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ATCF Ch 28 Part 3 – DNA Test (III)

In his office at the research institute, Feng Qi received Jiang Huai and Jiang Ruo’s DNA test results from his assistant.

The assistant looked at Feng Qi with admiration.

“Third Master, you are truly brilliant. Even your intuition is so sharp. I never expected that Jiang Huai was such a scumbag! Not only did he make an illegitimate daughter outside, but he even exchanged the children and had his wife raise his mistress’ child.”

Feng Qi shook his head, “Most probably, he never exchanged the children.”

“Huh?” The assistant was puzzled.

“Although Jiang Huai is selfish, he knows how to weigh the pros and cons the most. It stands to reason that he would not take the initiative to exchange the children.” Feng Qi explained.

The assistant’s eyes widened, “But isn’t that what happened here? He raised Jiang Ruo and doted on her so much, but after finding Miss Jiang Li, he refuses to disclose their identities. No proper human being can do this kind of thing.”

Feng Qi lightly tapped his fingers on the desk. “It’s possible that by the time he discovered Jiang Ruo is not of the Feng family blood, the situation had become irreversible.”

At this point, Feng Qi suddenly sneered. “His affection for Jiang Ruo may be genuine, but his refusal to publicly acknowledge her as his adopted daughter is likely due to concerns about the alliance with the Qin family.”

Jiang Ruo was only fifteen, yet Jiang Huai had already made a verbal marriage contract with the Qin family. Feng Qi didn’t believe for a second that someone with such an unseemly character truly loved his children.

“Third Master, you must be right!” The assistant raised a thumbs-up. “Should I make this DNA test results public? That would make Jiang Huai even more frantic.”

Feng Qi shook his head slowly. “No need to rush. I will handle this matter. Have someone investigate who Jiang Ruo’s biological mother is.”

The assistant nodded immediately. “Third Master, rest assured. I will do it as fast as possible.”

After the assistant left, Feng Qi held the DNA test results in his hand and felt hesitant for the first time.

Based on his usual temperament, he would have immediately thrown the DNA test in front of his foolish sister and let her deal with it herself.

But if he did that, the idiot would cry and run back to the Feng family. The old man might scold her for a while, but he would eventually relent and accept her back.

Knowing that Jiang Ruo was the daughter of his husband’s mistress, she would naturally feel guilty for her own biological daughter, disturbing his niece’s peaceful time.

Feng Qi sat quietly for a while, folded the document, and put it in the pocket of his suit pants. Then he packed his things and returned to the Feng family.

The Qin family was one of the recipient of the widely distributed invitations from Old Master Feng. Qin Zheng’s father, Qin Lin, was a good friend of Jiang Huai. The two families had a verbal marriage contract, which led to increasing cooperation between the two companies.

Recently, Jiang Huai had become more aggressive than before, even pulling him in together. Thinking that they would eventually become in-laws, Qin Lin chose to continue the cooperation.

As a result, the Jiang family and the Qin family were tied together on the same boat, becoming a complete union of shared interests.

Before the invitation, Qin Lin had never given it much thought. However, after receiving it, Qin Lin felt like he was about to explode.

He agreed to enter the marriage contract with the Jiang family because his son and Jiang Ruo grew up together and had mutual feelings for each other. In addition, Jiang Ruo herself was a well-behaved and sensible child, with an excellent temperament and achievements.

However, all of this was based on the premise that the two families were well matched, and also that Jiang Ruo was Jiang Huai’s biological daughter.

And now, he was suddenly informed that Jiang Ruo was not Jiang Huai’s biological daughter, and that the real daughter was now taken in by the Feng family.

Qin Lin had a strong reason to suspect Jiang Huai’s motive. Most probably, he hid Jiang Ruo’s true identity in order to tie the entire Qin family to his boat quickly as soon as possible.

Qin Lin grew more and more angry as he thought about it, so he immediately called his son.

As soon as the phone was connected, he pressed, “Do you know that Jiang Ruo is not Jiang Huai’s biological daughter?”

Qin Zheng hesitated for a long time before hoarsely replying, “I know, but I feel that whether Ruoruo is Uncle Jiang’s biological daughter or not, it doesn’t matter to me.”

“You’re confused!” Qin Lin was furious at his son’s response. “We entered into an alliance with the Jiang family. Although I never thought about taking over the Jiang family’s assets through Jiang Ruo, our relationship with the Jiang family can only be strong enough if Jiang Ruo is Jiang Huai’s biological daughter.”

“But Uncle Jiang still cares a lot for Ruoruo, he…”

Qin Lin interrupted his son, “Are you trying to say that he didn’t disclose Jiang Li’s identity because of Jiang Ruo?”

Qin Zheng remained silent, as that was indeed what he had been thinking.

Qin Lin sighed heavily: “If he truly cherishes Jiang Ruo, he should have been honest with us from the beginning and shown enough sincerity. But he deliberately deceived us. Didn’t he consider whether or not I would hold a grudge against Jiang Ruo after knowing the truth? He surely has anticipated this, but he chose to conceal it because, in Jiang Huai’s eyes, his interests outweigh everything else.”

Qin Zheng was stunned upon hearing this and remained silent for a while, “Are you saying that Uncle Jiang didn’t disclose Ruoruo and Jiang Li’s true identity because he was concerned about affecting the cooperation between our families? And he forbade Ruoruo from telling me the truth?”

Qin Lin: …

Did he mean that?

Moreover, didn’t Qin Zheng just mention that Jiang Ruo had already informed him of the truth? How did it suddenly change to Jiang Huai forbidding Jiang Ruo from telling him the truth?

“Dad, thank you for telling me all this. I knew Ruoruo must have had her reasons. I’m going to find her now. It must be tough for her to face all this on her own.”

Qin Lin: …

How could he have such a stupid son?

Forget it. He shouldn’t expect much from a teenage boy in love.

However, if Jiang Ruo still wanted to become the daughter-in-law of his Qin family, she was dreaming!

After Feng Qi returned home, he was surprised to find that Feng Yun had come visiting. Because Old Master Feng was away in the county town and no one answered her call, the perplexed servants didn’t know how to handle the situation and could only lead her to the living room and serve her with tea and refreshments.

Seeing Feng Yun, Feng Qi’s mind immediately went to the DNA test result in his pocket.

He had been somewhat hesitant before, but now this love-struck sister had actually come knocking on the door.

Perhaps this was fate?


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