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ATCF Ch 26 Part 1 – I’m Sending Her Off, You Guys Deliver Her Stuff (I)

After casually hurling an insult at Jiang Huai, Feng Qi hung up without giving the other party a chance to react. It wasn’t the first time Jiang Huai was insulted by Feng Qi, so he didn’t care much. What angered him more was how his own daughter actually got so close to Feng Qi.

At first, he thought that Jiang Li pretended to be pitiful in front of the Feng family, which made the old man feel sorry for his granddaughter and, in turn, ordered Feng Qi to make a warning move against A’Zhou.

Now his initial guess seemed to be off, and Feng Qi actually took the initiative to vent Jiang Li’s anger on his own behalf. But how did Jiang Li get into Feng Qi’s eyes? They were both unreasonable and arrogant — shouldn’t the same type of people dislike each other?

It was truly beyond his expectation that Feng Qi would end up liking Jiang Li.

Meanwhile, Jiang Li was actually more surprised than Jiang Huai. She tilted her head and stared at her uncle in puzzlement as if this was her first time seeing him.

Her silly appearance made Feng Qi inexplicably want to laugh. He handed her the phone and said, “If something can be solved by cursing, why bother reasoning?”

Jiang Li took the phone and asked back, “Third Uncle, weren’t you angry just now?”

Feng Qi was nonchalant, “I don’t have time to be angry with a dog.”

“Then, were you angry with me?” She asked again.

“Angry at you?” He raised his eyebrows as if he didn’t understand why she asked such a question.

Jiang Li nodded, “I said such a thing. Don’t you think that I am taking advantage of—”

“This is not taking advantage,” Feng Qi cut in, “There is no ‘taking advantage’ between relatives. It should be called ‘mutual dependence.'”

Jiang Ling was momentarily taken aback but then found herself smiling. She finally came to the realization that Third Uncle didn’t dislike her just because he happened to run into her two phone calls. As for his previous lack of warmth, well, it was likely just his usual personality.

Wait, did it mean she could finally start the plan of making him her backing?

Feng Qi noticed his little niece’s gaze and felt that the way she looked at him was similar to how students looked at him when he was invited to give a speech at the university.

Hmm, it’s probably just his imagination.

At 15 years old, she should be preoccupied only with the matter of the high school entrance examination.

As the niece and nephew returned, the twins just happened to be walking towards them.

“Everything’s packed; let’s go!” Feng Bai said cheerfully.

Just as Jiang Li was about to nod, Feng Qi spoke first, “I’m also heading for the research institute, so I can just drop her by the way. You guys can return by yourself.”

The twins looked at each other and had a feeling that their uncle was behaving abnormally.

Feng Song cleared his throat, “Xiao Jiang Li’s stuff has been packed in our car. It’s more convenient if we send her off.”

Feng Qi said calmly: “I’m sending her off; you guys deliver her stuff. There is no conflict.”

Feng Song and Feng Bai: …

They had long known that Third Uncle was a genius in logic, but they never thought he would act so childish and compete with them for their sister. Still, they dared not provoke Third Uncle, otherwise, they might not even have the chance to deliver her stuff later!

After Feng Qi hung up the phone, Jiang Huai remained restless for a while. But he couldn’t be distracted for long. His son had caused a lot of problems, and he was now forced to deal with the aftermath.

To get A’Zhou’s recommendation quota, he did give the school leader some benefits. Fortunately, he never came up in person, and Assistant Bai was reliable, so he was able to pick himself clean. But the scandal also meant the old recommendation list would be voided along with the school leader’s dismissal. Although Minjiang International School was not on par with Minjiang First High School, it was still full of talent, and A’Zhou wouldn’t be able to secure a recommendation quota based on his ability alone.

But what was even more pressing at this moment was not A’Zhou’s recommendation but the series of farces that Shen Mian created. When he hit his son with an ashtray, Jiang Huai was truly furious. No matter what, Jiang Li was still his daughter. He knew that A’Zhou disliked Jiang Li, but he never thought the kid would use such a means to attack his own sister. With the matter being exposed, A’Zhou’s reputation would definitely take a hit, and he didn’t want to see it happen.

Jiang Huai let out a sigh and dialed Assistant Bai’s number, asking about the progress of the negotiation with Shen Mian’s parents. Now, as long as Shen Mian was willing to stand up and admit that her fake suicide attempt had nothing to do with A’Zhou, the direction of public opinion would immediately change.

As for the recommendation scandal, he could just push everything on the school leader and say the other party falsified the recommendation quota at his own discretion to please the Jiang family. It was up to others whether to believe this statement or not.

But when Assistant Bai delivered his report, Jiang Huai’s anger surged again.

“Shen Mian’s parents refused to negotiate,” Assistant Bai’s voice sounded exasperated, “They said that they don’t lack this… money and that no matter how much you offer, it would not be able to make up for the psychological trauma their child suffered.”

As for the rest, there was no need for Assistant Bai to say them. Jiang Huai also understood. After scolding Assistant Bai, he got the phone number of Shen Mian’s parents and planned to contact them personally.

Everything in this world was negotiable. If not, then the price was not high enough.

Jiang Huai dialed the number and was quickly connected. Upon hearing why he called, Shen Mian’s father immediately became furious, “Stop wasting your time! We will never comply with your demand!”

This incident had impacted their daughter deeply. If they, as her parents, forced her to bow her head to the Jiang family for the sake of money, their daughter might be traumatized for life!

Only if his brain was kicked by a donkey would he agree to Jiang Huai’s ridiculous request!

Since soft tactics weren’t working, Jiang Huai took a more aggressive approach. “Your daughter is attending classes at an off-campus cram school, correct? I think it’s unsafe for her to be commuting alone every day without any company. Have you considered…”

Shen Mian’s father cut him off, “I have recorded what you said just now, Mr. Jiang, and I will report it to the police station later. If something really happens to Mianmian, I believe the police and the law will give us justice.”

Jiang Huai: …

It was just an empty threat he never intended to follow through, yet this person was actually considering reporting it?

Jiang Huai was so angry that he almost smashed his phone.


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8 thoughts on “ATCF Ch 26 Part 1 – I’m Sending Her Off, You Guys Deliver Her Stuff (I)”

  1. Just an empty threat? Ah so it’s okay to insinuate harming high school girls now? Sheesh.

    I like the Shen parents. They sincerely care for their daughter. It should be the norm but … I know it’s not.

  2. Just smash it! Just do it! Smash that mobile phone! ????????????

    The Shen parents sure are awesome! Good thing they care for their daughter.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. itsmachiavelliandcheese

    If the people of similar personalities dislike each other, then wouldn’t that mean you should dislike your no-good son and daughter?

    And what type of fool do you take the Shen’s for? That threat was not idle, you definitely would’ve harmed that girl. Tsk tsk!!

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