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DDDV Ch 106 – The Misty Forest

The misty forest was shrouded in dense foliage that blocked out the sun all year round, leaving a thick layer of dead branches and leaves on the ground. The ever-present miasma made the environment inhospitable and a breeding ground for poisonous creatures. The thick miasma also prevented spiritual plants and animals from growing, and prolonged exposure could have detrimental effects on human health. Consequently, locals seldom ventured into the forest unless it was absolutely necessary. Nevertheless, today the misty forest saw many unexpected visitors.

Accompanied by two skilled family guards and a dozen servants, Li Chengze strode forward with an air of aggression. A skinny man resembling a monkey led the way, nodding and bowing deferentially, “Young Master, it’s just up ahead.”

“Don’t let them escape!”

“No, of course, no…”

Li Chengze was the legitimate eldest son of Ye City’s prominent Li family. For years, he had been in love with a cousin’s sister from his mother’s clan. He finally received his father’s permission to propose to her, but her family declined his proposal and instead arranged for her to marry another young master from a powerful family. That family was as powerful as the Li family, and the young master was even more talented in cultivation, surpassing Li Chengze by several realms. Needless to say, there was nothing he could do to prevent this marriage.

Seething with rage, Li Chengze was convinced that Li Mu was to blame for everything. His cousin had always tactfully expressed her rejection of him, citing his narrow-mindedness and bad temper as the reasons for her dislike and claiming he was not a good match for her. But Li Chengze attributed his cousin’s rejection to be Li Mu’s fault. If it weren’t for that half-demon bastard, how could his cousin misunderstand him?

Li Chengze couldn’t wait to vent his anger, but Li Mu had never returned to the Li mansion since his last visit. As a result, Li Chengze had to spend a great deal of effort to track Li Mu’s whereabouts in the Misty Forest. The anger accumulated in Li Chengze’s heart continued to burn over time. He regretted not being ruthless enough and eliminating Li Mu earlier to avoid future problems. When he finally learned of Li Mu’s location, Li Chengze immediately gathered his men and headed into the forest.

This time, he was determined to kill Li Mu once and for all to solve the hatred in his heart.

That bastard should have died a long time ago, along with that lowly demon mother of his!

The group quickly found the hidden settlement inside the mountain col. Looking at the peaceful scenery before his eyes, Li Chengze was full of resentment, “Drag them out!”

The arrival of the uninvited guests threw the mixed races into a panic. They quickly scrambled to take up arms to defend their home, but their low cultivation bases were no match to the people brought by Li Chengze. Soon they were all apprehended, and the mixed races, many of them barely teenagers, could only watch in despair as Li Chengze’s men destroyed the wooden houses and tree caverns that were their home.

A group of adolescents, boys, and girls alike, huddled together with bruises covering their bodies, saying nothing. Only their eyes showed fury at the destruction of their home.

Li Chengze looked around, “Where’s Li Mu?” Did that bastard run away?

Qianqian shielded the little ones behind her and coldly glared at Li Chengze. She remembered this person; it was he who had harmed A’Mu whenever he came back covered in wounds.

“The young master is asking; quickly answer!” shouted a guard on the side.

“Playing dead, huh?” Li Chengze gazed condescendingly at the group of mixed races as if looking at a pile of dirty trash.

Hah! Lowly beings are indeed lowly beings. They are all the same rats in the gutter. Utterly disgusting!

Qianqian remained silent. In her arms was the unconscious Xiaohu, who had been slashed in the abdomen and was still bleeding.

Li Chengze’s hostility couldn’t be contained. He was here for only one purpose: to find Li Mu and torture him to vent his pent-up frustration. He had come all the way but failed to find his target, and now these dirty mixed races had angered him again.

“Still silent? Alright. You guys, go and teach them a lesson. Don’t stop until they are willing to speak!”

“Yes!” A guard walked up menacingly.

Seeing this, the only elderly in the group, a half-demon woman, stood up tremblingly, “Please forgive them, Young Master. They really don’t know where A’Mu is.”

“Granny!” Qianqian shouted. She glared at Li Chengze angrily, “What are you doing here? A’mu has already left the Li family; what else are you dissatisfied with?”

“Of course, I’m still dissatisfied.” Li Chengze grinned cruelly, “Only his blood can vent my hatred.”

The half-demon granny hurriedly said: “A’mu went to the depths of the misty forest yesterday, sensing his fated opportunity. He will not come back for at least a month.”

“Granny!” Qianqian shouted in disbelief. The half-demon granny shook her head, “I beg Young Master to let these kids go. If you want to vent your anger, you can take this old life of mine.”

A sword swung by. The next instant, blood splattered, and the half-demon granny fell down, her eyes slowly closed.

“Granny!” They cried in disbelief. They rushed forward and hugged the bloodied corpse. The mixed-race children, who didn’t even grimace when they got beaten, were now crying sadly.

Li Chengze rubbed the cold tip of the blade with his fingertips, “Stupid old woman. You think this Young Master wouldn’t dare to do it?”

“You bastard!” A half-devil boy rushed over in anger.

“Xiao Wu, no!” Qianqian yelled. In front of an absolute difference in power, any resistance was futile. It was suicidal for them to anger their opponents!

Li Chengze’s eyes glinted with bloodthirstiness. Very good. Before Li Mu returned, let’s use these lowly things to pass the time!

“Stop!” Li Mu’s figure suddenly rushed in and jumped in front of Li Chengze. His eyes were bloodshot, “Let them go! It’s me you’re looking for!”

Seeing Li Mu, Li Chengze’s lips curled up into a bloodthirsty smile, “You finally appeared? Very good.”

A few days ago, Li Mu went into the misty forest to forage for food when a strange feeling suddenly came to him. For some reason, he felt that something in the depth of the forest was calling for him, and his instinct told him that it was his fated opportunity. Li Mu wanted to go, but he didn’t know how long it would take him, and the little ones back home were still waiting for him to bring food back. There was some hesitation, but Li Mu finally decided to deliver the food first. After informing Qianqian and the others, he quickly departed again to the direction his instinct told him.

On the way, his eyelids kept twitching. A bad premonition came inexplicably. Li Mu hadn’t found his fated opportunity yet, but he couldn’t stand it anymore and turned back to rush home. Even from a distance, he could already see enemies attacking their village. His eyes turned red with anger as he ran as fast as he could, and his fury only intensified once he saw Li Chengze.

The moment a sword was about to fall on Xiao Wu, Li Mu rushed out without thinking.

Seeing Li Mu running out so recklessly, Qianqian shouted anxiously, “A’mu, run!”


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  1. How stupid is he that he actually doesn’t think he isn’t narrow-minded and cruel? Just based on his current actions, he should be able to see the truth, lol. Hopefully Lu Yaoyao gets there in time to protect them and kill the vile Li Chengze.
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