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MSRV Ch 90 Part 1 – DNA Test (I)

Fu Yunruo didn’t ask Wenwen for the details of their conversation, but she still got the general content from Si Yue at night. Originally, she didn’t want to bother with Si Yue, lest Wenwen would get angry again if he found out. But the text from Si Yue made her heart itch with curiosity, so she couldn’t help but reply to him.

Their conversation in the afternoon revolved around who could persuade whom, and surprisingly, it lasted for nearly two hours. That’s impressive.

What surprised Fu Yunruo even more was that Si Yue had failed to convince Wenwen!

For some reason, she suddenly felt so proud. Her Wenwen was so amazing!

Si Yue humbly asked Fu Yunruo for advice on what evidence to provide to convince Wenwen.

Fu Yunruo, of course, wouldn’t give him any ideas. Instead, she replied, “Wenwen has repeatedly told me that this is a conversation between the two of you, and I shouldn’t know about it. If he finds out…” It won’t be as simple as just getting angry.

Si Yue: “…”

After a moment of silence, a voice call came.

“Ruoruo, I feel so sad. You want to kick me away after using me…” Si Yue’s voice sounded very aggrieved, and he even sent several pitiful emojis.

Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but burst into laughter and cheerfully replied, “Look at my mood.”

After the laughter subsided, Fu Yunruo began to ponder the issue. Although it was possible to tamper with the DNA test, this was also the only scientific proof that they could rely on. In fact, even though she felt that Si Yue wouldn’t deceive them with such an easy-to-expose lie, she also wanted to do the test. She already believed the truth of this matter, and now only need the last authoritative proof.

So she typed back: “Let’s do a DNA test.”

“Of course.”

Early the next morning, Fu Yunruo first sought her son’s opinion. “Wenwen, Mom thinks it’s better if we do a DNA test. Regardless of whether there is a blood relationship, we should have some basis, right? Currently, it’s just verbal speculation, and we don’t have any confidence in whether it’s true.”

Fu Yunruo herself also felt embarrassed. Her child was already this big, and as a mother, she didn’t even know who his biological father was. That was another reason she wanted to do the test — not because she wanted to help Si Yue, but to give herself a conclusion.

“A DNA test is the most effective way to identify whether there is a blood relationship between two people…” Fu Yunruo worried Wenwen didn’t understand what a DNA test is, so she explained it in details.

Wenwen muttered: “The test can also be tampered…”

Fu Yunruo persuaded, “I’ll personally deliver the sample to the hospital and promise not to let him get near to it, okay? Can Wenwen trust Mom?”

Wenwen fell silent. Despite claiming that he didn’t trust Si Yue, deep in his heart, he knew that Si Yue wouldn’t commit to such an underhanded method.

In the end, Fu Yunruo managed to persuade the boy and trimmed his nail as a sample. Then, after taking the sample provided by Si Yue, she went to the facility introduced by her contact.

A fellow former student of Uncle Guo — Fu Yunruo’s senior brother — had a wife who worked as a doctor in a large hospital. She had quite a good relationship with the couple, and when she asked for help, they promptly agreed without a question. The husband even came over to collect the samples personally, saving Fu Yunruo from making the trip herself.

Fu Yunruo asked them to keep it secret and not to let a third person to know about the process. The nature of the test was highly sensitive, and if it were to be seen or leaked, it would undoubtedly cause a huge uproar.

The result wouldn’t be ready in a short time. During the wait time, Fu Yunruo found it hard to focus on work. Even if she already had a conviction in mind, she still couldn’t help but being nervous.

In the end, she forced herself to stop thinking about it, and used the work to divert her attention.

Wenwen was also heavily affected. He knew that the result of the DNA test would only be ready after two or three days. At times, he wished for the results to come out quickly, while at other times, he somehow wanted unexpected events to delay it.

However, his attention was soon diverted by other matters.

As soon as Kangkang saw Wenwen, he rushed over and clung to him with a pitiful expression. “Wenwen, my dad hit me again last night.” Kangkang patted his chubby bottom and continued, “I told my dad that I wanted to lend him out, and he hit me, hic…” Although it hurt just a little, it didn’t stop him from seeking comfort from his best friend.

Wenwen: “…” Just as he thought, a round of good beating was inevitable.

Lele looked horrified, “Your dad beats children?!”

Kangkang nodded, “Yes!”

Lele and Doudou instinctively covered their little bottoms. Even though their dads were often away and didn’t tell them stories… he never hit them either!

Kangkang resolutely declared, “I won’t lend him to them anymore. What if he starts hitting you? It’s better if he hits only me!”

The girls nodded eagerly. They no longer wanted to borrow Kangkang’s dad!

Kangkang looked at Wenwen with an even more pitiful expression, almost on the verge of tears. “Wenwen, even though I really want to switch dads with you, but… what if my dad hits you… let me handle it alone, I’m not afraid of getting hit!”

Wenwen remained silent, his small hand gently patting Kangkang’s head. Yes, his own dad, he should bear the burden himself.

Wenwen wished that time would pass more slowly, but it seemed to run twice the faster whenever he had such a wish. In no time, the class was over. Wenwen didn’t want his mother to notice his nervousness, so he tried to behave normally. Unknown to him, Fu Yunruo had already noticed, but she pretended otherwise. To keep the boy busy as much as possible and distract his mind, she asked him to do various things all over the house.

At half-past eight, Auntie Mei made a video call. After Fu Yunruo and Wenwen moved to Beijing, they still maintained regular contact with Auntie Mei and Uncle Mei, usually via weekly video call. Most often, it was Fu Yunruo who made the calls. Auntie Mei and Uncle Mei were concerned about interrupting them and rarely initiate the calls themselves. Unless Fu Yunruo’s call hadn’t come after a set period of time, only then would they proactively make the call.

So, when Auntie Mei’s call came that night, Fu Yunruo was surprised and quickly answered, “Hello, Auntie Mei?”

“Hello Ruoruo, are you busy now?”

“No. What’s the matter?”

When Wenwen heard his favorite Grandma Mei’s voice, he eagerly grabbed Fu Yunruo’s hand and stood on tiptoe to get a glimpse. Fu Yunruo fixed the mobile phone on the low table in the living room and sat in front of the camera with the boy in her arms. Only when Wenwen could see Grandma Mei’s face did he finally calm down.

“Grandma Mei~” He called. His voice was sweeter than honey.

Auntie Mei also blossomed into a wide smile. “Wenwen! Have you been a good boy? Did you listen to your mother?”

“I’m a good boy. Grandma Mei, I miss you and Grandpa Mei!” He also misses his little friends!

“My darling! We miss you too…”

The two chatted enthusiastically, and only reluctantly stopped after a long while.

Meanwhile, Fu Yunruo paid a close attention to Auntie Mei’s expression. Seeing her beaming face with no sign of distress, Fu Yunruo felt relieved. It seemed this call was for good news.

Sure enough, after a while, Auntie Mei turned to her, “Ruoruo, I have a good news!” Auntie Mei’s smile was bright. Being in such a high spirit made her look several years younger.

Fu Yunruo was curious, “What good news?”


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