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MSRV Ch 126 – New Relationship

Fu Yunruo and Si Yue exchanged a smile as they saw Wenwen’s pout. Si Yue approached, scooped the boy onto his shoulders, and smoothly changed the subject, “How’s your class? Are you adapting well?” The tutors here were not the usual ones from back home, but a different set.

Wenwen humphed. He is so smart, how could he not adapt?

“Well, the chef has made your favorite braised pork trotters tonight. Eat a lot and build up your strength.”

Wenwen retorted annoyedly, “Do you think I’m a three-year-old?” Did they think he’d forget his grievances over some food? They dared to go out and have fun behind his back! Such a great offense!

“Of course not, you’re already a big four-year-old.”

Wenwen corrected, “Four years and seven months!”

“Of course, of course.”

Fu Yunruo, watching their exchange from the side, grew a bit nervous seeing Wenwen sitting on Si Yue’s shoulders, “Is your arm okay?” It hadn’t been long since his injury, and Wenwen wasn’t light.

Wenwen also remembered that Si Yue’s arm wasn’t fully healed. He immediately froze, “Put me down!” He glanced at Fu Yunruo worriedly.

Si Yue nonchalantly assured, “It’s fine.”

“I’ll hold him,” Fu Yunruo extended her arms. Wenwen leaned forward cooperatively and snuggled into his mother’s embrace.

Si Yue reluctantly let go of his son.

After such an interruption, Wenwen totally forgot to interrogate them about their ‘offense.’ He glanced at Si Yue’s arm from time to time, constantly getting nervous whenever Si Yue moved his hand.

Si Yue, meanwhile, enjoyed the attention. He playfully teased Wenwen, amusing himself with the boy’s rich expressions. It was not until Fu Yunruo gave him a look that he reluctantly stopped.

The family of three had a lively dinner together.

Since Fu Yunruo hadn’t spent much time with Wenwen today, she felt apologetic and stayed with him all evening.

Wenwen, feeling contented, generously let bygones be bygones. Since he was busy with classes and couldn’t accompany his mom, then he had no choice but to allow Uncle Yue to do so, lest his mother feel lonely!

Later in the evening, Fu Yunruo stepped out of the bedroom after putting her son to sleep. As she closed the door, she found Si Yue waiting in the corridor, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed.

Si Yue glanced at the closed door, then looked at her with a smile, “Is he asleep?”

Fu Yunruo nodded, tilting her head in curiosity.

Si Yue extended his hand, “Let me take you to a place.”

“It’s quite late…” Despite her protest, Fu Yunruo found herself unable to resist Si Yue’s gentle gaze and finally reached out her hand.

Si Yue pulled Fu Yunruo along, their hands clasped together, and hurried outside.

Worried that Si Yue might exert too much force and hurt his arm, Fu Yunruo followed his lead and matched her pace with him. They rushed up the castle stairs to the top floor, eventually stopping in front of a door.

Waiting for Fu Yunruo to catch her breath, Si Yue instructed, “Close your eyes.”

Fu Yunruo looked at Si Yue, puzzled by his mysterious behavior. Still, after going this far, she might as well follow along until the end, so she closed her eyes.

After confirming Fu Yunruo’s eyes were shut, Si Yue opened the door and carefully led her outside.

Fu Yunruo was tempted to peek, but she patiently waited for Si Yue’s permission. Just when she was about to give in to temptation, she heard: “You can open your eyes now.”

Upon opening her eyes, Fu Yunruo found herself at the center of the castle’s rooftop, standing in the middle of a heart-shaped area. Outside the heart, the rooftop was full of sparkling lights and beautiful fresh flowers. The starry sky above reflected on silver sparks on the ground, creating a stunningly breathtaking scene.

As Fu Yunruo took in the view, Si Yue knelt in front of her on one knee, holding an open, red, exquisite box towards her. “Miss Fu Yunruo, would you be willing to enter a relationship with me with the intention of marriage?”

Fu Yunruo lowered her head and looked at the kneeling Si Yue, meeting his focused and tender gaze. Her cheeks reddened, and her heart raced rapidly. This felt like a marriage proposal, and to her surprise, there was a ring inside the box.

“Who gives a ring just for dating…” she murmured.

Si Yue smiled. He took out the ring, revealing a necklace of the same color underneath, gleaming softly. “I’ll wait for the day you’re willing to marry me,” he said, “then this ring will belong on your finger.”

“Would you be willing to date me?” Si Yue asked again, his voice low and gentle.

Fu Yunruo’s cheeks were hot. It would be a lie to say she wasn’t moved. Surely, she believed no woman could resist Si Yue’s charm. If he had mentioned marriage, she might have hesitated, feeling it was too sudden and not ready yet. But for dating… yes, she was willing.

Finally, under Si Yue’s intense gaze, Fu Yunruo slowly nodded, “Okay.”

Si Yue’s smile widened. He stood up and gently said, “Let me put this on you.”

