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MSRV Ch 103 Part 4 – Si Yue’s Jealousy (IV)

Fu Yunruo looked up and saw that Si Yue showed no intention of leaving, and suddenly realization struck her.

It was the middle of the night, and a woman was alone with a man in a room…

The atmosphere suddenly felt awkward. Fu Yunruo felt a bit uneasy and said politely, “It’s very late…”

“No problem. I’ll stay for a while,” Si Yue stared at Fu Yunruo, and as his thoughts shifted, he remembered his previous speculations, and his expression gradually turned serious.

“W-What’s wrong?” Fu Yunruo noticed and also became nervous.

“Are you not over that surname Chang?” Si Yue frowned.


“I could understand when you liked him before, because there weren’t enough outstanding men around you. But now, there are various aspects where other people with the surname Chang can’t compare to the men around you. You should focus your attention on them.”

Si Yue was only one step away from outright saying, “Look at me, look at me, I’m the one you should like the most.”

“No, have you misunderstood something?” Fu Yunruo realized and couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. “Where did you get the idea that I’m still interested in him?”

God, where did this misunderstanding come from? Did she ever show any liking towards someone with the surname Chang?

Si Yue complained, “You peeked at him nine times tonight!” If she hadn’t still cared about him, why would she secretly watch him so many times?

Fu Yunruo: “…” Did she really do that? Nine times, really?

“It’s a misunderstanding…” She was just curious about the plot!

No… wait, how did Si Yue count so accurately? Could it be that he had been paying attention to her all night?

“Ruoruo, I can accept that you’re not ready for a relationship now. I have a lifetime to wait,” Si Yue looked at Fu Yunruo with focused and gentle eyes. “But if one day you have that thought, you can only choose me.”

Si Yue’s words were forceful, and Fu Yunruo avoided his gaze, muttering in her heart. How could this be a multiple-choice question? He’s too domineering.

“It’s very late, I need to rest.” She changed the subject.

Si Yue didn’t want to pressure Fu Yunruo too much. He thought he could take it slowly, but now, seeing how concerned she was when looking at other men, he was getting a bit impatient.

How could he rightfully stand by Fu Yunruo’s side? Si Yue pondered the best way to declare his ownership. “Ruoruo, remember one thing, nobody can force me to do anything, unless I’m willing,” then his tone shifted, “But of course, right now, there’s someone who can force me, and I’ll listen to what she says.”

Fu Yunruo’s heart was in chaos listening to this. She quickly said again, “I’m tired and need to rest, goodnight!” Then she hurriedly went into the bathroom and locked the door.

Si Yue was amused and walked over to knock on the door. There was no response from inside. With a smile, he said, “Goodnight.”

Then he turned and left.

In the bathroom, Fu Yunruo finally breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the door finally closed. She touched her rapidly beating heart, feeling it thumping loudly. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw her cheeks turning crimson.

Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but touch her face; it was burning hot.

How could she not understand Si Yue’s meaning?

He said no one could force him, his confession of wanting to be with her was because he liked her, not just for the sake of the child.

The latter part of his words meant that he would listen to the person he liked and do whatever they said.

Fu Yunruo didn’t know what she wanted either; her plan was interrupted by Si Yue’s assertiveness, and she found herself at a crossroads in life. She had initially decided to wholeheartedly raise Wenwen and not get married, believing that being single was quite carefree.

Now that she had the ability to earn money, she could live a good life. In the future, after her son grew up and flew the nest, she could enjoy a free life by traveling the world, tasting various delicacies, and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Such a life would be very enjoyable.

Once she got old, she could return to the village, rent a piece of flower, and spend her retired life among the flowers.

But now, a handsome man with a good body and overall decent personality wanted to be with her, and most importantly, he was Wenwen’s father.

Fu Yunruo felt a bit ashamed to find herself somewhat tempted. At the same time, she was also conflicted, unsure of what she was hesitating about.

Perhaps she was just afraid to take the next step…

Oh well, she should not overthink it. Seeing Wenwen’s attitude is a bit awkward, she should wait until the child fully accepted the situation before deciding.

Speaking of which, what was Wenwen feeling awkward about? Fu Yunruo’s thoughts instantly turned to Wenwen; she couldn’t believe she hadn’t gotten any clues from him until now. Wenwen was quite good at keeping things hidden.

The next day, Fu Yunruo, who didn’t feel well, was awakened by Wenwen’s energetic spirit. Her thoughts were in turmoil last night, and she tossed and turned before falling asleep quite late. Now, her eyes were struggling to open.

“Mom, wake up!”

“I’m up, I’m up!” Fu Yunruo glanced at the time; it was still early, just past six. Seeing Wenwen so full of energy, she couldn’t resist cuddling him in bed. “How about you stay with Mommy for a little longer?”

Wenwen happily rolled around and giggled. Noticing that Fu Yunruo looked really tired, he considerately said, “Okay.”

Then they snuggled quietly.

Wenwen’s big eyes spun around, observing that his mom had slept late. He had fallen asleep early and didn’t know what happened afterward, so he was quite curious about why she slept so late.

Fu Yunruo didn’t sleep much longer; she closed her eyes for a while before getting up.

After washing up, she returned to the living room and found Wenwen playing with a square inkstone.

Wenwen lifted it to show Fu Yunruo, “Mom, isn’t this the thing Uncle Yue bought last night?” It was black and looked very antique, emitting a peculiar fragrance.

Fu Yunruo looked at it and confirmed, “It seems so. Maybe he forgot to take it with him.” She hadn’t noticed when he placed it on the table last night.

Wenwen’s eyes turned, “Was Uncle Yue in the room last night?”

Fu Yunruo: “…” Why does it sound a bit… awkward?

“He carried you up and even wiped you.” Well, she didn’t have the strength to carry this chubby little guy all the way up like that.


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