it’s my obligation to share the concerns of my people! They are facing difficulties now, and since I have the power, it’s only right for me to help them voice their needs!”

Lu Qingyu scoffed, “If you have the time to worry about others, focus more on your own cultivation.”

“I’m already so amazing! At 17, I’m already at the Devil Core stage. Throughout history, who else is as amazing as me?” Lu Yaoyao puffed her chest, “If I work even harder, those geniuses will be crying.”

“Are you getting too proud?”

“Don’t even think about it. I’ve already ordered the search for the star sand. You stay obediently in the Devil Realm.”


Thinking their distance was too far for her to use her ultimate cuteness attack, she jumped into the black pool.

“Daddy, I can’t see!” The moment Lu Yaoyao stepped into the pool, the thick black devil aura surrounded her from top to bottom. Only her two chubby hands, waving back and forth above her head, remained visible.

“Where are you, Daddy?” Lu Yaoyao waved her chubby hand and tried to follow the direction in her memory. But she gradually drifted off the path and almost wandered too far until Lu Qingyu swiftly grabbed her and lifted her by the arm.

Lu Yaoyao landed on Lu Qingyu’s lap, revealing her cute little head. Grabbing onto Lu Qingyu’s lapel, she turned her head and looked curiously at the black aura around them.

“Daddy, this devil aura is really strong!” Lu Yaoyao reached out and opened her palm. The thick, almost solid, black aura passed through her fingers as she watched in amazement. Her cultivation base was already in the Devil Core stage, yet the aura was able to block her vision and caused her to lose direction.

“There is a top-grade devil aura vein buried under this pool.” By the time Lu Qingyu discovered it, the vein had already developed its own spiritual consciousness, but it was subdued by Lu Qingyu and was now used by him. The aura produced by the vein was suitable for Lu Qingyu, and cultivating at the pool gave him twice the result with half the effort.

Not long after entering the pool, Lu Yaoyao sensed a steady stream of devil aura pouring into her body from all directions. Her face quickly flushed red, as if she had just drunk a strong alcohol. Her newly-formed devil core, having only stabilized not too long ago, started to tremble.

“Your cultivation room is filled with the aura overflowing from this vein.” Lu Qingyu specially designed the room so that the flow of aura there would be at the most suitable speed for his daughter’s cultivation. Although the black pool contained the best aura, it was still too early for Lu Yaoyao to use it.


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