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MSRV Ch 104 Part 2 – A Gift (II)

Wenwen was engrossed in playing with his phone, completely unaware that his parents were busy planning his course schedule for the next few years. He was delighted to see his growing number of followers. Since the first post he dictated was published, Uncle Yuan had used his account to send out several posts, one of which was to forward the trailer of the upcoming sci-fi movie.

Sharp-eyed netizens quickly discovered that it wasn’t Wenwen himself operating the account. They weren’t surprised, however, because he was still a child, probably not even able to read many characters, let alone manage social media accounts.

Initially, they thought it might be Wenwen’s mom, Fu Yunruo, who managed the account on his behalf, but they soon uncovered that Yuan Xin’s public relations team was actually behind the posts.

Well, their little idol was indeed still too young. They would have to wait until he turned eighteen before he could take control of his accounts… But no problem! They were willing to wait for him to grow up.

Following the news about his role in the sci-fi film and the praise from film critics, Wenwen’s fan base experienced a significant surge, and he now had over twenty million followers. Wenwen joyfully scrolled through the comments and then focused on the top-rated ones, particularly those that praised him. He couldn’t have been happier!

Fu Yunruo and Si Yue were engrossed in their conversation and lost track of time. When Fu Yunruo finally realized, thirty-five minutes had already passed. She gently reminded Wenwen, “Time’s up, you can’t look at the screen anymore. Give your eyes a rest.” She reached out her hand, asking Wenwen to hand over the phone.

Wenwen clutched onto the device and was reluctant to let go. “Can I have another thirty minutes, Mom?” he pleaded. “It went by so fast! I haven’t finished reading yet!”

“Wenwen,” Fu Yunruo elongated her voice, showing her firm stance.

Reluctantly, Wenwen handed the phone back to Fu Yunruo, pouting in frustration. Hmph!

Fu Yunruo paid no mind to his little tantrum. She had promised him thirty minutes, and thirty minutes it would be. She had even given him an extra five minutes!

Seeing Wenwen’s displeased expression, Si Yue suggested, “Wenwen, do you want to go out with me?” In Si Yue’s opinion, children were engrossed with gadgets because they had nothing to do. If they had plenty of other activities, how could they have time to think about mobile phones? In short, this little brat’s coursework was still too light.

Regardless, Si Yue was considerate of the hard work Wenwen underwent with filming. Furthermore, they were staying at the hotel now, not at home, so he gave up the idea of ​​calling the teacher over to give extra lessons.

Hearing Si Yue’s suggestion, Wenwen blinked his eyes, still pouting. Why would he want to go out with Si Yue? It would be embarrassing!

Si Yue bent down and whispered something into his ear.

Initially uninterested, Wenwen perked up when he heard what Si Yue said. His curiosity was piqued.

Fu Yunruo looked over, curious about their secretive conversation.

After Si Yue finished whispering, he asked with a grin, “How about it? Would you like to come with me?”

Without hesitation, Wenwen replied, “Yes!” He jumped off the chair, eager to go. “Let’s go!” He rushed into the adjoining suite and quickly returned, standing beside Si Yue. “I’m ready!”

Fu Yunruo asked, “Do you want me to join you?”

Wenwen didn’t hesitate to decline, saying, “No need, I’ll go with Uncle Yue. Mom, you stay at the hotel; we’ll be back soon!”

Fu Yunruo: “…” She looked at Si Yue, who was smiling but remained silent. In the end, she could only caution them, “Be careful not to be recognized by anyone.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll disguise ourselves before going out,” Si Yue assured her.

Si Yue took Wenwen, and the two of them left the room. Fu Yunruo noticed that they first went to Si Yue’s room across the hallway and closed the door.

Fu Yunruo didn’t follow them, although she was puzzled inside. This was quite strange; what were these two up to? She closed the door, deciding to leave them be. Forget it. Si Yue wouldn’t do anything to harm Wenwen, anyway.

With her child not around, Fu Yunruo felt much more relaxed. She propped up some pillows, half-lying down while browsing her phone. Since she had met many colleagues at the charity event last night, the group was bustling discussing that today. Fu Yunruo quickly joined the conversation. She chatted for a while, then checked some gossip news on the forum, paying special attention to any information related to Wenwen.

It seemed that Brother Yuan’s team was very reliable. At least in the visible areas of Wenwen’s account, there were no negative comments, so there was no need to worry about Wenwen seeing anything that could affect his mood. After all, he was still very young and didn’t need to be exposed to malicious comments so early on.

Fu Yunruo continued browsing through two other social media platforms, monitored current events, and occasionally chatted with friends. She realized time was passing quickly when she heard a loud banging at the door.

“Mom! Hurry, open the door!” Even through the thick hotel door, Wenwen’s cheerful voice was loud and clear.

Fu Yunruo went to open the door, and Wenwen happily walked in, his cheeks flushed with excitement.

A smile appeared on Fu Yunruo’s face.

“Mom, mom!” Wenwen called out happily.

Fu Yunruo responded warmly.

Si Yue also entered and said to Wenwen, “Go wash up first.”

After going out, their whole bodies felt sticky, and Wenwen had some makeup on his face as well.

Fu Yunruo said to Si Yue, “There’s makeup remover in the bathroom.”

Si Yue nodded lightly and took Wenwen, who couldn’t contain his excitement, into the bathroom.

Fu Yunruo didn’t follow them into the bathroom. At this point, her attention was no longer on her phone. She glanced around from time to time, her curiosity getting the better of her, wondering what the two of them had done outside.

Not long after, a freshened Wenwen rushed out of the bathroom. His little face was flushed with excitement as he stopped in front of Fu Yunruo, tilting his small head and hiding his chubby hands behind his back. “Mom, guess what I got for you?” His bright, cheerful eyes sparkled with anticipation.


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