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MSRV Ch 97 Part 3 – A Well-Matched Couple (III)

Chang Zhuyou lost so much face just now, so he probably wouldn’t return, right?

With these thoughts in mind, Fu Yunruo returned to her seat and ordered some light food and drinks for herself and Shengnan.

Unfortunately, she had miscalculated.

Chang Zhuyou went somewhere to change into clean clothes and walked back looking presentable. The anger on his face had diminished significantly, and only the unmistakable disgust in his eyes remained.

He directly sat across from Fu Yunruo and spoke with a threatening tone, “Fu Yunruo, no matter what you do, I will never like you. If you target Xue’er again, don’t blame me for taking action!”

“Cough!” Hearing these words, Fu Yunruo almost got choked. The cake in her mouth suddenly lost sweetness. What the hell?!

The two of them looked at Chang Zhuyou with bewildered eyes. “Where did I give you the impression that I…” Fu Yunruo couldn’t bring herself to say the words. Where did he get the audacity to think that she…liked him?

She liked Si Yue and didn’t even spare a glance for him!

At the thought of Si Yue, Fu Yunruo’s face stiffened, and she quickly shook off that dreadful notion.

Chang Zhuyou’s expression was like: Your hypocritical lie cannot deceive me!

“I only have Xue’er in my heart…”

“Excellent. I wish you two a long and lasting marriage.”

Chang Zhuyou choked for a moment before speaking again, “The person I love has always been Xue’er, even if you…”

“You two are a perfect match, destined for each other,” Fu Yunruo said with a genuine sincerity.

“No matter what you do for me, it will only make me detest you even more.”

“Xue’er is so gentle and kind. Can’t you be a little more tolerant and stop hurting an innocent person?”

Fu Yunruo: “…”

“Hey, Mr. Chang, are you there? Can you hear what I’m saying?”

Chang Zhuyou’s tone turned warning, “Fu Yunruo!”

Fu Yunruo smiled, “Oh, so you can hear me! Can you listen to what I have to say?”

Chang Zhuyou’s face turned livid: “Speak!”

Fu Yunruo spoke sincerely, with a heartfelt tone, “I have long let go because I realized that we are not even in the same world. Forcing myself into your world has only caused pain and heartache.”

“I have come to understand the reality. You and Fang Xueruo are meant to be together, as you belong in the same world. Anyone who tries to separate you two deserves nothing but misfortune. I sincerely wish for your eternal happiness, to be together forever, never to be apart.”

Fu Yunruo spoke from her heart. She truly didn’t want to get involved with these people. It seemed that people from their world suffered the same affliction: suffocated from the lack of IQ and EQ, totally self-centered, and only capable of self-talk.

So, Fu Yunruo totally supported Fang Xueruo and Chang Zhuyou together. They both came from the same world, a match made in heaven. They’d better be with each other forever and stopped disgust her with their presence.

If it weren’t for the fact that most of her close friends and family she had made were in Beijing, she would never have set foot in this city.

Seeing Fu Yunruo’s ‘meek’ appearance, Chang Zhuyou’s expression softened. “It’s good that you have this self-awareness.” He then adopted a magnanimous look. “As long as you sincerely apologize to Xue’er, we can let this matter go. I won’t hold it against you anymore. Tell your fans as well not to maliciously harm Xue’er. You two are good sisters.”

Upon hearing this, Fu Yunruo’s face immediately changed. She chuckled and pointed outside the glass window. “Take a look at the weather outside.”

Chang Zhuyou turned his head and saw the sun high in the sky, shining brightly. But the indoor temperature with its air conditioner was pleasant, and the sunlight coming in was rather warm and comfortable.

“What’s wrong with the weather outside?” Chang Zhuyou furrowed his brows.

“It’s still so bright and sunny outside. Isn’t it a bit inappropriate for you to start daydreaming so early?”

Chang Zhuyou realized what she meant and anger overtook his face again. “What did you say?!”

Fu Yunruo tilted her head sympathetically and said, “I guess I shouldn’t expect too much from your intelligence.”

“What I meant is that my fans haven’t done anything excessive towards your Xue’er. Don’t overthink things. Besides, I have nothing to apologize to her for. We were never good sisters, so don’t read too much into it.”

Fu Yunruo knew that her fans were using their own ways to resist Fang Xueruo and vent their frustrations on her behalf, even though they hadn’t explicitly told her anything. Tiantian, who was in charge of her public image, knew about it and mentioned it to her.

Fu Yunruo wasn’t a saint. Knowing that people who liked her were standing up for her, she wouldn’t hypocritically ask them to stop and cause them to be stuck in a difficult situation.

Compared to hurting people who sincerely cared about her, she would naturally prefer them to harm the people she disliked.

What’s more, they didn’t do too much either. At most, they just gave Fang Xueruo a lesson in a measured manner.

Looking at it from a different perspective, if your idol was in a bad relationship with a certain star and you happened to have the ability, would you allow the resources in your hand to benefit your idol’s enemy?

She had heard that Fang Xueruo was being blacklisted in the industry, but her fans had only restricted Fang Xueruo’s movement within their own network. It could only be said that her fans, as a whole, were incredibly influential, having such extensive connections in the entertainment industry.

Although she hadn’t immersed herself in the entertainment industry, seeing that Fang Xueruo still had opportunities for acting, it seemed that this blacklist couldn’t hold her back. On this matter, she had no further comments.

However, Chang Zhuyou didn’t see it that way. He only felt that Fu Yunruo didn’t understand her place. He was about to give her a sterner warning when Fu Yunruo interrupted, “Mr. Chang, I have something else to attend to. Please take your leave.” She directly chased him away.

“Fu Yunruo, if you don’t want anything to happen to your flower garden, then you’d better know your place! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!”

Just the thought of the suffering his Xue’er had endured made Chang Zhuyou find Fu Yunruo even more detestable. He had thought that she had changed for the better over the years, but he didn’t expect her to become even more malicious than before!

Since that’s the case, don’t blame him for being ruthless!

“What do you mean by that?” A cold voice came through, and when Fu Yunruo turned her head, her eyes lit up.

Si Yue took Wenwen up to the second floor of the coffee shop and walked to the corner, just in time to hear Chang Zhuyou’s threat.

He walked over calmly, his tall figure exuding immense pressure.

“Si Yue!” Chang Zhuyou’s expression changed suddenly when he saw Si Yue.


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