Fu Yunruo didn’t resist. As Si Yue put the necklace on her, he felt both elation and a slight regret. He was happy that their relationship had taken a significant step forward — they were officially a couple now. His regret was that he had initially wanted to propose directly but eventually reconsidered, thinking it might be too much for Fu Yunruo, so he settled for asking to date. It turned out to be the right move.

“Please take care of me, my girlfriend.”

“And you, my boyfriend.”

The two shared a smile as they absorbed the mesmerizing scenery and atmosphere around them.

The sparks on the ground seemed to last a long time and continued to illuminate the area. The stars above felt so close, almost within reach. It was difficult to see such a night sky in the city. The sound of the waves crashing against the shore was faintly audible, bringing an immense sense of peace and contentment to Fu Yunruo.

Together, the new couple enjoyed the atmosphere to the fullest, relishing the change in their relationship.

“Why don’t we formally introduce Wenwen to Aunt Yun and Uncle?” Fu Yunruo suddenly suggested. Knowing the couple were on the island and eager to see their grandson, she felt it heartless to pretend otherwise.

She hadn’t known Si Yue’s parents very well, but she could feel their sincerity. Despite their power and influence, they hadn’t attempted to take Wenwen away and respected her wishes, and this alone made Fu Yunruo quite fond of them. And seeing how much they adored Wenwen only increased her positive feelings. Setting aside any awkward concerns, she and Si Yue weren’t just dating—they already had a child together.

Hearing her suggestion, Si Yue smiled, “They would be very happy.”

Although they planned to meet, Fu Yunruo knew she needed to discuss it with Wenwen first and get his opinion. So the next day, she broached the subject.

Wenwen had no opinion. At his mother’s proposal, he simply responded, “Sure.” Of course, his priority was still his mother; he was fine with anything as long as she was happy. If Si Yue’s parents didn’t acknowledge his mother, he wouldn’t acknowledge them, either. Still, from the brief interaction they’d had, nothing about the grandparents had made him uncomfortable, so getting to know them better seemed fine.

Fu Yunruo then relayed Wenwen’s approval to Si Yue, leaving the arrangements to him.

Si Yue’s parents were more than ecstatic and would have come immediately if Si Yue hadn’t intervened to set a proper time. Eventually, they decided on 5:30 pm, perfect for sharing dinner together.

At 5 pm, the butler announced the arrival of the old master and the old madam of the Si family.

Fu Yunruo was understandably nervous. How could she not? She was about to meet Si Yue’s parents!

When they finally met in person, Fu Yunruo’s nervousness eased when she met Xie Zhiyun’s kind and friendly gaze. “Aunt Yun,” she greeted, then turned to the tall man next, calling him “Uncle.”

Si Yue’s father surprised Fu Yunruo. The resemblance between father and son was uncanny, as if they were carved from the same mold, only one younger and the other older. Seeing Si Yue’s father gave her a glimpse of what Si Yue might look like in three or four decades.

“Good child,” Xie Zhiyun and Si Zhengze, as eager as they were to meet their grandson, didn’t overlook Fu Yunruo. Both gave her a welcoming gift.

Xie Zhiyun then held Fu Yunruo’s hand warmly, “I liked you the moment I saw you. It seems we are truly fated. You mustn’t distance yourself from me just because I’m Si Yue’s mother.”

Fu Yunruo, somewhat amused and touched, assured, “I won’t.” Before knowing Xie Zhiyun’s identity, Fu Yunruo had hit it off with her, treating each other as close friends after just a few meetings.

After the pleasantries, Fu Yunruo brought Wenwen forward, “This is Wenwen.”

Xie Zhiyun and Si Zhengze’s attention immediately turned to their grandson.

Wenwen didn’t feel nervous and cutely called out, “Grandpa, Grandma!”

“Ah!” Xie Zhiyun’s eyes immediately crinkled with joy, her hands trembling slightly with excitement, “Good child, good boy…”

The couple’s way of expressing their excitement was to shower the child with gifts, which were impossible to refuse.

Si Zhengze was not as expressive as his wife, but seeing that Wenwen wasn’t resistant toward them, he sat beside the child, speaking gently and asking about his interests and studies, occasionally offering praise.

Both grandparents were so smitten by their grandson that they soon forgot about their son and daughter-in-law.

Fu Yunruo and Si Yue sat to the side, holding hands. Si Yue smiled at her as if to say, “See, I wasn’t lying, was I?”

Fu Yunruo felt relieved and chuckled softly. She was now completely assured and no longer worried about Wenwen feeling wronged.

The dinner was filled with laughter. Initially, Fu Yunruo was apprehensive, fearing the Si family might have strict dining etiquette, but her worries proved unfounded.

Si Zhengze and Xie Zhiyun doted on Wenwen, looking at him affectionately and constantly serving him food, almost forgetting their own meal.

At the end of the dinner, Wenwen sighed with a mix of joy and concern, his belly rounded nicely. Alas, what if he gained weight again?


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