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DDDV Ch 110 Part 1 – Conflict (I)

Lu Yaoyao sighed in her heart. This shop’s threshold was too high! But when she heard the shop assistant’s question, she immediately put on a serious face and replied earnestly, “I’m shopping by myself.”

“Do you know the way home?”

“I do.” Luo Yaoyao waved her hand dismissively, emphasizing, “I’m not a child anymore.” Then, changing the subject, she said, “I want to see what kind of pills you have.”

Lu Yaoyao then walked forward, intending to examine the assortment of wares on sale. However, as she approached, all she could see was the tall back of the counter. Even when she craned her neck, she couldn’t catch a glimpse of the small cabinet placed behind it.

Lu Yaoyao: “…” The design of this table is incredibly unfriendly to her height!

The shop assistant suppressed a smile and brought over a chair. “Little miss, please use it and have a look.”

Lu Yaoyao blushed, but tried her best to maintain her composure. “Thank you.”

She then climbed onto the chair and finally got a glimpse of the various bottles and jars displayed behind the table. She took a sniff and found the shop was filled with the unique scents of herbs and medicines. Lu Yaoyao hadn’t never possessed any medicinal pills before, and she hadn’t seen what they looked like yet. “What kind of pills do you have?” She currently had no cultivation base and felt the need to stock up on some useful pills. By the way, were there pills useful for devils?

Although this customer was very young, the shop assistant was very patient. The child was so lively and cute that he found her even more pleasing than the daughters of high-level cultivators he had seen before. Furthermore, seeing a little dumpling pretending to be an adult was quite amusing, so he didn’t mind entertaining her, “We have Rejuvenation Pill, Foundation Establishment Pill, Qi Condensation Pill…” The shop assistant recited the name of more than a dozen pills in one breath. As he spoke, he turned around and picked up a bottle of the lowest-grade Rejuvenation Pill from the shelves and handed it over to the little girl.

“This is an ordinary Rejuvenation Pill. If you accidentally get a light injury, you can quickly recover your vitality by consuming one.”

Lu Yaoyao uncorked the bottle, and a faint fragrance of elixir wafted out. As she poured it out, a round, brown pill rolled in her tender palm, causing her to raise her eyebrows in surprise. This thing resembled the candies her Father used to give her when she was little. Unfortunately, she had finished them all during her time in the Abyss, and she didn’t have any left to compare.

As Lu Yaoyao pondered this, a sudden realization struck her—could the candies Father gave her actually be spiritual pills instead of ordinary sweets?

Unable to resist her curiosity, Lu Yaoyao chewed and swallowed the Rejuvenation Pill, only to contort her face in disgust. The bitter taste was far inferior to what her father had given her. Perhaps it was just a resemblance in appearance?

When the shop assistant saw the little girl start chewing the pill like candy, he hurriedly took the bottle back, afraid that she would eat the rest. It seemed inappropriate to laugh here, so he simply reminded her gently, “Little Miss, this is a spiritual pill.” Fortunately, she had only taken one of the lowest-grade common pills, or there would be a risk of her exploding and die.

Lu Yaoyao realized that she had done something stupid. She blushed and quickly apologized in a low voice: “I will pay.”

“I understand.” The shop assistant suppressed his laughter. He was a relative of the shopkeeper and wouldn’t get angry by a small blunder made by such a young child. This low-grade Rejuvenation Pills could be made even by a novice alchemist, the materials needed were common, and the price itself wasn’t expensive — only ten low-grade spirit stones. If the little girl had no spirit stones to pay, he could make up for it, but he couldn’t afford it if she ate more.

At this moment, a young woman dressed in a white cotton gown entered the shop. Her face was exquisite, with eyebrows resembling distant hills. Her demeanor was elegant, and the simple clothes she wore did not detract from her beauty in the slightest.

“Welcome, what can I help you with today?” The shop assistant warmly greeted her.

“May I take a look first?” The woman asked politely.

“No problem. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.”

Lu Yaoyao also turned her head and looked over. Her eyes lit up. What a beautiful sister! Even with Lu Yaoyao’s high standard, she couldn’t help but be mesmerized. She secretly stared at the woman’s lips, which seemed to hold a smile at all times, finding them very pleasant.

Luo Yaoyao blinked her eyes, and coincidentally, the other person noticed her gaze. She gave her a friendly smile, and Luo Yaoyao couldn’t help but return the smile. Then, feeling a bit embarrassed, she withdrew her gaze, impressed by the other party’s friendliness.

After a moment, another group of people walked in, and the whole shop instantly became lively and crowded. “Do you have any high-grade Youthful Glow Pills left?”

The shop assistant hurriedly greeted them, “Of course, Miss. The high-grade Youthful Glow Pills are priced at ten top-grade spirit stones per pill. How many would you like?”

“Give me five.”

The shop assistant smiled, “Certainly. Is there anything else you need?”

High-grade Youthful Glow Pills? Luo Yaoyao immediately perked up her ears. She turned her head and took a look. The group of people who entered seemed familiar. Weren’t they the same people she saw at the Xianke Restaurant?

Luo Yaoyao tilted her head, and her gaze landed on Fairy Yunsi, who was in the center of the crowd. She couldn’t help being impressed: Danxin Hall’s really popular! There are so many beautiful people here.


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  1. With her body’s constitution and the way that both her fathers spoiled her, there’s no way she could be satisfied with low-grade spiritual things, lol. On another note, with another friendly-looking woman, I’m wondering who will be the one to actually act against her once they discover Lu Yaoyao’s identity.
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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