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ATCF Ch 29 Part 1 – Seventeen and a Half Years Is Still a Minor (I)

When Feng Qi suddenly appeared, there was a slight evasion in Feng Yun’s eyes. Even though this little brother of hers was much younger than herself, she knew he was the most difficult person to persuade in this family.

After hesitating for several seconds, she finally asked, “Is Dad not at home today?”

Feng Qi’s eyes were full of mockery. “Since when did you consider this place as your home?”

Feng Yun pursed her lips, her expression showing some guilt. “Is Dad still blaming me?”

Feng Qi didn’t want to waste time on these irrelevant questions. “Just state your purpose directly.”

Before Feng Yun had time to respond, he added, “If it’s about the banquet, you can leave now.”

The moment he saw Feng Yun, Feng Qi had already made a decision. As long as she wasn’t here today for Jiang Huai or that imposter, he would reveal the results of the DNA test to her and let her make her own decision.

But if she was, then let her continue to be kept in the dark, because fools should suffer more lessons to wise up.

Unfortunately, Feng Qi had underestimated the limits of his love-struck sister.

“I…I’m here to beg Dad… During the banquet, please don’t deny that Ruoruo is also a child of the Jiang family, can you?”

Feng Yun looked at her younger brother with hopeful eyes. Feng Qi always had a strong authority in the family and could make decisions. Even though there was a high probability he would reject her, with their father not at home, she had no other choice.

Seeing Feng Qi raising an eyebrow slightly, Feng Yun could tell that he thought her proposal was absurd. So she quickly added, “I’m not asking you to conceal Xiao Li’s true identity, but Ruoruo is innocent. She grew up by my side since she was young, and in my heart, she is also my child. I…”

Feng Qi interrupted her words, “Even if Jiang Ruo and Shen Mian are best friends, even when Jiang Ruo advised your biological daughter to be tolerant during Shen Mian’s fake suicide attempt, do you still believe that she is innocent?”

Feng Yun lowered her head and retorted in a low voice: “The incident with Shen Mian’s fake suicide attempt… it was… it was A’Zhou’s momentary lapse of judgment. It had nothing to do with Ruoruo.”

“Why do you think Jiang Zhou did this?” Feng Qi asked.

Feng Yun hesitated for a long time before truthfully saying, “He… he said it was for the family’s wealth. He admitted it himself, and I…”

“Get out!” Feng Qi interrupted her.

“Did you agree?” Feng Yun tried to make one last effort.

“I told you to get lost!” Fury flashed in Feng Qi’s eyes, “From today onwards, you have nothing to do with the Feng family.”

Seeing Feng Yun still standing there dumbfounded, Feng Qi shifted his gaze to the servants nearby. “Anyone who dares to let her in again doesn’t need to stay in the Feng family.”

Seeing Feng Qi’s fury, the servants kept silent. They knew that Third Master always kept his words, so they dared not to disobey him.

From today onwards, unless the Old Master ordered them personally, no one in the house would dare to admit this former young miss into the Feng family again.

Feng Yun looked at the completely unfamiliar Feng Qi, her face filled with a wounded expression. “Why… why would you say such things? We are siblings!”

Feng Qi looked at her without a trace of emotion in his eyes. “I just suddenly felt that someone who is both foolish and harmful deserves to have a hard life.”

Then he turned his gaze to the servant nearby. “Throw her out.”

The servant who received Feng Qi’s order had been serving the Feng family for over twenty years and was also very familiar with Feng Yun. With a sigh, he walked up to her and said in a low voice, “Miss, I think it’s best for you to leave for now!”

When Miss first returned home, no one expected she was here for Jiang Ruo. After not setting foot in the Feng family for many years, she finally coming back for the sake of someone who had once harmed Miss Jiang Li. It was indeed disheartening. No wonder Third Master was so angry.

Taking a glance at her expressionless younger brother, Feng Yun knew that there would be no use staying any longer. So she clutched on her bag and left.

In fact, before coming to the Feng family, she already had a premonition that neither her father nor Feng Qi would agree. But she still held onto a glimmer of hope.

Now that hope was shattered, she didn’t feel surprised, but there was some regret.

In Minjiang International School, the story of Jiang Li and Jiang Ruo’s swapped identities had become the hottest topic of the year.

Jiang Ruo used to have quite a few fans in the school, but after this incident, the fans had basically vanished. Even if a couple of die-hard fans remained, they didn’t dare to publicly admit that they still like Jiang Ruo, or else they would definitely be mocked by the crowd.

Those who once talked about Jiang Li behind her back were now feeling guilty, and some even took the initiative to be friendly and share snacks with her.

But they didn’t dare to pester Jiang Li too much, because nobody wanted to disturb the sleeping one beside her.

The matter that Tong Yi caused Jiang Zhou to be hospitalized was already spread wide and far. But strangely enough, the Jiang family didn’t come looking for trouble with Tong Yi, and the school didn’t take any action against him either, which certainly wasn’t normal.

As a result, everyone feared Tong Yi even more, and felt it would be best to keep a proper distance from him. Otherwise, they might end up getting beaten by him one day and would have nowhere to complain.


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