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ATCF Ch 28 Part 1 – DNA Test (I)

The journey from Minjiang City to Xingxing Orphanage was not far, but Qingxi County was relatively remote, so the last stretch of the road was a bit bumpy.

As Old Master Feng had gotten in age, his driver and housekeeper were worried about his health, but they quickly realized that their concerns were unnecessary. Old Master Feng looked lively enough, and he even lively chatted with them along the way.

After arriving at the destination, they were greeted by the current director and accompanying staff, who were awaiting them just outside the orphanage gate. They were soon warmly invited in.

The reason for the staff’s courteousness was, of course, because Old Master Feng had donated a large sum of money to the orphanage a few days ago and had sent supplies in advance today, making him a VIP guest that had to be treated with the highest courtesy.

The orphanage had learned in advance that this elderly gentleman would donate so much money to Xingxing Orphanage because his granddaughter had been separated from her family before and grew up in this orphanage.

In order to please him, the staff began telling the stories about Jiang Li’s childhood, such as how well-behaved and academically excellent she was. They also mentioned how she usually would help take care of the younger children during her free time.

As the staff recounted these details, Old Master Feng couldn’t help but feel a bit sad, yet he still wanted to hear more.

Unable to resist his curiosity, he asked the staff about the grandmother director of the orphanage and a child named Jiang Tang, as these two were mentioned relatively frequently during his casual conversation with Xiao Jiang Li.

The staff informed Old Master Feng that Jiang Tang was a senior in high school and was attending classes today. As for the grandmother Director Jiang Li mentioned, she was actually the former director of the orphanage. She had gotten in age, so the orphanage was handed over to the current director. However, because she loved the children she had taken care of and watched them grow up, she mostly still lived in the orphanage.

Old Master Feng soon met the former director surnamed Jiang, who was a very kind old lady.

Director Jiang was also very happy to see Old Master Feng, not for his huge donation to the orphanage, but because his coming here personally meant that he really cared about Jiang Li.

Director Jiang was an outgoing person. After a brief conversation with Old Master Feng, she quickly warmed up and started talking more freely. “To be honest, back when Jiang Li’s parents came to pick her up, I was actually quite worried. The Jiang family had already confirmed the child’s identity, yet they delayed picking her up for a week. Moreover, Mr. Jiang seemed difficult to get along with.”

Old Master Feng chuckled disdainfully, “Not just difficult, he’s like a foul stone in a cesspit. I couldn’t be bothered with him.”

Hearing this, Director Jiang raised her eyebrows in surprise, “So, Jiang Li is currently with you, sir?”

Old Master Feng nodded, “Xiao Jiang Li’s custody has already been transferred to our Feng family. This visit is actually to deliver an invitation. After recognizing her as part of our family, we plan to hold a banquet to introduce her to our circle of acquaintances. As an elder who has taken care of her, Xiao Jiang Li certainly hopes that you can attend.”

Director Jiang nodded in agreement, “Seeing how well she gets along with her family, I feel relieved too. Jiang Li is a good child in every aspect, although she tends to be a bit introverted and not very expressive. But she is actually someone who values relationships deeply.”

Afraid that Old Master Feng might not believe her, she gave an example, “Her academic performance has always been excellent. Every year, she would receive scholarships, yet she is reluctant to spend the money on herself. Instead, she always buys books and stationery for her younger siblings, encouraging them to study hard and change their destiny through knowledge.”

Old Master Feng nodded repeatedly, “I know. She is an outstanding child, quite similar to her youngest uncle.”

The difference was that his youngest son had grown up in a privileged environment since childhood, which inevitably grew him a somewhat arrogant attitude. Xiao Jiang Li, on the other hand, had a much gentler temperament compared to her uncle.

Seeing that Old Master Feng genuinely liked Jiang Li, Director Jiang completely let go of her worries. After accepting the invitation, she assured that she would definitely attend the banquet.

After finishing the conversation with Director Jiang, Old Master Feng left the orphanage and then went to the school where his granddaughter used to study.

