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DDDV Ch 110 Part 2 – Conflict (II)

As Mo Shuang’er made the purchase, she felt reluctant in her heart. She didn’t have many spirit stones, and it was extremely painful for her to spend so many at once on a mere beauty pill. However, in order to please the ancestor in her family, she had no choice but to grit her teeth and make the purchase. The prices of the pills from Danxin Hall were on the expensive side, but their effectiveness was excellent, with almost zero side effects. Some of their pills even surpassed those sold in the Medicine Sect’s pharmacy. As a result, the ancestor only recognized this particular shop. If she could make the ancestor happy, the person would surely provide her with resources.

With these thoughts in mind, she no longer felt as much pain.

As soon as Fairy Yunsi entered the shop, she noticed the eye-catching young girl in front of her. Her gaze fell on the girl’s face, and she paused for a moment. Although the girl was still young, her remarkable facial features indicated that she would become an outstanding beauty in the future. However, there seemed to be a familiarity in this appearance, giving Fairy Yunsi a strong sense of recognition. Before she could figure it out, however, she met the girl’s curious and lively gaze, causing her to casually shift her gaze away.

“Excuse me, I’d like to purchase a bottle of Hundred Transformation Heart-Protecting Pill, Minor Restoration Pill, and Primordial Great Nourishing Pill… all the highest quality,” Fairy Yunsi called the shop assistant.

When Mo Shuang’er saw her friend buying so many pills, she asked curiously, “Sister Yunsi, why are you buying so many?”

Fairy Yunsi said, “I heard that the Jitian Secret Realm is about to open, so it’s better to be prepared.”

Hearing this, Mo Shuang’er said, “Then I also want… two of each.” She might not be able to afford a whole bottle at once.

While Fairy Yunsi and Mo Shuang’er were talking, many cultivators suddenly rushed into the shop. Most of their gazes fell upon Fairy Yunsi, the well-known number one beauty in the cultivation world. Lu Yaoyao, who was still observing this number one beauty, quickly had her line of sight blocked. The chair she was standing on was accidentally bumped, causing her to move forward and almost become a sandwich between the chair back and the table.

Lu Yaoyao: “…” Forget it, the shop’s too busy now. She should come back to make the purchase later when there’s no one around.

Lu Yaoyao took out a high-grade spirit stone and placed it on the table, then jumped off the chair, preparing to leave.

The white-robed woman who came in first saw the chaotic scene and furrowed her eyebrows slightly. Then she also turned around and headed for the exit.

The entering cultivators were not rowdy, but even so, the large number of people made the shop quite crowded. Lu Yaoyao was carefully maneuvering around when suddenly a cry of alarm came from behind her. Something heavy collided with her back, causing her to stagger forward a few steps and accidentally bump into a warm and fragrant body.

As she looked up, she saw Fairy Yunsi’s veil-covered face, looking down at her from a higher position.

Lu Yaoyao took a step back. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into you.”

Lu Yaoyao turned around and found out that the person who bumped into her from behind was the young lady who had entered earlier. It turned out that when she was walking out, she was accidentally bumped into, and Lu Yaoyao happened to be in front, serving as a buffer that caused both of them to lose their balance and fall to the ground.

Lu Yaoyao helped the woman up. “Are you okay, big sister?”

“I’m fine.” She frowned, struggling to stand up, and lowered her gaze to her right ankle, which seemed to have been sprained. “Thank you, little sister.”

Mo Shuang’er was already displeased to see the crowds openly and covertly observing Sister Yunsi. In her eyes, these admirers were like toads wanting to eat swan meat, because only His Venerable was worthy of Sister Yunsi.

So, when she saw a child and another woman being rude to Sister Yunsi, she stepped forward and disdainfully said, “Whose child is so reckless and clueless? Don’t you have eyes? What, you think you can rely on this stupid trick to attract our attention?”

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

Fairy Yunsi calmly interjected, “Shuang’er, don’t be so harsh. Children are ignorant, you must be more tolerant.”

Lu Yaoyao: “…” She’s positive now. This Fairy Yunsi really dislikes her.

Lu Yaoyao didn’t know where she had offended this fairy. Although they had crossed paths before, it was one-sided, and from a distance on top of that. They hadn’t even exchanged a single word, so where did this malice come from?

Regardless, Lu Yaoyao had never been accused so unjustly before, so she raised her head and shouted, “Some people are better off without eyes! They intentionally collide with others even when they clearly see someone walking ahead. They think they can bully me just because I am a child?”

There was clearly some distance between them, yet they still ended up colliding. She was following her intended path, but Fairy Yunsi moved to her location. If there was any fault, it wasn’t hers alone. If Fairy Yunsi hadn’t attracted so many people without guiding the order, would they still collide?

It could be said that this was purely coincidental. Lu Yaoyao had planned out a route to avoid colliding with others, but the woman in white happened to be behind her, and Fairy Yunsi was engaged in a conversation with some cultivators who came to flatter her. When Lu Yaoyao tried to move aside, she didn’t expect someone to collide with the woman in white, resulting in this chain of collisions.

Mo Shuang’er didn’t expect a child to dare to talk back to her, which made her even angrier.

Seeing this, Lu Yaoyao quickly sat down on the ground, her small face filled with fear and trepidation. She timidly looked at Mo Shuang’er and Fairy Yunsi, her voice trembling as she spoke, “You adults are bullying children…”

When the spectators saw this, they all frowned in displeasure. It was truly unacceptable for Mo Shuang’er to be so harsh to a child. The young girl had simply bumped into them accidentally and had even apologized politely. It was they who blocked her way, and the accident was not solely the fault of the two young ladies. “Mo Shuang’er, aren’t you feeling ashamed to bully such a young child?” Someone couldn’t help but speak up.

“Yeah, the little girl was scared to cry by you.”

“She didn’t offend you, why are you so fierce?”

Lu Yaoyao covered her eyes with her small hands, her shoulders trembling. Yes, she’s crying!

Lu Yaoyao secretly peeked out from between her fingers.

“This little girl indeed bumped into your friend, but it was not entirely her fault. I bumped into her first, causing her to lose her balance. If you have any dissatisfaction, direct it to me.” The woman in white limped her way to the front of Lu Yaoyao, shielding her with a protective stance. Her fair face grew even paler — clearly, her leg’s injury was not minor.

Seeing that the woman had a beautiful face, Mo Shuang’er was even more annoyed, “Bitch!”

The cultivators who were watching the scene became increasingly dissatisfied with Mo Shuang’er’s attitude. She kept cursing here and there, totally unbecoming of a disciple of a reputable sect.

Mo Shuang’er’s face turned uglier, “You guys…”

The shop assistant was on the verge of panic, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. How did the situation take such a sudden turn?

Just then, a gentle voice came from outside the door—

“What’s going on?”


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  1. So Fairy Yunsi most likely dislikes her because she’ll become a greater beauty than her in the future? I don’t see why else she would dislike a small child that she had no dealings with previously. I also take back my previous assumption of her not being a fake white lotus. She clearly waits for others to act in a way that supports her views without actually being the one to bear the terrible reputation herself. Can’t wait until she learns the truth about Lu Yaoyao!
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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