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ATCF Ch 45 Part 3 – Self Defense (III)

Bai Guolin couldn’t openly target Jiang Li, so he resorted to covert tactics. When he heard his deskmate Zhang Qingqing mention Jiang Li playing with a mobile phone in the dorm, he quickly planned to make an anonymous report to the teachers.

If he only reported Jiang Li, the target would be too obvious, and Jiang Li would surely suspect his motives. If she traced it back, she might find out about his father, and that could lead to trouble for Miss Ruoruo. Therefore, Bai Guolin reported both Jiang Li and Wang Simin together. Knowing that the teacher had confiscated their phones, he felt pleased for a while.

Unexpectedly, the homeroom teacher found him quickly and scolded him, saying that he should focus on studying instead of doing meaningless things.

Bai Guolin lowered his head and obediently listened to the scolding. Seeing his good attitude, the homeroom teacher only verbally reprimanded him and didn’t mention involving his parents, allowing him to leave.

After the matter spread out, all the students began to isolate Bai Guolin. Although he felt uncomfortable, he consoled himself: Jiang Li’s phone was confiscated, and she was scolded by the teacher. She must be more upset than him.

But to Bai Guolin’s surprise, in just two or three days, rumors started circulating in the class, saying that he was instructed by Jiang Ruo to target Jiang Li.

Jiang Ruo was, after all, a celebrity, and most people in the class knew about her. When the scandal about the true and fake daughter broke out recently, many students also joined the discussion on Weibo.

However, most of these people were unaware that the top scorer in the entrance exam, Jiang Li, was actually the real daughter of the Jiang family. Bai Guolin, who seemed low-key, was the son of the Jiang family’s assistant.

People were naturally inclined to gossip, and since many didn’t know about Jiang Li’s background, they couldn’t resist speculating.

How could Bai Guolin tolerate others speaking ill of Jiang Ruo? He immediately confronted a boy who had spoken the loudest, “I reported them to the teacher because I couldn’t stand Jiang Li! It has nothing to do with Miss Ruoruo!” Bai Guolin yelled; his eyes red with fury.

Being lifted on the lapel by the tall Bai Guolin, the other boy coughed violently a few times, “Let… let me go…”

Bai Guolin threw him down and then scanned the other guys in the dormitory, threatening fiercely, “Anyone who dares to speak ill of Miss Ruoruo again, I’ll hit them mercilessly.”

With a height of over 1.9 meters and a robust physique, Bai Guolin looked intimidating. Until now, he looked meek and easy to get along with, and even when everyone collectively isolated him, he acted indifferent to any sarcastic remarks in front of him. This led to even the weakest guy in the dormitory daring to challenge Bai Guolin, and today, when they spoke ill of Jiang Ruo, they did it in front of him.

But the scene unfolding before their eyes terrified everyone.

The guy who was thrown to the ground by Bai Guolin a moment ago had an indignant look. Though lying on the ground, his mouth continued to spew words, “Everyone already knows about Jiang Ruo! Even if we stop talking about it because of your threat, others will still say it.”

Bai Guolin glared menacingly, “Who else has spoken ill of Miss Ruoruo?”

The boy crawled up from the ground, rubbing his sore arms and back, “Not only our class talks about it, but those from other classes are also saying it. If you have the guts, go warn them one by one!”

Bai Guolin frowned, “Did Jiang Li tell you all about these things?”

The student snorted, “Jiang Li is a goddess, you think she would talk nonsense with us? If she wanted to say it, she would have done so already. It’s just because Jiang Ruo instigated you to target Jiang Li…”

“Miss Ruoruo has never instigated me!” Bai Guolin loudly interrupted him.

The boy sneered, “Well, let’s assume she never instigated you, but can you swear to the heavens that it’s not because of Jiang Ruo that you went after Jiang Li?”

Bai Guolin remained silent. Although Miss Ruoruo did not instruct him, it was for her that he targeted Jiang Li.

“You said earlier that it wasn’t Jiang Li who revealed these things. But if it wasn’t her, how could you know about this? It’s just another lie to cover up your actions.” Bai Guolin squinted.

The boy didn’t back down, “You and Jiang Ruo dared to do it, so why can’t Jiang Li speak? According to you, if she stands up for herself, she is ‘spouting nonsense.’ What kind of logic is this?”

Bai Guolin grew increasingly agitated, “As I said, this matter has nothing to do with Miss Ruoruo!”

“So when she took over Jiang Li’s identity and told everyone that Jiang Li was an orphan, this also has nothing to do with her?” The boy tried to reason with him.

Bai Guolin was furious, “I’m not going to discuss things with you, but if I hear you speak ill of Miss Ruoruo again, be prepared to spend some time in the hospital!” After saying this, he pushed open the door and stormed out.

“It’s lunch break now; why isn’t he taking a nap? What’s he doing running out alone?” someone muttered.

