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ATCF Ch 31 Part 1 – Do Boys Also Have Those Days Every Month? (I)

Upon hearing the name ‘Tong Leifeng,’ Jiang Zhou initially didn’t react. By the time he realized that Jiang Li was insinuating that Tong Yi had done good deeds without leaving a name, his face instantly turned dark.

Shen Mian glanced at Jiang Li and then at Jiang Zhou. Silently, she took a step back and took out her phone, ready to dial the emergency number 110 at any moment.

When it came to infuriating people, she was definitely not as skilled as Jiang Li. But if Jiang Zhou tried to make a move, she could immediately make a call, promptly report to the police, and conveniently stay behind as a witness.

Jiang Zhou was indeed quite angry, but he didn’t forget that he came to apologize. After calming himself down, he looked at Jiang Li and sincerely said, “I came here today to apologize to you.”

Jiang Li glanced at Shen Mian and raised an eyebrow. Is it a trend these days to apologize in teams?

Shen Mian immediately drew a clear line with Jiang Zhou, “I have absolutely nothing to do with him. I came to apologize to you from the bottom of my heart. As for him, he probably has other motives.”

Jiang Li found some reasoning in Shen Mian’s words and looked at Jiang Zhou. “Just state your purpose directly!”

Jiang Zhou immediately said: “There is no other purpose, I just came to apologize to you.”

Jiang Li nodded. “Okay, I don’t accept your apology. You may leave… I mean, being pushed in the wheelchair.”

Jiang Zhou: …

Shen Mian burst into laughter, suddenly realizing that Jiang Li had treated her much better than she had treated Jiang Zhou.

However, a despicable person like Jiang Zhou deserved such treatment.

Someone who would even scheme against their own sister doesn’t deserve to be called a human, and yet here he was, shamelessly standing in front of Jiang Li.

Jiang Zhou didn’t expect Jiang Li to be so unyielding. He knew that if he didn’t reveal the purpose of his visit, Jiang Li might just walk away.

“Except for apologizing, I do have a genuine request for you. I hope you can put aside past grievances and help me this time,” Jiang Zhou thought he had lowered his attitude enough.

Jiang Li frowned, “Can you stop talking so much nonsense?”

It was now after school hours, and many students had gathered outside the school gate. Many of them had stopped in their tracks and refused to leave, clearly wanting to stay and witness Jiang Zhou’s embarrassment.

The hype surrounding the real and fake daughter hadn’t died down yet, and one of the parties involved, Jiang Ruo, had been hiding all this time. Now that Jiang Zhou finally appeared, the crowd naturally wouldn’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the spectacle.

Of course, Jiang Zhou couldn’t directly state his purpose in front of so many people. He looked at Jiang Li with a pleading gaze, “Can we talk in private?”

“Of course,” Jiang Li replied. Seeing Jiang Zhou’s expression light up, she slowly added the last three words, “I will not.”

Jiang Zhou: …

He had already realized that Jiang Li was playing with him like a cat playing with a mouse.

He was unwilling inside, but thinking about the difficulties Ruoruo and his father were currently facing, Jiang Zhou could only gather his courage and speak up, “I want to ask you to talk to Grandpa and have him publicly declare that you and Ruoruo are twins.”

Everyone in the school now knew that Ruoruo was not his biological sister, but Jiang Zhou felt that it didn’t matter anymore.

As long as the Feng family could agree to his request and present a united front to the outside world, his father’s crisis could be resolved, and Ruoruo’s situation would improve significantly.

Jiang Li: …

She knew that Jiang Zhou was shameless, but she didn’t expect him to be this shameless.

After a few seconds of silence, she looked at Jiang Zhou and said, “Answer me one question, and I will consider helping you.”

Jiang Zhou’s eyes lit up, “ask away.”

Shen Mian looked at Jiang Li with puzzlement. Based on her understanding of Jiang Li, she couldn’t believe she would be so accommodating!

“Tell me the reasons behind your actions against me. I want to hear the truth,” Jiang Li calmly said, looking straight into Jiang Zhou’s eyes.

Looking at the students outside the school gate, Jiang Zhou wanted to remain silent.

A hint of amusement flashed in Jiang Li’s eyes. “This is your only chance. If you miss this opportunity, there won’t be another one.”

Jiang Zhou remained silent for a few seconds before slowly opening his mouth, “For all my life, I always thought that Ruoruo was my true sister. I cannot accept the sudden appearance of another sister, and… your attitude is too arrogant.”

If it weren’t for seeing Jiang Li getting closer to Tong Yi, perhaps he would have treated this so-called sister with indifference. However, she got involved with Tong Yi.

Every time he saw Jiang Li, or even just thought about her name, he would recall the years when he was overshadowed by Tong Yi’s brilliance.

That’s why he couldn’t feel the slightest bit of fondness for Jiang Li.

Upon hearing Jiang Zhou’s reasons, Jiang Li felt speechless.

Well, she truly couldn’t understand such a twisted mindset.

But there was no need to understand. She was just suddenly curious for a moment.

On the other hands, the students standing at the school gate dropped their jaws in shock. Just because of such a simple reason, Jiang Zhou targeted his own sister like this?

Jiang Zhou, the president of the high school student council at Minjiang International School, who was once considered unattainable, had now become a despicable and shameless lunatic in everyone’s eyes.

If there were speculations before that he had some other reasons for targeting Jiang Li, there was no way to make excuses for Jiang Zhou anymore.

In plain words, he was simply a scum!

The students looked at Jiang Li with sympathetic eyes. Although Jiang Li had just agreed to help Jiang Zhou, they would understand if she changed her mind now.

Keeping one’s word was a virtue, but the premise was that they dealt with a proper human being.

This scum surnamed Jiang was not worthy of such respect!

Jiang Li bypassed Jiang Zhou, preparing to leave. “You just promised me…” Jiang Zhou anxiously said.

Jiang Li turned her head to look at him. “Well, I promised to consider it, and now that I’ve thought it out, I decided not to help you.”

Jiang Zhou tightly gripped the edge of the wheelchair. “Has the Feng family seen your hypocritical face?”

Jiang Li shook her head. “No, they haven’t. But I plan to go to Third Uncle later to cry and make a complaint, accusing you of bullying me. Guess what he will do?”

Knowing that Jiang Li would never help him, Jiang Zhou decided to go all out. “If Feng Qi finds out that you’re using him to scheme against others, guess what he will do?”

“And what do you think I will do?”

Jiang Zhou heard a voice that sounded strangely familiar. He turned incredulously and looked at the sudden appearance of Feng Qi.


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