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ATCF Ch 46 Part 1 – Senior Brother Zhao Isn’t Good-Looking Enough (I)

Bai Guolin’s howling startled not only her classmates but also drew the people from the neighboring class, who rushed out one after another, eager to see what was happening outside. The moment they were out in the corridor, they were baffled to find a tall boy screaming like a butchered pig. As for Jiang Li, who had just dislocated Bai Guolin’s hands, she seemed perfectly fine, casually returning to the classroom and sitting at her own desk.

“What’s going on? That’s the guy from the talent class, isn’t he?”

“Who knows? Maybe they’re doing an impromptu performance?”

“That guy looks like trouble. Better not to run your tongue, or you might get into trouble.”

Amidst the chatters and noises, the homeroom teacher of the talent class, Teacher Qian, came over with his physics lecture notes and a cup in hand. The students from the neighboring experimental class automatically made way for the teacher, allowing him to pass, while the students from the talent class swiftly made their return to their desk, pretending to be earnestly studied. In an instant, the corridor was left empty with only the wailing Bai Guolin, the acting class president Qin Zheng, and a puzzled Teacher Qian.

Teacher Qian couldn’t make sense of the situation, so he turned at Qin Zheng with furrowed brows and asked, “What’s going on?”

Qin Zheng glanced at Bai Guolin and then calmly said, “Bai Guolin was standing at the classroom door just now, blocking Jiang Li’s way and trying to attack her, and then… Jiang Li acted in self-defense and disarmed Bai Guolin by dislocating his two arms.”

At Qin Zheng’s words, Bai Guolin slowly stopped howling. Even though sweat was pouring down his forehead, he kept glaring at Qin Zheng with a fierce look. He had always known Qin Zheng’s position in Miss Ruoruo’s heart and thus couldn’t understand why Qin Zheng would speak up for Jiang Li.

Teacher Qian was also finding it hard to believe. “You’re considering this self-defense?”

Qin Zheng paused for a moment before replying, “I believe it was a dislocated joint, and those can usually be put back in place.”

Teacher Qian let out a chuckle, “So, Student Qin, would you mind assisting Bai Guolin in putting his joints back in place?”

Qin Zheng:…

“You don’t know how to do it?” Teacher Qian smiled coldly.

Qin Zheng shook his head, “We better let professionals handle this.”

Teacher Qian took a deep breath, “Then, as the class president, shouldn’t you take Bai Guolin to find a medical professional right now?”

Qin Zheng immediately nodded, “Of course,” then he shifted his gaze to Bai Guolin and asked, “Shall we go to the infirmary?”

Bai Guolin continued to glare at Qin Zheng with hostility, but after a few seconds, he reluctantly said, “Okay.”

After the two of them left, Teacher Qian sighed and took out his phone to call the subject teacher and rearranged the schedule of classes. After coordinating the schedule, he entered the classroom and called out, “Jiang Li, come with me to the office.”

Jiang Li responded with an “okay” and obediently followed Teacher Qian out of the classroom.

Seeing that Jiang Li had left with the teacher, the remaining students in the class began to chat quietly.

“Jiang Li looks so gentle and quiet, I didn’t expect her to be so ruthless!” a boy remarked in amazement.

Zhang Qingqing immediately countered, “If Jiang Li wasn’t ruthless, she would have definitely been slapped by Bai Guolin by now, and her face would be swollen!”

Shen Mian also smiled mockingly, “Are you wishing Jiang Li to get hit so you can comfort her? I know you boys like ‘gentle and kind’ girls, especially Jiang Ruo’s type.”

The boy quickly retorted, “I don’t like Jiang Ruo, don’t talk nonsense. I just think that Jiang Li looks very different from her usual self when she dislocated Bai Guolin’s arm. The contrast was quite big.”

Another boy chimed in, “I don’t agree. Didn’t Jiang Li knock down the instructor during military training? I was there too, and her moves were very sharp.”

Since the subject teacher hadn’t arrived yet, more and more people joined the chat.

“Fighting with the instructor is sparring, but dislocating Bai Guolin’s arm today, that’s satisfying justice. I think Jiang Li is very cool,” a girl commented.

Tang Rou quickly agreed, “I also think Jiang Li is cool, and she’s not a violent person. I was her roommate back in junior high, and she’s really nice.”

Pang Ju hesitated for a moment, then added softly, “Jiang Li is really nice. Every time I ask her a question, she will answer it patiently, never finding me bothersome. I think she is very gentle.” Most importantly, Jiang Li helped her get rid of the nickname ‘Fatty Ju,’ so how could she not be grateful?

Quickly cornered, the first boy who spoke up grimaced helplessly, “I didn’t think Jiang Li is bad, I just think her face… well, I mean, if only she was a little more gentle…”

Shen Mian interrupted him, “If Jiang Li were a bit gentler, you boys would swarm her like flies. I think it’s better she’s a bit fierce.”

Zhao Qingqing agreed, “Exactly. Compared to Jiang Li, you boys are just so-so. If you tried to pursue her, she would probably be very troubled!”

The boy: …

He decided to just shut up. The more he said, the more mistakes he made. If he tried to explain further, he might provoke public anger!

Because of his dislocated joint, Bai Guolin walked very slowly. Qin Zheng patiently adjusted his pace, always staying not too far or too close, without a word of complaint. However, thinking of what Qin Zheng had just said, Bai Guolin couldn’t stay calm. Almost forgetting his pain, he hesitated for a while before asking, “Aren’t you Miss Ruoruo’s best friend? Why did you help Jiang Li just now?”

Qin Zheng shook his head, “I wasn’t helping Jiang Li, I was just telling the truth.”

Bai Guolin sneered, “You call Jiang Li’s actions self-defense, is that telling the truth?”

Qin Zheng calmly said, “You were the first to make a move, and she was lucky to dodge.”

Bai Guolin knew he couldn’t win an argument with Qin Zheng, who had taken part in debate competitions multiple times, so he changed his approach, “As far as I know, you’re not a person with a strong sense of justice.”

Seeing Qin Zheng silent, Bai Guolin sneered mockingly, “If Miss Ruoruo was Mr. Jiang’s biological daughter, would you still stand with Jiang Li today?”


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