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DDDV Ch 107 Part 1 – Preparing to Move (I)

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The moment a sword was about to fall on Xiao Wu, Li Mu rushed out without thinking.

Seeing Li Mu running out so recklessly, Qianqian shouted anxiously, “A’mu, run!”

But Li Mu stood still. When he saw the lifeless corpse of the granny and the countless bruises and injuries on his fellow, he hated himself for arriving too late.

“Li Chengze, let them go! You can do anything you want to me.” The guards whom Li Chengze brought this time were all high-level. Li Mu knew they couldn’t escape and seemed resigned to his fate.

Secretly, however, he was already determined — even if he was to die, he would drag Li Chengze with him!

“I’ve changed my mind. I think you will suffer more if I kill them before your eyes… don’t you agree?” Li Chengze smiled cruelly.

That one sentence aroused the biggest killing intent in Li Mu’s life, “Li, Cheng, Ze!” He rushed over quickly, trying to take Li Chengze hostage. But the two Inedia-level guards easily intercepted him.

Li Mu’s limbs were quickly broken, and he was thrown to the ground.

“I want you to watch how they die, one by one.”

“I will never spare you!” Li Mu’s eyes were bloodshot, he wanted to resist, but he couldn’t move.

“Haha… then this Young Master will see what you are capable of.” Li Chengze chuckled in amusement.

He then ordered the guards to drag a boy out.

The boy wasn’t going to go down without resistance. As the guard grabbed his clothes, he quickly bit his hand until it bled.

“Son of a bitch! You are courting death!”



The sword was raised high, but the sharp blade was suddenly broken into countless pieces before it could swing down.

Before the two Inedia guards had time to react, they and the rest of the men, along with Li Chengze himself, were blown away by a gust of heavy wind. They slammed into a gigantic tree trunk and fell to the ground, just like a group of swatted flies.

“You cannot be a bully.” A child’s clear and high voice sounded, followed by the appearance of a cute little dumpling in red. Next to her, a man who looked like a guard stood silently.

When Li Mu, Qianqian, and the others saw the little dumpling, their eyes lit up.

Li Chengze was injured by the shock and coughed up blood as he fell to the ground. When he looked around and saw that the two Inedia cultivators he specially brought had also been thrown miserably, fear finally flashed in his eyes.

“Excuse me, there’s a misunderstanding here. I’m from the Ye City’s Li family.” Unable to stand up, Li Chengze tried hard to gather his breath. “If it’s convenient, why don’t you follow us back to Ye City and clear up this misunderstanding?”

Li Chengze hid a murderous intent in his heart. This was the second time he was obstructed when trying to kill Li Mu. Previously, an unknown person meddled in his business and ruined his day, so he specially brought two experts with him this time. Unexpectedly, another busybody appeared.

Just some lowly mixed-blood, why would they be so nosy?

“There is no misunderstanding. You are a bad person.” Lu Yaoyao said in a trembling voice. Fortunately, she impulsively decided to take a detour and pay A’Mu and the others a visit. Otherwise, they would be doomed today!

Lu Yaoyao saw the corpse on the ground and knew she was still a step late, so she glared at Li Chengze with unabashed disgust.

“Sister Qianqian, are you all right?” Lu Yaoyao said concernedly. The granny was already lifeless on the ground, while three others were heavily injured and unconscious. The rest were also in a miserable state with injuries all over. She quickly ran over, gave them medicine, and helped bandage their wounds.

As soon as the medicine was administered, the three unconscious individuals started to show signs of improvement. Their pale complexions gradually regained color, while the wounds began to clot and close up after being sprinkled with the healing powder.

Lu Yaoyao sighed in relief. Thankfully, she managed to get them in time.

“Yaoyao…” Li Mu still remembered the sunny and lovely girl. This was the second time she had rescued them, but the situation didn’t allow for a heartfelt reunion. After hastily thanking her, he took the medicine and began treating Xiaohu and the others.

“Excuse me. This one is the eldest young master of the Ye City’s Li family. May I ask who Fellow Daoist is?” Unable to stand up, Li Chengze looked towards the tall man who had remained silent, feeling extremely wary inside. “I have a feud against these low-bloods,” his tone lowered, “Fellow Daoist, please don’t be fooled. Mixed races are very cunning and good at feigning weakness…”

Li Chengze thought the man was in charge, but he had no idea that the little girl actually called the shot here.

Hearing his justification, Lu Yaoyao raised her head in dissatisfaction, “What kind of feud can make you massacre a group of children?”

Li Mu said coldly: “There are no such things. He simply cannot stand my existence and wants to kill me. The rest are just implicated by me.”

“Just some half-demon creatures…” Li Chengze shrugged dismissively. To him, these lowly beings were nothing but playthings to be killed at will. But before he could utter another word, one of his guards interrupted him in a panic, pleading, “Please, Fellow Daoist, spare us. We will leave at once.”

The guard’s face was ashen. His Inedia stage cultivation base was totally useless in front of the man, yet Young Master still spoke so provocatively even after the other party clearly showed their intention to protect the mixed races. The guard had some sense left and was worried they wouldn’t be able to protect Young Master if they angered the other party.

“Big Brother, they are bad people.” Even after knowing their cruelty, Lu Yaoyao couldn’t bring herself to condemn them to death. Yet, as she once again looked at the sight of the miserable people, she knew she couldn’t let those people go easily. The critically injured kids were still so young — and when she first arrived, the leader of the group was threatening to torture and kill A’mu’s comrades in front of his eyes.

This kind of cruelty must never go unpunished, but what should she do?

Lu Yaoyao suddenly remembered the strange dream she had here the last time. Could it be the A’mu in the dream turned like that because of today’s tragedy?

As Lu Yaoyao was deep in thought, the other guard tried to launch an attack but was easily swatted by Yaqing. After coughing up blood, his eyes rolled, and he fainted.

When Lu Yaoyao saw this, she turned angry, “Big Brother! Go and teach them a good lesson!” She yelled.

Yaqing replied calmly, “Yes.” Ignoring their plea for mercy, he threw Li Chengze and his men into a distance before leaping out of sight.

Now that the enemies were gone, Lu Yaoyao helped Li Mu and the least injured Qianqian to carefully lift the unconscious kids into one of the few remaining tree caverns.

“Granny…” Qianqian’s arm was also slashed and was barely treated with a crude bandage. Tears fell down as she saw the corpse of the half-demon granny who had always protected them. Keeping her best to stay strong, she and A’Mu buried the granny together.

The atmosphere was gloomy and tragic, and Lu Yaoyao didn’t know how to comfort them.

Soon after, Yaqing returned, “This sub—… I have abolished them.”

“Abolished?” Lu Yaoyao glanced at the group of wounded kids. Well, abolishing their cultivation was good enough, not much different from killing them directly. Whether they could leave the misty forest alive and return safely was up to their fate.

Upon hearing this, Li Mu’s eyes flickered, and his gaze slowly turned dark.


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  1. I had completely forgotten about the dream she had back then! It’s good she can prevent it from happening, but I’m sure Li Mu will still enter the Misty Forest to kill them. It’s better to permanently remove Li Chengze because even if he doesn’t have his cultivation, he can still get his father to exact revenge for him against them. On a side note, I’m curious what the opportunity was in the Misty Forest and how much it’ll change Li Mu’s current cultivation realm.
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