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ATCF Ch 45 Part 1 – Self Defense (I)

Because of Jiang Li’s reminder, Shen Mian instantly stopped in her tracks. Although she knew that Jiang Li’s words were a bit exaggerated, she also understood that arguing with Bai Guolin in front of Teacher Qian at this moment would do her no good.

“We are letting him go like this?” Shen Mian said resentfully.

Jiang Li raised an eyebrow, “You are very good at making friends, aren’t you? Use your strengths!”

“What do you mean?” Shen Mian was puzzled for a moment.

Jiang Li smiled ambiguously, “When you used to lead the class to isolate me, didn’t you do well?”

Shen Mian: …

Why did she do such a foolish thing back then? Now she really wanted to buy a block of tofu and smash it against her own head!

But Jiang Li’s words were not wrong. Finding a way to isolate Bai Guolin must be enough to retaliate against that big guy. After all, not everyone was like Jiang Li, who didn’t even care when the whole class isolated her.

Shen Mian and Jiang Li’s conversation completely puzzled Zhang Qingqing. She pulled Shen Mian over and frowned, “What kind of cryptic talk are you having?”

Shen Mian sighed, “This is a long story.”

Zhang Qingqing suggested, “Make it short then.”

Shen Mian shook her head, “It can’t be explained in just a few sentences.”

Zhang Qingqing proposed, “This is simple. I’ll ask, and you answer. First, tell me, who is Assistant Bai?”

“He is Bai Guolin’s father,” Shen Mian earnestly replied.

Zhang Qingqing frowned, “Jiang Li just mentioned that. What I want to know is, whose assistant is this Assistant Bai?”

Shen Mian sighed again, “Assistant Bai is Jiang Huai’s assistant.”

Zhang Qingqing continued, “And who is Jiang Huai?”

“He is Jiang Ruo’s father,” Shen Mian replied with a straight face.

Zhang Qingqing was successfully confused. She asked helplessly, “And who is Jiang Ruo?”

But before Shen Mian could answer, Zhang Qingqing’s expression suddenly changed, and she exclaimed in shock, “Jiang Ruo? Are you talking about the child star Jiang Ruo?”

Shen Mian nodded, “Yes, we have a big feud. It’s not an exaggeration to say we’re enemies.”

Zhang Qingqing was even more puzzled, “You two are enemies, so why is she targeting Jiang Li and Wang Simin?”

Shen Mian pouted, “She is my enemy, but she doesn’t see me as one. In her mind, the biggest enemy should be Jiang Li, and as for Wang Simin… I believe she was accidentally involved.”

“Then quickly tell me the details of what happened. I used to think that the child star Jiang Ruo had good acting skills. How did you become enemies, and why would Jiang Li, being so strong, allow Jiang Ruo to make trouble with her?”

“This matter has to start from the dramatic incident of a true and fake daughter…” Shen Mian began to vividly describe the course of events, with Zhang Qingqing and Wang Simin listening intently on either side.

But Jiang Li didn’t pay attention to their conversation. Her brows slightly furrowed as she began to review the descriptions of Bai Guolin in the novel.

Bai Guolin was the only son of Bai Qiming, Jiang Huai’s personal assistant. The book describes him as having a simple and introverted personality. From childhood, Bai Guolin’s gaze would always involuntarily follow Jiang Ruo. Jiang Ruo was Bai Guolin’s goddess; if she wanted him to go east, he would never go west. However, he was aware of the gap between him and the young lady of the Jiang family. So, he simply admired Jiang Ruo in silence without daring to show it, and an occasional smile from Jiang Ruo was enough to make him happy for the whole day.

During junior high, Bai Guolin attended a public school and his grades were only slightly above average. However, when he learned that Jiang Ruo wanted to go to the prestigious Minjiang First High School’s talent class, he worked tirelessly to get accepted into the same school, all to get closer to his goddess. As a result, his hard work paid off. He entered the talent class of Minjiang First with the lowest admission threshold and then became Jiang Ruo’s humble follower.

