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ATCF Ch 27 Part 2 – No Longer Her Exclusive Snack Provider (II)

One after another, revelations about Jiang Ruo and Jiang Li’s identities were exposed on the forum. Many people in the thread were calling for Jiang Zhou to come out, challenging him to make true of his threat and report their IPs to the police. However, regardless of the loud noises, there was no response from Jiang Zhou and Jiang Ruo’s side.

With the formidable fierceness of Jiang Ruo’s fans, everyone braced themselves for a battle against those brainless idiots. But much to their surprise, the fans remained silent.

As she sat in her dorm room, Jiang Ruo scrolled through the endless posts on the forum, her hands trembling so violently that she could hardly keep her phone from falling. At this moment, she couldn’t help but regret her decision to enter the entertainment world.

If it was before, in the worst-case scenario, she could just change schools where no one knew her and start a new life altogether. But joining the entertainment industry had made her a public figure. After the truth of her identity was exposed, even if her dad paid to make the news about her disappearance, those who paid attention to her would still recognize her.

If only she had known how things would turn out, she would have accepted her identity as an adopted daughter when Jiang Li first arrived home. Even though some people would look at her with strange eyes, her fans would definitely defend her because her origin was not something she could control.

At this moment, Jiang Ruo couldn’t help but wonder. When her parents chose not to announce Jiang Li’s identity, Jiang Li accepted their decision calmly. Was it because she had already expected this day to come?

In other words, Jiang Li had long been looking forward to this moment — looking forward to seeing her fall.

Jiang Ruo’s eyes turned dim. Her mind went blank, and she didn’t know what to do.

With Shen Mian having moved out, Jiang Ruo’s dorm room now only had three occupants. Upon seeing Jiang Ruo’s distressed expression, her remaining roommates exchanged a knowing glance and began a private chat on their phones, callously mocking the fragile and delicate ‘rich girl.’

Until then, they had never noticed how good Jiang Ruo was at pretending. Not only did she take over Jiang Li’s parents and brother like it was nothing, but she even made up lies out of thin air and told them that Jiang Li was the orphan of a relative who had once helped her father!

Now that the truth was revealed, their filtered perception of Jiang Ruo was shattered into pieces. It was nauseating to think how they had been living under the same roof with such a deeply scheming person for more than two years.

Looking back now, the most pitiable one had to be Shen Mian. She was used as a pawn by Jiang Ruo and ended up targeting Jiang Li everywhere. As a result, she was forced to leave the school.

Even more disgustingly, not long after Shen Mian left, Jiang Ruo still put on a fake display of concern in front of them, saying that she never hated Jiang Li and that Shen Mian had misunderstood her.

Back then, the two of them even comforted Jiang Ruo and told her not to blame herself too much. They believed her wholeheartedly and thought Shen Mian had committed mistakes out of good intentions!

Jiang Ruo was a very pretty girl. But only now did they discover what an ugly heart lay under that beautiful appearance.

Jiang Ruo was aware of her roommates’ strange gazes and wanted to explain that she hadn’t intentionally taken Jiang Li’s place. But despite her best efforts, she couldn’t find the right words.

Time passed in a heavy atmosphere, and after a while, the two roommates packed their things and went for the evening self-study without saying a word to her.

Jiang Ruo remained frozen, clutching her phone like a lifeline. The thought of going to class filled her with dread, as she knew she would be met with more than just the accusing gazes of her two roommates.

After a long hesitation, she finally dialed Jiang Huai’s number.

The call was soon connected. The moment Jiang Ruo heard Jiang Huai’s voice, she couldn’t hold back her sobs.

“What’s wrong? Why are you crying? Did you get wronged at school?” Jiang Huai’s voice was full of concern.

Jiang Ruo sniffed: “D-dad… can you… can you come to school and pick me up?”

Jiang Huai was taken aback, but he quickly replied: “Okay. Wait there; I will call Assistant Bai to pick you up.” Although he wanted to pick up his daughter, his son was currently lying in the hospital, so he had no choice but to send someone else.

After Assistant Bai received Jiang Huai’s call, he immediately headed to Minjiang International School. He drove straight to the girls’ dormitory building and parked there, but as he waited for Jiang Ruo, he was surprised by the unexpected sight of Jiang Li walking out of the entrance.

Along with Jiang Li were the two young masters of the Feng family, and there was even the Third Master Feng Qi.

After hesitating for a moment, Assistant Bai decided to remain hidden in the car. He was aware of the Feng family’s dislike of his boss Mr. Jiang. If he appeared now, he was simply sending himself to be the target of Third Master Feng’s poisonous tongue.

Even from the car, Assistant Bai could clearly see the harmonious atmosphere between the four. Miss Jiang Li’s face brightened with a relaxed and cheerful smile when she was with the Feng family, and only then was he reminded that she was still a fifteen-year-old girl.

It was such a contrast with her appearance when she first arrived at the Jiang family’s house. Miss Jiang Li back then was full of thorns, but thinking back now, that must be her armor to protect herself!

Now that the Feng family had taken Miss Jiang Li away, Mr. Jiang probably didn’t care much. He had no strong feelings for her to begin with and maybe just felt a bit annoyed about losing face.

The Madam, on the other hand, might feel down for a while, but it wouldn’t take long for Mr. Jiang to make her forget her sadness. In Madam’s eyes, only Mr. Jiang was the most important.

Tapping on the wheel, Assistant Bai sighed emotionally. But he suddenly became alert when he noticed Third Master Feng’s gaze briefly shift toward him before moving on.

He couldn’t tell if Third Master Feng noticed him or not.

Well… probably not. The car’s windows were closed, so Third Master Feng shouldn’t be able to see him inside.

In fact, Feng Qi had recognized the car as the Jiang family’s. But since they didn’t seem to be here for Jiang Li, he was too lazy to pay attention to them. For him, the Jiang family was like annoying flies, but he could turn a blind eye as long as they didn’t fly too close.


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6 thoughts on “ATCF Ch 27 Part 2 – No Longer Her Exclusive Snack Provider (II)”

  1. Actually, I noticed that these kind of antagonists always blame this certain specific person (as it’s not always the direct antagonist of MC) for any bad things that happened to them despite this person not even being around them at all.

    This happens in both Chinese and Japanese stories, but not sure about Korean since I don’t read many of them to know.

    1. Real people in the US do it too. My mother even blamed for something that happened before she was even pregnant with me once. The look of genuine shock on her face when that was pointed out…

  2. I feel bad for ruo, she’s not the instigator nor is it her fault people acted on her behalf, she’s one of the most innocent. These people giving her shit including the Feng family are shits for making it about her, that shian shit is a selfish conceited arrogant assh0le, she’s no different from that prik of a brother, those 2 deserve whatever is coming.

    I hope Ruo gets a happy ending.

    1. She didn’t exactly instigate, but she helped when she spread the “she’s an orphan, her parents did mine a favor” around.
      In everything else, though, she’s just going with the flow, and not looking at anything long-term.
      Just like a kid. It makes sense; she is a kid.
      JR is mostly not malicious. But she’s not innocent either. She knew what she was saying would actively make life harder for JL, but didn’t care as long as her own life didn’t change.

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