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ATCF Ch 45 Part 2 – Self Defense (II)

Shen Mian frowned, “Then why were you listening so attentively just now?”

Wang Simin smiled, “I was curious about some details, like the fake suicide attempt at your school. You know, the one that once got into the trending topic? You didn’t mention that.”

Shen Mian immediately looked guilty, “W-well… there’s really nothing much to say about that one.”

Zhang Qingqing became interested, “What fake suicide? There’s even such explosive news? Tell me quickly!”

Shen Mian shook her head, “There’s really nothing much to say about that. By the way, did you forget that Teacher Qian asked you to go back to the dormitory and bring your phone? You should go quickly; otherwise, he might come looking for you later.”

Zhang Qingqing patted her forehead, “You should have told me earlier; I almost forgot about this.”

After Zhang Qingqing left, Shen Mian looked at Wang Simin, “You don’t have to ask me. I’m not very clear about it either.”

Wang Simin nonchalantly said, “If you don’t want to talk about it, then don’t. I’m not that eager to know.”

Shen Mian:…

If you don’t want to know, why did you deliberately bring up this topic just now? As expected, one should avoid doing bad things in life — karma could bite you back any time!

Wang Simin looked at Shen Mian with a meaningful smile, then leaned in next to Jiang Li and whispered, “You’re quite magnanimous.”

Jiang Li shook her head, “I’m not as magnanimous as you think.”

Jiang Li wasn’t targeting Shen Mian simply because Shen Mian had already paid a price for what she had done previously. Even so, Jiang Li couldn’t forgive Shen Mian, let alone become friends with her.

As for the advice to Shen Mian not to make a scene in the office just now, it was because she knew that making a fuss about such things would lead to no results. It was better to remind Shen Mian to bide her time and find a way to make trouble for Bai Guolin.

After listening to Jiang Li’s words, Wang Simin pondered thoughtfully for a few seconds, then happily said, “Although I suffered unjustly this time, I think it’s worth it to go through hardship with you,” she reached out and patted Jiang Li’s shoulder, “In fact, except for your grades, I found you adorable in every aspect.”

“What’s wrong with my grades?” Jiang Li raised an eyebrow.

Wang Simin pouted, “Well, it’s because surpassing you would be harder than surpassing Qin Zheng.”

Jiang Li couldn’t help but laugh, “That’s not necessarily true. What if Qin Zheng has a protagonist aura? How can you surpass him?”

In the novel, even after Qin Zheng entered Minjiang First High School, he remained the undisputed number one in his grade. As for Wang Simin… the novel didn’t mention this character at all.

“Do you think this is a novel? Besides, you have so much confidence in Qin Zheng. Could it be that you want your own heroine aura?” Wang Simin looked at Jiang Li with a sly smile.

Jiang Li immediately shook her head, “I forgot to tell you, but Qin Zheng is Jiang Ruo’s childhood friend.”

Wang Simin: …

“Well, this answered a question. I often saw Qin Zheng staring at a keychain and was curious before. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I think that thing is probably a gift from Jiang Ruo.”

Jiang Li looked at Wang Simin, “I thought you were not interested in gossip.”

Wang Simin smiled, “How is that possible? I enjoy thrilling gossip, thank you. You’ll know after spending more time with me. For example, right now, I’m particularly looking forward to seeing Bai Guolin isolated by the whole class.”

When Jiang Li and Wang Simin were talking about Qin Zheng, Shen Mian didn’t dare to interrupt. After all, when she made a fuss about jumping down the building before, it was Qin Zheng who had risked danger to pull her back. So, even though Qin Zheng was Jiang Ruo’s childhood sweetheart, Shen Mian didn’t feel comfortable gossiping about him behind his back.

But the moment they returned the topic to Bai Guolin, Shen Mian instantly became spirited again. “I’ll take full responsibility for this matter. It’s very despicable for him to snitch fellow students to the teachers — no one would take his side! There’s no way for him to turn things around. You can rest assured!”

Wang Simin encouraged, “Go for it! Remember to bring Zhang Qingqing with you, let’s seek revenge together.”

Shen Mian nodded, “I’ve seen that Zhang Qingqing is very popular, especially with the boys in the back row. Bai Guolin will definitely have a hard time in our class from now on.”

As Jiang Li expected, Shen Mian and Zhang Qingqing, relying on their popularity and sharp tongue, quickly made Bai Guolin’s snitching known to everyone.

No one liked people who reported others behind their backs. After all, who could be sure that they wouldn’t be the next target? This matter was indeed Bai Guolin’s fault, and he was not good with words. When others mocked and ridiculed him, he didn’t know how to refute it, leading to the result that people in the class started isolating him completely.

Seeing Bai Guolin being isolated, Jiang Li felt that it was well-deserved. All these were things that the novel ‘Jiang Li’ had experienced, and he was now experiencing them firsthand.

Although Bai Guolin was taciturn, he wasn’t a fool. Naturally, he could feel that his classmates were intentionally isolating him. However, he didn’t regret what he had done. When he worked so hard in junior high, it was not an exaggeration to say that he pushed himself to the limit just to enter Minjiang First High School talent class and be closer to Miss Ruoruo.

However, ever since Jiang Li appeared, everything went out of control. Even though he barely made it into talent class, Miss Ruoruo chose to stay in Minjiang International School to avoid Jiang Li.

With Bai Guolin’s scores on the entrance exam, he could actually go to Minjiang International School. Furthermore, his scores were high enough that not only could he be exempted from tuition, but he could also get a scholarship.

When Bai Guolin learned that Miss Ruoruo chose Minjiang International School, he immediately went to his father and said that he also wanted to attend the same school. However, his father decisively refused.

The reason was simple: while Bai Guolin didn’t need to pay a dime to attend the school and could get a scholarship, this was only for the first year. If his grades dropped significantly in the final exams of the first year, not only would he lose the scholarship, but he would also have to pay high tuition fees for the next two years.

Bai Qiming’s job as Jiang Huai’s assistant might look glamorous on the outside, but his income was actually not that high. Furthermore, with the Jiang family’s business currently facing issues one after another, he also had to plan for the future. Although the savings in his hands were enough to support his son’s high school education at Minjiang International School, that money had to be reserved. When his son gets married in the future, he might not fully cover the cost of buying a house, but he would at least provide a down payment.

If his son didn’t get into a good high school, he would be willing to spend that money to buy a placement. However, his son was already accepted into the prestigious Minjiang First High School, so there was no way he would agree to take the risk of attending Minjiang International School.

In the end, Bai Guolin couldn’t convince his father, so he reluctantly entered Minjiang First High School. He attributed this matter to Jiang Li and directed all his resentment toward her. From the first day of school, he sought opportunities to make trouble.

Unfortunately, Jiang Li entered the school as the top scorer in the entrance exam, and she even gained much attention during military training. This led to many people looking at Jiang Li with admiration when her name was mentioned.

Bai Guolin couldn’t openly target her, so he resorted to covert tactics. When he heard his deskmate Zhang Qingqing mention Jiang Li playing with a mobile phone in the dorm, he quickly planned to make an anonymous report to the teachers.


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  1. Bai Guolin needs a serious reality check, but unfortunately, he seems like the type to not believe the truth even if there was concrete evidence in front of him. It’s sad because Jiang Ruo probably doesn’t even remember him and wouldn’t care what happened to him, but he would still think it’s alright as long as she’s well in the end.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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