“Who cares? This guy’s mind isn’t quite normal. Let’s not provoke him again; otherwise, we’ll be the ones to suffer.”

“Exactly. Justice is in the hearts of the people, so let’s stop bothering with him.”

After the lunch break, Jiang Li and her roommates returned to the classroom together. Since junior high school, Jiang Li always sat in the last row and had grown accustomed to that position. So, when she entered high school, she still chose the last row. Every time she entered the classroom, she would use the back door.

However, today, Bai Guolin blocked the classroom’s back door, looking at her with a fierce expression and showing no signs of making way.

Wang Simin frowned. She looked up at Bai Guolin and asked, “Can we pass through?”

Bai Guolin remained motionless, not shifting his gaze away from Jiang Li’s face.

Several boys in the class also realized that something was wrong. Since Bai Guolin was blocking the back door, everyone went around to the front door to see what he was up to and saw Jiang Li standing in front of the tall and strong Bai Guolin, looking very petite in contrast.

“Bai Guolin, that’s enough. What kind of behavior is bullying a girl?” Other students couldn’t help but speak for Jiang Li.

“Yeah, you already went too far when you reported her. Do you really need to cause more troubles?”

“The bell will ring in five minutes. What are you doing blocking the door? When the teacher comes and sees you bullying a girl, your parents will be informed!”

More people tried to persuade him, but Bai Guolin remained unmoved and kept staring at Jiang Li.

Qin Zheng also noticed the commotion at the door. He put down his pen, walked out, and saw the situation. He frowned at Bai Guolin and then turned his gaze to Jiang Li: “Jiang Li, I have a problem with a question. Can you come in and explain it to me?” He gestured with his eyes for Jiang Li to enter through the front door. With so many boys present, even if Bai Guolin wanted to act, everyone wouldn’t just stand by.

Jiang Li naturally understood Qin Zheng’s meaning. She shook her head and said, “We can discuss the question anytime, but I must enter through the back door today.”

Qin Zheng: …

He couldn’t understand why Jiang Li was so stubborn. Wasn’t she afraid that Bai Guolin might become violent?

Although there were rumors that Jiang Li had taken down a military instructor, Qin Zheng hadn’t witnessed it personally, so he wasn’t entirely convinced. Even if it were true, it definitely wasn’t a real match because the instructor couldn’t go all out with a student.

Now Jiang Li was facing Bai Guolin, who couldn’t tolerate any negative words about Ruoruo. If she provoked him, he wouldn’t care that she was a girl.

After a few seconds of silence, Qin Zheng was about to advise Bai Guolin when Jiang Li spoke first.

“Haven’t you heard that a good dog doesn’t block the way? Or are you trying to play the role of a stone lion by blocking the door?” Jiang Li calmly spoke and raised her head to meet Bai Guolin’s gaze.

Seeing her cold eyes, Bai Guolin’s gaze flickered without him knowing it, but he still resolutely blocked the door. “You defamed Miss Ruoruo. I hope you apologize for it. Otherwise, I…”

“Otherwise, you are going to beat me?” Jiang Li asked.

Bai Guolin’s face turned cold. “I’ve said it. I want you to apologize!”

“You want me to apologize to a thief?” Jiang Li inquired.

This instantly infuriated Bai Guolin. He swung his hand to slap Jiang Li, causing everyone around to gasp. Several sturdy boys immediately rushed forward, but Bai Guolin’s actions were too fast, and they couldn’t stop him in time.

Immediately afterward, they heard the sound of bones dislocating and Bai Guolin’s louder howls, like a pig being butchered.

“I think you’re a dangerous person. Keeping one arm will still be troublesome.” Jiang Li’s voice was icy.

The crowd was dumbfounded. Even though they were prepared this time, they still couldn’t see how Jiang Li had made her move. In just an instant, they heard the sound of bones dislocating again, along with Bai Guolin’s higher-pitched screams.

The crowd: …

It turned out that being invincible in the entire school wasn’t just an exaggeration! If they had known that Jiang Li was so formidable, they should have bought a bag of sunflower seeds earlier and enjoyed the show while snacking!

But some people were worried about Jiang Li. Bai Guolin was certainly at fault, so Jiang Li dislocating one of his arms could be justified as self-defense. But disarming both arms…

Um, well, let’s pretend they hadn’t seen anything! Bai Guolin had struck first, so Jiang Li probably had to disarm both his hands for self-defense!


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  1. Its-MachiavellianCheese

    What a twisted individual! There’s no way a normal would react that way just because someone they idolize was criticized or insulted. Or violently assault a woman. He’s demented!

  2. With such an incident, Bai Guolin should be expelled from school, especially since he threatened others speaking ill about Jiang Ruo that he would physically beat them. He needs to be sent to a psychologist or something because he’s seriously delusional and could cause life-threatening harm to others due to his obsessive behavior.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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