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ATCF Ch 8 Part 2 – Tripped on the P.E. Exam (II)

After the run, Jiang Li slowly dragged her severely exhausted body to the edge of the running track. She was about to sit down on the ground and rest for a while when Tong Yi’s voice suddenly came, “Don’t stop moving suddenly after a strenuous exercise. You may pass out.” The boy passed the bottle in his hand, “Drink this first, and take a slow walk.”

Jiang Li took the bottle of sports drink from Tong Yi’s hand, unscrewed the cap, and took a few sips. Feeling slightly refreshed, she started walking slowly along the periphery of the race track.

Tong Yi walked with her, asking curiously, “Have you never done physical training in your former school?”

Jiang Li weighed her answer for a while before answering truthfully, “They did train us, but I never participated much.” In the real world, Jiang Li’s sickly body prevented her from doing any slightly strenuous activities, so she naturally had never done this kind of sport.

As for this body’s original owner, the original Jiang Li was not that gifted in her study, so she needed to pour a lot more effort into obtaining scholarships. The result was that she spent most of her time studying and neglecting her physical exercise. Fortunately, ‘Jiang Li’s’ physical fitness was innately good. Even if she didn’t participate much in physical exercise, she still got good results in P.E.

Tong Yi recalled how zealous Jiang Li was when doing question banks and frowned: “Although studying is important, moderate exercise is necessary. You are too weak.”

Jiang Li glanced at Tong Yi’s sturdy forearm and nodded in agreement. She not only had to exercise well, but also learned some necessary self-defense for emergency situations.

The two walked together for a distance when Tong Yi suddenly asked again, “Shen Mian tripped you on purpose just now. Are you going to let her go?”

Jiang Li was taken aback, “Did you see that?”

Tong Yi nodded, “I think you wouldn’t let her go.”

Jiang Li couldn’t help laughing, “Indeed. You know me quite well.”

Jiang Li hadn’t seen clearly who tripped her just now. Although she guessed that the person was Shen Mian, she could only temporarily put the matter aside because of the lack of evidence.

Tong Yi pointed at a surveillance camera, “Actually, you can raise a complaint to the P.E. teacher and ask Hades Li to check the surveillance record. With enough evidence of sabotaging, you can apply for a retest.”

Jiang Li shook her head, “I’m worried that the faculty will claim that the camera was broken in order to preserve the school’s reputation.”

Tong Yi chuckled, “You are thinking too much. Hades Li has always hated foul plays, and he is someone who cannot tolerate single sand in his eyes. Trust me, he won’t turn a blind eye.”

Jiang Li stared at Tong Yi and said sincerely, “Thank you for telling me this.”

Tong Yi shrugged and said indifferently, “It’s not a big deal.”

The reason why he was willing to take care of Jiang Li was mostly because of Third Master Feng. Jiang Li was Third Master Feng’s biological niece, and Tong Yi occasionally saw that person’s personality in Jiang Li.

The figures of Tong Yi and Jiang Li walking side by side along the periphery of the race track attracted the attention of many students, including Jiang Ruo and Shen Mian. Jiang Ruo’s physical fitness was not very good, so she applied to be exempted from the P.E. exam. However, she still came to the exam site today to cheer and give water to her good friends.

Shen Mian looked at the two’s back figures and curled her lips in disdain, “I really don’t understand what kind of bewitchment that orphan is using on Tong Yi. How come that Tong Yi is willing to lower herself to bring her water?”

Hearing Shen Mian’s mockery, Jiang Ruo’s gaze sunk. Tong Yi was a delinquent now, but in the past, he was the dazzling star of their generation. After becoming rebellious, he hardly paid attention to the students in the school, including his fellow classmates. Yet, that same Tong Yi was very attentive to Jiang Li.

Is Jiang Li… really that special?

Seeing Jiang Ruo in a daze, Shen Mian gently tugged off her sleeve and whispered, “When I was doing the run just now, I deliberately tripped over that orphan. She must be depressed now, having failed to get a full score!”

Jiang Ruo’s expression suddenly changed, “You… did you trip her on purpose just now?”

Shen Mian nodded triumphantly, “Yes! It’s a pity that she didn’t fall into dog shit. It should be funny.”

Jiang Ruo frowned, “You shouldn’t do this. If the teachers know, you will be punished.”

Shen Mian scowled, “No worry. Don’t you see how that orphan didn’t do anything after the run? Maybe she thought she was unlucky.”

“But there are surveillance cameras on the race track. If she goes to the surveillance room to check the records, you will be finished.” Jiang Ruo said worriedly.

Hearing this, Shen Mian also began to feel worried, but she quickly calmed down, “She must not have realized that I tripped her on purpose; otherwise, she would have come to confront me.”

Jiang Li was not even afraid of the dorm teacher. If she truly had a doubt, she would definitely make a fuss at the finish line, demanding the school punish the culprit that tripped her and allow her to retake the exam.

Jiang Ruo sighed, “Just in case, you should quickly find a way to delete the record!” She knew it was Shen Mian’s fault, but the milk had spilled and nothing could be done about it. Fortunately, Jiang Li’s score was good, so the penalty points did not affect her much. But if Director Li had known about this matter, Shen Mian wouldn’t end up losing just two points, which was why Jiang Ruo reminded her to delete the surveillance video.

Shen Mian nodded, “Then let’s go to the surveillance room now. If I say that I lost my wallet, the teacher will definitely let us watch the video slowly, and we can find a chance to delete that particular record.”

Jiang Ruo hesitated: “But I have to go to the high school division to see my brother. I’ve promised him first.”

“Well then, it seems that I have to go by myself.” Shen Mian said sullenly.

As long as the surveillance video was deleted, Jiang Li wouldn’t be able to do anything, no matter how much ruckus she made.

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