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DDDV Ch 139 Part 1 – As an Impartial Daughter (I)

Lu Yaoyao sat on the stone table in a pavilion, clutching the fingers of Father and Daddy in each hand. Her dangling short legs swung back and forth, and occasionally, she looked right and left. A joyful smile frequently appeared on her chubby face.

After coming out of the Abyss, Lu Yaoyao had finally reunited with Daddy, and then with her Father. After learning about Daddy’s identity, she finally knew that they were not ordinary demons living in Cangshan.

Thinking about the opposing sides Daddy and Father stood on, Lu Yaoyao wished they were just ordinary demons, leading a simple and mundane life. The Devil Palace, with Daddy there, was her home, but the Guiyuan Sect where Father belonged was also her home. For her, however, the true home was the one in Cangshan, where the three of them lived together.

Sometimes, Lu Yaoyao couldn’t help but regret, thinking that if growing up meant being separated from her Father and Daddy, she would rather never grow up. She wouldn’t even want to know their true identities. This way, the two of them would continue to maintain a peaceful facade in front of her, temporarily setting aside their differences to give her a complete home.

Now that she had known the truth, how could she pretend to know nothing? How could she force Father and Daddy, who never got along, to stay together just for her sake?

Lu Yaoyao had already mentally prepared. She was ready to live like a child from a divorced family, spending six months at Daddy’s house and six months at Father’s house. Since the homes of her two fathers were separated by a realm, six months might be too rushed, so she could stay in each place for a year. Anyway, as an impartial daughter, she wouldn’t show favoritism!

Lu Qingyu raised his hand and flicked Lu Yaoyao’s forehead. “Silly.”

Lu Yaoyao’s tender voice was babyish, but she didn’t mince her words. “Even if I’m silly, I’m still Daddy’s daughter.”

Lu Qingyu: “…”

Lu Yaoyao emphasized: “Your biological daughter.”

Lu Qingyu made a disdainful sound. If she wasn’t his biological daughter, would he allow her to be so arrogant?

Lu Qingyu reached out to pinch Lu Yaoyao’s chubby cheeks. In response, she quickly shook her little head to try to avoid it. Even though it didn’t hurt at all, her baby fat seemed to never go away. What if pinching her would make her chubbier?!

“Daddy, you can’t pinch my face!” She protested. But despite her attempts to dodge, she was pinched several times. Lu Yaoyao still didn’t want to let go of their hands and had to seek help. “Father, Daddy is bullying your daughter!”

Lu Qingyu sneered. “What if I bullied you? Still so small, yet your guts are so big. You even learned how to run away from home, huh?”

Lu Yaoyao cunningly retorted, “I didn’t run away from home. I was looking for Father!”

Thinking about this, Lu Yaoyao got angry. She let out a big “hmph” and said, “You obviously knew where Father was all along, but you never told me. When you took me away, Father was also there!”

Finally letting go of their hands, Lu Yaoyao stood up and reached into her little pouch. She took out a tall stack of letters. “You’ve come at just the right time, so I don’t have to figure out how to send them back to you.” Lu Yaoyao patted the letters and pressed them down to make them as compact as possible. “These are the letters I wrote to you after leaving the Devil Realm! They are filled with strong condemnation and dissatisfaction about your actions towards me…”

Lu Qingyu saw the stack of letters placed on the table, almost all as tall as his daughter. “Are all these for me?” He asked.

Lu Yaoyao raised her chubby chin proudly. “Of course!”

Pleased, Lu Qingyu burst into hearty laughter. He thought this kid had lost conscience; running away from home and didn’t even remember her Daddy anymore. Unexpectedly, she would write so many letters to him.


“I’m speaking seriously to you!” Lu Yaoyao furrowed her tiny brows. Her babyish voice turned stern. “No laughing, behave properly!” Stupid Daddy! He doesn’t show a sign of remorse and even dares to laugh so prettily!

Having grown used to this face, Lu Yaoyao tried her best to calm herself. No, no, she definitely wasn’t the type of person who would forgive everything when a beauty dazzled her with a smile!

Lu Qingyu’s hand conjured a beautifully crafted jade fan, and he leisurely opened it, covering the lower half of his face. “Hmm, Daddy is not laughing.” However, his peach blossom eyes, uncovered by the fan, were filled with a playful smile.

Lu Yaoyao almost stomps her foot in annoyance. Daddy’s fooling her! As if she couldn’t see he was smiling as long as he covered his mouth!

Lu Qingyu glanced at Yao Jiuxiao, who was emanating a cold and oppressive aura beside them. With a joyful tone, he closed the fan and pointed, “Does he have letters?”

Lu Yaoyao looked puzzled. “Huh? Father doesn’t have any…” Father was right there with her. Why would he need letters… Oh?

Yao Jiuxiao’s cold gaze swept over the pile of letters, then he lowered his eyes and remained silent.

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

Lu Qingyu laughed heartily, enjoying himself. “Daddy will read them carefully.” As if to provoke Yao Jiuxiao, he slowly put the letters away one by one, sighing in melancholy, “My dear daughter, ah, how long do you think will it take for me to finish reading all the letters you personally wrote for me? But if I don’t read them, you will definitely cry. It’s really troublesome.”

Lu Yaoyao: “…” She could see that Daddy wasn’t bothered at all; in fact, he seemed quite pleased.

Lu Yaoyao struggled to speak. “I’m condemning your faults in these letters, and you should reflect on them.”

Lu Qingyu raised his peach blossom eyes provocatively. “Of course. Daddy will certainly reflect on them.” He then intentionally asked Yao Jiuxiao, “How many letters did my daughter give you?”

Lu Yaoyao took a deep breath. Daddy was so bad for trying to provoke Father like this!

“Of course, it’s the same amount!” She replied on Father’s behalf.

Lu Qingyu’s hands on the envelopes paused, and he gave the little girl a glance.

Yao Jiuxiao also looked over.

Lu Yaoyao puffed out her chest. “I left the letters for Father in my pavilion and didn’t bring them here!”

Lu Qingyu immediately lost interest. He snorted and swept his sleeve as he left. Of course, before leaving, he collected the remaining letters.

Yao Jiuxiao looked at Lu Yaoyao intently, “Are you telling the truth?”

“O-of course!” Lu Yaoyao tried her best to appear truthful. “When you come over tomorrow night, I’ll give them to you.”

Lu Yaoyao jumped off the table. Fearing that Yao Jiuxiao would ask to see the letters now, she ran away as if fleeing for her life. “Father, there’s no need to send me back! I can go on my own!” She shouted with all her might. At this moment, she had completely forgotten her original purpose for coming to East Ninth Peak. Her mind was entirely occupied by the nonexistent letters.

Lu Yaoyao rushed back to her pavilion and didn’t stop for a moment until she reached the desk in her room. Then she stepped onto a chair and gasped for breath. Lu Yaoyao thought about the letters she had handed to Daddy, piling as tall as herself, and her vision went dark. Why did she write so many letters? Could she give up now? Would it be possible to write as many letters before tomorrow night?

With tears in her eyes, Lu Yaoyao took out a stack of white paper, grabbed a brush, and began grinding ink to write letters.

As, as an impartial daughter, she must not be afraid of any difficulties.

A strong cub will never admit defeat!


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