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ATCF Ch 31 Part 2 – Do Boys Also Have Those Days Every Month? (II)

Knowing that Jiang Li would never help him, Jiang Zhou decided to go all out. “If Feng Qi finds out that you’re using him to scheme against others, guess what he will do?”

“And what do you think I will do?”

Jiang Zhou heard a voice that sounded strangely familiar. He turned incredulously and looked at the sudden appearance of Feng Qi.

Jiang Li also had a blank look on her face.

Didn’t Third Uncle supposed to be very busy? He usually stayed in his labs all year round and rarely paid attention to the matters in the house, so why did he appear here?

Moreover, why did she always bump into by him every time she was playing tough?

The first two times were on the phone, but this time she was caught red-handed.

What a goddamn luck! If she bought a lottery ticket now, she should be able to win the jackpot!

When Feng Qi saw his niece’s adorable reaction, a smile unconsciously appeared in his eyes. He walked over to Jiang Li’s side and asked, “I heard you were going to go to me and make a complaint?”

Jiang Li covered her face with her hand and said, “No, I didn’t say that. Absolutely not. Third Uncle, you misunderstood.”

Jiang Li directly denied it three times.

The students outside the school gate were stunned watching Jiang Li’s actions. In their eyes, Jiang Li was the academic genius of Minjiang International School, the prodigy lord. She rarely joked around with others, and they thought of her as someone who stood at the pinnacle of excellence.

But now they realized that even the prodigy lord had such an adorable side, especially when she covered her face with her hand. It was enough to melt someone’s heart.

The key was that her action didn’t feel out of place at all!

Seeing this, Feng Qi let out a chuckle and asked, “You really won’t complain? If you miss this opportunity, you won’t have another chance.”

Hearing Feng Qi’s words, Jiang Li knew that he must have arrived earlier. He should have heard her playing Jiang Zhou and was now imitating her.

So she put her hand down and asked, “Will it be useful if I complain?”

“You won’t know unless you give it a try,” Feng Qi deliberately teased her.

Jiang Li hesitated for a moment and pointed at Jiang Zhou, saying: “He bullied me.”

Feng Qi nodded, “I’ll have someone find some tasks to make Jiang Huai busy and let him know this blessing was brought to him by his good son.”

Jiang Li’s eyes lit up, “Thank you, Third Uncle.”

Jiang Zhou had a cast on his leg, bandages around his waist, and one hand suspended with a bandage. It wasn’t realistic to beat him up, but if Jiang Huai found out that his good son was causing trouble outside, the father and son might end up fighting each other.

Letting them fight would be great. It would keep the Jiang family busy and they wouldn’t have time to bother her with their presence.

However, Feng Qi was not entirely satisfied. “This method’s a bit slow,” he muttered under his breath. Then, he approached one of the nearby students and asked, “Did you just take a video?”

The student immediately became nervous and whispered, “I… I’ll delete it right away.”

Feng Qi shook his head, “No need to delete it. Just send me a copy via Bluetooth, thank you.”

The originally very nervous student froze for a moment, “Ah?”

After a few seconds, he finally reacted and said, “O-okay, I’ll send it to you right away.”

Jiang Li’s uncle had such a strong presence and didn’t play by the rules, which was quite intimidating.

Seeing Feng Qi asking for the video, Jiang Li more or less guessed his intention. She felt that seeing Jiang Zhou today wasn’t in vain. Not only he didn’t achieve his goal, but the situation developed completely opposite to what he expected. If he still had a bit of a working brain left, he surely would realize that coming to her was just a waste of effort.

Jiang Zhou was stunned for nearly a minute before realizing what Feng Qi intended to do. He exclaimed, “Uncle!” in shock, but Feng Qi simply ignored him.

Jiang Zhou quickly had the wheelchair pusher bring him in front of Feng Qi. He looked at Feng Qi nervously and said, “Uncle, I was wrong. I promise I won’t trouble Jiang Li anymore.”

Feng Qi gave him a cold smile, “It’s too late.”

He had already sent the video to his assistant, instructing them to make it go viral for Jiang Ruo. As a child star, appropriate exposure was necessary. He was happy to help by providing free publicity for her.

After completing everything, Feng Qi turned to Jiang Li and said, “Let’s go home.”

Jiang Li immediately nodded and obediently followed behind her uncle. Although she wasn’t afraid of Jiang Zhou, she couldn’t deny that it felt good to have someone powerful to protect her.

After getting in the car, Jiang Li asked as she fastened her seatbelt, “Third Uncle, did you come specifically to pick me up?”

Feng Qi shook his head and replied, “I happened to pass by after work, so I thought I’d pick you up.”

Jiang Li nodded and said, “Oh,” feeling that this explanation indeed suited her uncle’s character.

Outside the school gate, Jiang Zhou watched with clenched fists as the car gradually drove. It turned out that apologizing to Jiang Li was a wrong decision!

Meanwhile, Shen Mian was still shocked by the turn of events, but she quickly came back to her senses and took out her phone, eager to check on Weibo. She had also guessed the same thing, that Jiang Li’s uncle asked for the video to send Jiang Ruo’s name to the trending topics, but she wasn’t sure if that was indeed the case.

However, when the app finally loaded, Shen Mian was a little disappointed. She absentmindedly refreshed the page and suddenly had her eyes lit up when she saw the words ‘Jiang Ruo.’

With excitement, Shen Mian clicked on it and discovered that the trending topic was about the previous exposure to Jiang Ruo’s identity. There were already many comments below, but it had never gone trending — until today.

This meant that Jiang Li’s uncle was not only handsome and imposing, but also very capable!

Glancing at Jiang Zhou, who was so angry that his veins almost popped out, Shen Mian couldn’t help but feel a malicious delight. She playfully waved her phone in front of him and exclaimed, “Your little sister is really amazing. She’s frequently trending. I’m envious, but what can I do? I have neither impressive works to show nor a powerful backing, so I’m destined to lead an ordinary life.”

After saying this, Shen Mian quickly took a few small steps backward and swiftly entered the school at the fastest speed.

Those burly men who looked so silly in suits also looked quite intimidating. There was no way she would confront them head-on! A wise woman chooses her battle!

Shen Mian’s series of actions instantly astonished all the onlookers present, especially those who knew Shen Mian, who was now staring at her with incredulous eyes.

You see, Shen Mian had always been popular due to her straightforward nature. She always spoke her mind without reservations. Although this often offended people, some individuals liked being around such a person because they didn’t have to guess her thoughts.

But now they realized that Shen Mian also had this sly side to her!

What people didn’t know was that Shen Mian had learned this style from Jiang Ruo. Jiang Ruo often spoke in this manner during interviews, but her fans never found it problematic. They even praised her for being humble as the ‘National Little Sister.’

Jiang Zhou was infuriated by Shen Mian, but he had no way of dealing with her. After all, he couldn’t likely order these bodyguards to lay a hand on a girl in broad daylight.


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