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ATCF Ch 27 Part 3 – No Longer Her Exclusive Snack Provider (III)

After seeing her uncle and cousins off, Jiang Li headed out for the evening self-study with a bag on his back. She noticed many people staring in her direction along the way, but she paid them no mind. Upon reaching the classroom, all eyes were instantly fixed on her, as if she was a rare protected animal.

Jiang Li never particularly cared about other people’s perceptions of her. Ignoring the prying gazes, she went straight to her seat, took out her books and the packed snacks that her grandfather had prepared for her, and stuffed them one by one into the desk drawer.

Zhou Li, who sat right in the row in front of Jiang Li, looked nervous and cast her a glance from time to time, seemingly hesitant to speak. Eventually, his curiosity got the better of him, and he took advantage of Tong Yi’s absence to inquire of Jiang Li, “Were… were the posts in the forum the truth?”

Jiang Li didn’t stop her task and simply replied in a concise manner, “Which posts?”

Like other students, she occasionally also checked on the school forum. But she was returning to school with her uncle and cousins today and had no time to play with her mobile phone. As a result, she hadn’t caught up with the latest hot gossip on the forum.

Zhou Li pouted, suspecting that Jiang Li was pretending. He still wanted to inquire further but was interrupted by the sudden arrival of Qin Zheng.

Qin Zheng looked visibly unwell and asked Jiang Li in a hushed tone, “Can we talk in private?”

Jiang Li looked away from her desk and gave him a glance, “I believe we are not familiar with each other.”

Qin Zheng smiled wryly, “You are right. But I am just going to ask two questions and won’t take too much of your time. Can you please?”

Seeing the look of pleading on Qin Zheng, Jiang Li nodded after a moment of hesitation, “Alright!”

The two left the classroom and headed straight to the rooftop. Once they arrived at the destination, Jiang Li turned to Qin Zheng and said directly, “If you have any questions, go ahead and ask them all at once!”

In the novel, Qin Zheng is a male lead with a relatively calm personality. He was indifferent to many things but was thoroughly attentive to the female lead Jiang Ruo.

The original ‘Jiang Li’ is supposed to not have much contact with this male lead. The female lead Jiang Ruo was always concerned that she wasn’t the real daughter of the Jiang family and believed that her engagement with the male lead, Qin Zheng, should originally belong to ‘Jiang Li.’ Taking care of the female lead’s mood, the male lead deliberately kept his distance from ‘Jiang Li.’

There was no conflict between ‘Jiang Li’ and the male lead in the novel, so Jiang Li had no particular feelings toward Qin Zheng. She agreed to his request simply out of curiosity, wanting to know what he was going to ask her.

After a moment of silence, Qin Zheng went straight to the point, “The forum says that you’re the daughter of Uncle Jiang and Aunt Feng. Is that true?”

Jiang Li looked surprised, “You don’t know?”

In the novel, less than two days after ‘Jiang Li’ was taken back by the Jiang family, the female lead confessed everything to the male lead and told him that she isn’t her parents’ biological daughter. Of course, the male lead did not care about the female lead’s origin, and his attitude toward her did not change.

However, Qin Zheng’s question just now revealed that Jiang Ruo had been keeping him in the dark.

“Ruoruo never told me, so I came to ask you. Is this true?” Qin Zheng stared straight at Jiang Li, trying to get an answer from her. His fists clenched subconsciously. In fact, the truth was already in front of his eyes, but he still clung to a trace of wishful thinking. He would rather everything be a misunderstanding, wishing there was never a problem with Ruoruo’s identity and that she never lied to him.

Jiang Li said truthfully: “Mr. Jiang and Ms. Feng are indeed my biological parents.”

Qin Zheng smiled bitterly, “I see. Thank you.”

“What’s your other question?” Jiang Li asked. Qin Zheng had said that he wanted to ask her two questions.

Qin Zheng calmed himself and continued to ask, “The Jiang family has never announced your identity. Is it their decision or… is it your own?”

Qin Zheng’s voice trailed off. He was actually aware that if Uncle Jiang and Aunt Feng truly wanted to bring Jiang Li back into their family, she would likely not refuse. If her past experiences at the orphanage truly caused her to reject familial love, she wouldn’t have transferred to this school to begin with. Even more, the photos posted on the forum showed how close she was with the Feng family, proving that she actually yearned for a family.

How could someone who longed for familial love refuse to recognize her family!

And from how Jiang Li called her parents just now, he could tell how much she had been hurt by the Jiang family.

Qin Zheng had no way to tell how the couple treated the biological daughter they had just found. But from what Jiang Zhou had done, he could tell that Jiang Zhou absolutely had no brotherly love toward Jiang Li.

What’s even more ridiculous was the faint hope he still held in his heart. He would rather cling to the belief that Jiang Ruo had some unspoken difficulties that prevented her from being honest with him.

Jiang Li stared in silence as she watched Qin Zheng’s complexion gradually change. “You already know the answer, don’t you?” She said softly.

A wry smile spread across Qin Zheng’s face. “Yes, I already know it. Sorry for wasting your time.”

Seeing Qin Zheng leaving dejectedly, Jiang Li was a little curious: did her transmigration bring a butterfly effect to the plot, stopping Jiang Ruo from confessing the truth to Qin Zheng? If so, it was hard to say if Qin Zheng could still get along with Jiang Ruo as before. Would their relationship continue to develop according to the plot’s trajectory?

As Jiang Li left the rooftop and returned to the classroom, she found that Tong Yi had already arrived.

She walked to her desk, took out the snacks prepared by her grandfather, and shared them with Tong Yi, “Want some?”

Tong Yi was taken aback, “Where did you get all these snacks from?”

Jiang Li smiled, “From my grandpa.”

Tong Yi: …

What — so he was no longer Jiang Xiao Li’s exclusive snack provider?

For some reason, Tong Yi felt a sense of loss.

Probably because he wanted to take Jiang Xiao Li as his younger sister. Although she refused, he already regarded her as one!

Such a deep brotherly love!


Meanwhile, in the residence of the Feng family, Old Master Feng was currently busy with a brush in hand, carefully penning the invitation card stroke by stroke. He had been doing it for hours but showed no sign of tiredness. As he wrote, he asked his trusted housekeeper to check the finished cards for any omissions.

The equally elderly housekeeper stood on the side with his hands down, “Everything’s perfect, Sir, don’t worry. In fact, there are so many invitations here. You can let Eldest Master do the rest and not have to handle everything yourself.”

Old Master Feng was in a good mood, so he just smiled, “You don’t understand. Invitations should be handwritten to show sincerity so the recipients will treat them with more respect and care.”

The housekeeper quickly changed his narration, “You are right, Sir. Especially your close acquaintances. They will undoubtedly be curious about Miss Jiang Li after receiving your invitation.”

Old Master Feng said cheerfully: “It’s good if they are curious. Especially those who don’t have granddaughters. I must invite every single one and enjoy their envious face.”

The housekeeper: …

He had served Old Master Feng for so many years but had never known that he had such a childish side. Probably, no one would believe it either!

Old Master Feng was completely ignorant of the housekeeper’s inner mental state and continued writing the invitations joyfully. After a while, he said again, “Go and have the car prepared for tomorrow. I am going to Qingxi County.”

The housekeeper was surprised: “Sir, are you personally going to send the invitation to the orphanage?”

Old Master Feng explained: “Not just the invitation. I want to visit the place where my granddaughter grew up and thank those who have looked after her.”


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