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DDDV Ch 108 Part 2 – Tianyan City (II)

At a table in the southwest corner of the second floor, a red dumpling was perched on the edge of a chair, leaning against the railing with her ears pricked up, eagerly listening to the juicy gossip being exchanged below. This was even more thrilling than the storyteller earlier!

As everyone talked about the Demon Emperor, Lu Yaoyao couldn’t help but feel quite regretful. Back when she and Daddy visited the Demon Capital, they had heard rumors about a competition to select the Demon Emperor. With the five powerful Demon Kings showing such great interest in it, she knew it would be a spectacle to behold. Xiao Si had invited her to come along and watch, but unfortunately, Daddy insisted on taking her home, making her lose the rare opportunity.

Soon afterward, the conversation below gradually shifted and started bringing up the Devil Realm’s new princess.

Lu Yaoyao and Yaqing rushed to Tianyan City without any time to appreciate the scenery or try the local cuisine along the way and finally arrived here after spending almost a month on the road. Three days after arriving in Tianyan City, Lu Yaoyao’s mouth still didn’t stop munching. They were now on the foot of Guiyuan Sect, but getting in was not easy, so Lu Yaoyao was looking for an opportunity.

The capital city in the Cultivation Realm was much more lively than its counterpart in the Demon and Devil Realms. Resources were abundant, and many interesting entertainments were readily available. It took no time for Lu Yaoyao to fall in love with storytelling, and she would come to the restaurant every day to listen to the storyteller. Here, what was being performed was mostly about the heroic story of Dao Venerable Hengwu, with the Devil Venerable often appearing as the antagonist.

When Lu Yaoyao heard the disdainful tone whenever the crowd mentioned the devil race, she was even more determined to keep her identity secret at any cost. Even though she was already aware of the animosity between the races, she was still taken aback by the extent of hatred humans showed towards devils. Even the images of the devils that appeared in the storytelling were vilified to the extreme — not only were they sly, cunning, malicious, and bloodthirsty, but even their appearance was made ugly beyond recognition. For example, the devil general who fell under Dao Venerable Hengwu’s sword just now. He was portrayed as an ugly, green-faced monster with heinous fangs. A description that was a far cry from the devils that Lu Yaoyao knew.

Among the high-ranking devils Lu Yaoyao had met, which of them were not handsome men and beautiful women? Even Elder Shentu, who looked advanced in age with snow-white hair and a beard, was also a handsome-looking grandpa. This also held true for the guards and maids in the palace. Some of them might not look so stunning, but they were not as hideous as the humans depicted, and even their devil characteristics, such as horns and skin patterns, only added unique charms to their appearances.

Lu Yaoyao was feeling conflicted. She now identified herself as a member of the devil race, so their vile portrayals on the hands of the storyteller made her feel repulsive. Still, she couldn’t help but enjoy listening to the heroical tales about Dao Venerable Hengwu, whom she strongly suspected to be her Father.

After listening to the storyteller’s story and various rumors afterward, Lu Yaoyao was filled with regret. She couldn’t help but wonder how many exciting stories she had missed out on! As she listened intently, someone suddenly mentioned Devil Venerable’s rumored over a hundred concubines. Lu Yaoyao immediately turned her head to look at the man sitting across from her.

“Big Brother, is Devil Venerable really have more than a hundred concubines?” But she never saw any in the Devil Palace.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes couldn’t help but widen. Did it mean she has more than one hundred ‘junior’ mothers?

The man fell silent for a moment, “It’s nonsense. Devil Venerable is devoted to his cultivation and doesn’t even have a single concubine.” He replied firmly.

“Oh…” Lu Yaoyao tilted her head and sat back on her chair. She then returned her attention to the delicacies on the table, picked up the chopsticks, and started eating with relish.

Her eyes bent into crescent moons. How delicious!

What made her happiest upon her arrival in the Cultivation Realm was the countless delicacies. Compared to the rough cooking methods of the Demon and Devil Realms, the cuisine here was very refined, with an endless variety of flavors.

“I wonder what kind of woman is worthy of our Venerable…”

“I heard that the former number one beauty in our Cultivation Realm has actively pursued His Venerable for hundreds of years, but she still can’t get a glimpse of him.”

The crowd below couldn’t reach a consensus. They couldn’t even imagine someone perfect enough to stand side by side with their beloved Venerable. But if His Venerable didn’t find a partner, wouldn’t he be deprived of having offspring for eternity?

On this aspect, many people maintained the same idea: Devil Venerable already had a child, yet their Dao Venerable had not. It felt like they were losing behind!

“I heard that His Venerable intends to have a Dao couple.”

“Yeah, not long ago, His Venerable ordered the East Ninth Peak to be renovated for a female to live in.”

Tianyan City was at the foot of the Guiyuan Sect, and it had many inner and outer disciples coming and going. For this reason, some gossip spread fast.

As soon as this remark came out, it attracted the attention of the surrounding crowd, “Really?”

“Of course. My friend is an inner disciple, and he told me personally.”

“But I heard that His Venerable intends to recruit a disciple…” This year’s Tianyan City was more bustling than usual, mostly thanks to this rumor. Many prestigious clans who caught on the news hurriedly sent all descendants of the appropriate age to participate in the sect’s entry trial, wishing them to be lucky enough to gain this honor.

“I think a Dao couple is more likely. Didn’t the elder of the Medicine Sect and some disciples go to Guiyuan Sect five days ago? I wonder if His Venerable’s future partner might be from the Medicine Sect.”

“The relationship between Medicine Sect and Guiyuan Sect has always been excellent, so maybe…”

“Many of the most stunning female cultivators are in the Medicine Sect. I wonder which one among them has captured the attention of our Venerable…”

“Ridiculous! His Venerable won’t look at those women!” A piercing female voice interrupted, followed by the sound of slicing through the air, shattering a sturdy wooden table into pieces.

Those who sat at the table quickly jumped away.

Hearing this commotion, Lu Yaoyao stood up and gazed downward with excitement. Ah, here came another entertainment!


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