The elderly housekeeper noticed that although the old master mentioned going to deliver invitations, he actually went to hear the praises about Miss Jiang Li from her teachers.

Fortunately, Miss Jiang Li was truly exceptional. Whether it was the orphanage director, staff members, or the subject teachers at the school, they all adored Miss Jiang Li and treated the old master with great respect.

The housekeeper couldn’t help but speculate that if these people came every day to praise Miss Jiang Li in front of the old master, he might end up having an extra two bowls of rice for his meal.

When Old Master Feng was off to Qingxi County, the invitations he had prepared with great enthusiasm were being sent to their recipients by his household staff.

Those distributed invitations were like smoke bombs thrown into the elite circles of Minjiang City, leaving everyone a little bewildered.

Although the Feng family and the Jiang family had little interaction in recent years, who in the circle didn’t know about the incident where Old Master Feng’s only beloved daughter eloped with Jiang Huai, a poor nobody from the countryside?

Two years after Feng Yun eloped with Jiang Huai, she brought their son Jiang Zhou back to the Feng family, begging her family to forgive her youthful ignorance.

Since the child was already born, there was no way but to forgive. Old Master Feng could only grit his teeth and accept Jiang Huai as his son-in-law.

Jiang Huai himself had some capabilities, and with the support of the Feng family, he quickly made a name for himself. Although he couldn’t compare to the established old-time families, his achievement far surpassed the average nouveau riche.

However, later on, for unknown reasons, Jiang Huai suddenly moved out with his wife and children, and the two families seemed to have little contact ever since.

Now, Old Master Feng suddenly announced that he had found his long-lost granddaughter, leaving many people puzzled.

As everyone knew, Old Master Feng’s only granddaughter was the young child star Jiang Ruo. She was living well with the Jiang family, so how could they have been separated for so many years?

However, soon enough, some people recalled that Jiang Huai had recently adopted a child from the orphanage, even transferring the child’s school records and household registration.

At that time, everyone assumed that the girl was Jiang Huai’s illegitimate daughter. It was probably because of some circumstances that he had no choice but to bring her back. As for the claim of being an adopted daughter, it was merely a cover-up for shame.

Such things were not uncommon in their circles. Everyone treated it as a topic of gossip during teatime, but no one took it to heart afterward.

Besides, everyone knew that Old Master Feng had a volatile temper, and nobody dared to bring up this matter in front of him.

Now Old Master Feng suddenly claimed to have found his long-lost granddaughter. Could it be the same adopted daughter from the Jiang family?

If that’s the case, the adopted daughter of the Jiang family would not only be Jiang Huai’s biological daughter, but also Feng Yun’s!

But how did this make sense?!

If this so-called adopted daughter was actually born to Jiang Huai and Feng Yun, why wouldn’t they acknowledge the child’s identity?

Those who got the news felt like they have grasped the situation, but without getting the whole picture.


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  1. Why aren’t they speculating that her father is one of the sons? I mean that would be much more plausible, right?

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. „However, later on, for unknown reasons, Jiang Huai suddenly moved out with his wife and children…“
      I’m gonna guess cuz his adulterous life was harder under his in-law’s roof

    2. itsmachiavelliandcheese

      Considering the temperament of the Feng sons, it probably is unfathomable. And since the Jiang adopted a teenage girl out of nowhere when they already have a daughter was suspicious. Then when Old Feng made his announcement everyone started to speculate based on the little evidence they have.

    3. Hmm, true but maybe the invitation specifically mentioned legitimate granddaughter.

      If it’s legitimate, it’d be weird that there was never any news about any of the wives being pregnant with a daughter before so the next suspect would be the Jiang family side with them suddenly adopting a teenage daughter seemingly for no reason.

  2. Jiang Huai got played 🤷🏻‍♀️ sure old master Feng and Feng Qi promised not to tell everyone that Jiang Li is his real biological daughter. But they never said they’ll keep her identity and her hidden. And now with the banquet coming up it pretty much let everyone else have their own speculation and imagination on what’s really going on. So now I’m wondering if Jiang Huai can still keep that arranged marriage because Jiang Rou and Qin Zheng (?)

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