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ATCF Ch 28 Part 2 – DNA Test (II)

Those who got the news felt like they had grasped the situation, but without getting the whole picture.

However, no secrets could remain hidden forever. With Old Master Feng’s grand announcement and the fanfare of the upcoming banquet, if people just go out and inquire, they should be able to uncover the truth.

Because of a single invitation, the elite circle of Minjiang City was overcome with gossip. Soon, every detail about Jiang Li and the Jiang siblings became public knowledge.

So, it turned out that the story of the real and fake daughter had already spread to the whole school?

But isn’t Jiang Li a child star? The entire school was currently hot discussing her background. There should be some updates on social media, shouldn’t there?

So, driven with curiosity, some people went online and couldn’t help but exclaim loudly. It turned out there was so much news already, but none managed to reach the trending topics. Obviously, someone was manipulating it!

Some people enjoy watching the excitement and were willing to ‘help’ Jiang Ruo trend on social media, but they were quickly advised against it.

“The Feng family hasn’t made a move yet. Why get involved in this mess? Don’t be surprised if, in the end, Fang Yun cries to her father for her adopted daughter, and then Old Master Feng comes after you.”

After hearing this advice, the person quickly suppressed their desire to join the spectacle.

Regardless, the Jiang family had already become the focus of attention in the social circle. It was soon discovered that Jiang Huai’s son was actually beaten by the spoiled young master of the Tong family.

It was said that Jiang Zhou has a fractured rib and a plaster cast on his leg. However, due to the Tong family’s influence, Jiang Huai chose to settle the matter privately.

As for the adored child star of the Jiang family, she hadn’t been seen at school recently. She claimed to be staying in the hospital to care for her injured brother, but few people believed such an excuse.

With seemingly the entire city being embroiled in his family’s gossip, there was no way Jiang Huai hadn’t been aware of it.

When Old Master Feng sent out the invitations with great fanfare, he was in the hospital with his son. Upon getting the news, he was so furious that he smashed the television in the hospital room.

Jiang Huai’s angry outburst scared Jiang Ruo. She trembled so much that she almost dropped the bowl of medicine in her hand.

On the other hand, Jiang Zhou looked very calm. He took the medicine bowl and gently patted her hand, indicating for her to remain calm.

Feng Yun had never seen Jiang Huai so furious before. She immediately tried to appease him, “Let’s calm down first and think about how to resolve this situation, okay? Getting angry like this won’t help.”

Jiang Huai sneered coldly, “Resolve? What can be resolved now? Unless your father personally tells all those people that he wrote those invitations out of boredom and was merely joking around.”

Hearing his words, an awkward expression appeared on Feng Yun’s face. Her father had always been stubborn, and he had already decided to reveal Xiao Li’s identity. How could he suddenly back down?

“In the beginning, the Feng family clearly promised not to disclose Jiang Li’s identity, but how long has it been since they gained her custody? They have already started sending out invitations. Your younger brother Feng Qi is such a liar!”

Jiang Huai actually also wanted to vent his anger about the Old Master Feng. But seeing that he was in the presence of his children, he finally refrained from cursing out his own father-in-law.

Feng Yun pressed her lips tightly and remained silent for a while, “A’Qi, he… sometimes he can be very unreasonable.”

“You said the same thing back then, and you even defended him for being young and asked me not to argue with him. Do you still think he’s young now?” Jiang Huai was consumed by frustration, resembling a lion trapped in a cage.

“But, but… we still need to find a way!” Feng Yun also felt helpless. She knew her younger brother’s temperament and knew he wouldn’t listen to her persuasion.

Jiang Zhou, who was lying on the hospital bed, suddenly spoke up, “Actually, there might be a way.”

“What is it?” Jiang Huai looked at his son, whose leg was in a cast and suspended, his eyes showing a glimmer of hope.

Jiang Zhou shifted his gaze to Feng Yun, “Mom, you can go and plead with Grandpa. Ask him to leave a way out for Ruoruo.”

“What… what do you mean?” Feng Yun was puzzled.

Jiang Zhou spoke slowly, “I did target Jiang Li, but Ruoruo is innocent. She knows nothing. Tell Grandpa these words and request him not to disclose Ruoruo’s identity.”

Feng Yun smiled bitterly and shook her head, “You don’t understand your grandfather’s temper. The invitations have already been sent out. He won’t change his mind.”

“I never intended to prevent him from acknowledging Jiang Li, but Ruoruo is still the child you raised. She’s no different from your biological daughter. As long as Grandpa is willing to compromise and publicly announce that Ruoruo and Jiang Li are twins, there is still a chance to salvage the situation,” Jiang Zhou said.

Feng Yun was about to retort when Jiang Huai interjected, “If your grandfather agrees, it would be the best outcome.”

Feng Yun was surprised: “But I asked you to do the same thing before, yet you said that people won’t buy it!”

Jiang Huai smiled wryly, “It’s different now. It no longer matters if others believe this statement or not.”

Jiang Huai put his hand on his wife’s shoulder, “When I didn’t agree to claim that Jiang Li and Ruoruo are twins before, it was because there would always be some curious people who would dig deeper. I was afraid that Ruoruo’s identity would be exposed, so I had no choice but to refuse.”

After a sigh, Jiang Huai continued: “But the situation has changed. Now, the relationship between Ruoruo and Jiang Li is widely known. After this banquet, Ruoruo will face endless malice, and our cooperation with the Qin family will inevitably be affected.”

Feng Yun still wasn’t convinced. “Even if Dad agrees to our proposal, no one will believe that Ruoruo is our daughter!”

Jiang Huai said in a low voice: “We don’t need them to believe it. I just need them to see the attitude of the Feng family. Those idlers are accustomed to following the trend. As long as they know that your father accepts Ruoruo as his granddaughter, it’s enough.”

Feng Yun never had any opinion in front of her husband. Easily persuaded by Jiang Huai, she murmured, “I… I’ll talk to my dad about this, but he might not agree.”

Jiang Huai nodded. “Whether he agrees or not, we should give it a try first, shouldn’t we?”

At this moment, Jiang Huai still held a glimmer of hope. After all, Old Master Feng had genuinely loved Ruoruo as his granddaughter before. Perhaps, he would be lenient this time too.


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    Jiang Hui is nothing but a gold-digging leech! He made such a big deal about his daughter interacting with the Feng’s and now they want to use Jiang Ruo to gain leniency? It’s not gonna work, he cut off contact and the Feng’s no longer see them as family.

    And Feng Yun is just gonna embarrass herself further too. I almost feel bad.

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