It could be said that the tragic ending of the original ‘Jiang Li’ was closely related to this ‘simple and introverted’ person. Bai Guolin often looked at ‘Jiang Li’ with fierce eyes, seemingly afraid that she would “take away” something that belonged to his beloved Jiang Ruo.

Later, when ‘Jiang Li’ went crazy and started to oppose Jiang Ruo, Bai Guolin always charged forward for Jiang Ruo. He even slapped ‘Jiang Li’ once, claiming that he treated boys and girls the same.

Later, when Bai Guolin accidentally hit ‘Jiang Li’ with his car, instead of immediately calling for medical help, he chose to watch coldly. His rationale was that if the ‘Jiang Li’ died, her kidneys would belong to Jiang Ruo.

However, by that point in the plot, ‘Jiang Li’ had already agreed to donate a kidney to Jiang Ruo after being pleaded constantly by her parents and brother.

But Bai Guolin believed that if ‘Jiang Li’ died, both of her kidneys would belong to Jiang Ruo. Even if one failed, there would still be another.

In the end, Bai Guolin got what he wanted, and Jiang Ruo took both kidneys from ‘Jiang Li’.

Regarding the car incident, although Bai Guolin was driving, according to surveillance footage, the main reason for the accident was ‘Jiang Li’ crossing the road.

As for not immediately calling for help, Bai Guolin explained that he had passed out at the time, but called for medical assistance and reported the incident as soon as he regained consciousness.

In such circumstances, no one blamed him. Although the Jiang couple was upset for a while, due to Assistant Bai’s tearful pleas and the intercession of Jiang Zhou and Jiang Ruo, they gave up holding Bai Guolin responsible.

These plot points vividly appear in Jiang Li’s mind, making her feel angry even though these events had not actually occurred. Thanks to this, Jiang Li quickly took note of Bai Guolin’s name on the first day of school, although she couldn’t target him based on events that hadn’t happened yet.

However, it seemed that even if Jiang Ruo didn’t attend the same school, Bai Guolin would still go crazy for her. Today’s incident made Jiang Li aware that she couldn’t afford to just sit and wait.

Shen Mian quickly narrated the Jiang family’s scandal and the events that occurred at the Minjiang International School to Zhang Qingqing and Wang Simin. Despite Shen Mian’s selective storytelling, omitting the fake suicide incident, Zhang Qingqing couldn’t help but comment, “You were too foolish back then. It was obvious that Jiang Ruo was manipulating you. You aimed wherever she pointed, without understanding the truth, and started firing randomly.”

Shen Mian looked guilty, but she couldn’t help but argue, “Who could have expected the Jiangs to be so unreasonable! Where in the world would parent refuse to acknowledge their own daughter!”

Zhang Qingqing nodded, “That’s true. If they only wanted their adopted daughter, they shouldn’t have taken Jiang Li back. If they weren’t going to take responsibility, why bring her back in the first place?”

Shen Mian continued to mutter, “And Jiang Ruo is truly disgusting. She deserves to be an actress. Her acting is too good!”

Zhang Qingqing agreed with a nod, “I thought she was likable before. When the scandal about the fake and real daughter came out, I didn’t believe it at first. It’s certainly more reasonable to think that the Jiang family wants to protect their biological daughter, so they deliberately manipulate public opinion by pushing Jiang Ruo into the spotlight. I didn’t expect the truth to be so disgusting.”

All this while, Wang Simin remained silent. Zhang Qingqing turned to her puzzledly, “Why are you so silent?”

Wang Simin seemed indifferent, “I knew about the story a long time ago. My opinion is similar to yours; there’s nothing more to say.”

Shen Mian frowned, “Then why were you listening so attentively just now?”

Wang Simin smiled, “I was curious about some details, like the fake suicide attempt at your school. You know, the one that once got into the trending topic? You didn’t mention that.”


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