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ATCF Ch 6 Part 2 – I Was Just Kidding (II)

Jiang Zhou’s eyes widened in anger, “You…”

“I think what you need to worry about now is whether he is willing to keep it a secret or not.” Jiang Li moved her gaze at a banyan tree not far away.

Jiang Zhou frowned, “What do you mean?”

Jiang Li still looked at the banyan tree, “Are you going to keep watching the show?”

Hearing this, Jiang Zhou’s expression changed drastically. He quickly rushed to the banyan tree and was about to go around behind the tree to catch the eavesdropper when Tong Yi, carrying a very small laptop, stuck out his head from behind the tree.

Jiang Zhou was surprised: “Why are you here?”

Tong Yi leaned lazily against the trunk of the banyan tree, “Why not?”

Jiang Zhou sneered, “I never imagined that the former child prodigy Tong Yi would become a despicable person who likes to eavesdrop on others.”

Tong Yi gave Jiang Zhou a light glance and said in surprise: “This grove was owned by your Jiang family?”

Jiang Zhou: …

“If you don’t want others to overhear your secret little talk, you shouldn’t come to the grove. There are too many places for people to hide, alright?” Although Tong Yi was talking to Jiang Zhou, his eyes were fixed on Jiang Li, and his words seemed to be his reminder to her.

Jiang Li stared at Tong Yi, “You should have guessed it long ago?”

Tong Yi was stunned, “You know?”

Jiang Li shook her head, “I’m just guessing, but not sure.”

Tong Yi shrugged and said with a smile, “Actually, I also only guessed it before, and your conversation just now confirmed my guess.”

Seeing the two chatting without caring about his presence, Jiang Zhou couldn’t stand it anymore. He glared at Jiang Li and said coldly: “You actually told Tong Yi?”

Tong Yi looked at Jiang Zhou with the same gaze as looking at an idiot: “Such an obvious thing. Do I still need her to tell me?”

Jiang Zhou: …

“Your Jiang family already has a son and a daughter, but suddenly went to the orphanage to adopt a child. Many people speculated that she was your father’s illegitimate daughter. You should know about it, right?” Tong Yi turned his gaze to Jiang Li, “However, she doesn’t look like your father, but rather like Third Master Feng.”

If Jiang Li got along harmoniously with the Jiang family’s two siblings, Tong Yi might believe that the good relationship was the reason why the Jiang family chose to adopt her. After all, the family had enough money, so it was not a big deal to adopt a child who was not related to them.

But Jiang Li didn’t get along well with the Jiang family. Jiang Ruo’s behavior during the homeroom was too suspicious in Tong Yi’s eyes. At first glance, it was clear that she was very wary of Jiang Li. Jiang Zhou’s helpless and furious look just now also showed that Jiang Li was holding his weakness. Most importantly, Jiang Li’s appearance and behavior seemed to be a copy of Feng Qi.

If Tong Yi was just speculating before, he was 100% sure now.

Hearing Tong Yi’s words, Jiang Zhou’s face sank. He really didn’t notice that Jiang Li and Feng Qi looked alike before, but after Tong Yi’s reminder, how could he fail to see it.

But it wasn’t like this before!

In fact, when Jiang Zhou first knew about Jiang Li’s existence, he asked someone to investigate and even personally went to observe her in secret. Finding that Jiang Li was introverted and had a self-inferiority complex despite her good grades, he was relieved. Jiang Li always wore thick bangs on her face and her back was slightly hunched. When speaking, she always kept her head down, as if trying to reduce his sense of existence. Such a person would not pose any threat to Ruoruo at all, so Jiang Zhou did not stop his parents from taking Jiang Li home.

But when Jiang Li arrived at the Jiang family, Jiang Zhou discovered that her back was straight, her aura was strong, and there was no trace of past self-inferiority on her. If Jiang Zhou was not a staunch believer in science, he couldn’t help but wonder if Jiang Li was possessed!

Jiang Zhou knew that it was easier to invite the devil in than to send him away, but he was naturally self-confident and thought that as long as he looked after them carefully, Jiang Li would not have a chance to harm Ruoruo. However, in the two confrontations he had with Jiang Li, Jiang Zhou found that he was actually at a disadvantage, and now she had even involved Tong Yi, this god of plague.

Jiang Zhou and Tong Yi were of the same age, but the former had always been crushed by the latter throughout their childhood. What Jiang Zhou couldn’t stand the most was hearing praises about Tong Yi everywhere. As long as Tong Yi, this child prodigy, existed, he would always be just a foil.

It could be said that the person Jiang Zhou hated most in his life was Tong Yi. Even if the current Tong Yi had regressed into a delinquent who only knew to skip class and fight, he was still unable to let go of past grudges.

Therefore, facing Tong Yi’s ridicule, Jiang Zhou refused to lose momentum and looked at him with a mocking face: “I don’t understand what you are talking about, but even if you go around and talk nonsense everywhere, no one will believe it. After all, no one would believe the words of a delinquent!”

Tong Yi chuckled and shook his head, “She doesn’t want to have anything to do with your Jiang family, so I’ll keep my mouth shut for her. Are you satisfied now?”

Tong Yi then walked to Jiang Li, “Let’s go. Or do you prefer staying here and becoming mosquitoes’ feeder?”

Jiang Li left with Tong Yi without hesitation. Jiang Zhou, who was left behind, glared at their departing backs and clenched his fists in anger.

In the past, Tong Yi was a genius admired by many people, but he was humble and polite to everyone. Now, Tong Yi had obviously been beaten back into the mud, but he was so arrogant instead.

The one thing that stayed consistent was: no matter which Tong Yi it was, Jiang Zhou still hated him very much.


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