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DDDV Ch 107 Part 2 – Preparing to Move (II)

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Lu Yaoyao stayed in the village for a while, actively helping where they needed help. During this time, she learned a lot about the hardship faced by mixed races. She was horrified by their stories. Those whose blood was mixed with that of the other races were not tolerated. No place in the Three Realms welcomed them, and they could only survive by living in the corner, far from hostile eyes. Even if they distanced themselves and minded their own business, they could still be killed at whim, and no one would uphold justice for them.

This was the dark side of the world Lu Yaoyao had never encountered in her sheltered life. Even in her previous brief encounters, she didn’t have much understanding. Only now did she grasp the true horror behind those seemingly weightless words.

Lu Yaoyao knew that her Father might be a human race. What remained now was just a final confirmation.

If this was true, then she was also a half-devil, half-human mixed race.

If her identity was revealed, would she also meet the same treatment?

After burying the granny and settling the injured little ones, Qianqian knelt in front of Lu Yaoyao and kowtowed, “Thank you for saving our lives! We will repay you for your great kindness!”

Seeing Qianqian kneeling, Lu Yaoyao rushed over to help her up, but the other party remained unbudging, “Sister Qianqian, don’t do this to me. We’re friends,” she pleaded.

The little dumpling was so anxious that her nose was sweating. “Okay, you are our friend and life-saving benefactor,” Qianqian stood up.

Lu Yaoyao sighed in relief. As long as she didn’t continue kneeling!

Qianqian noticed Lu Yaoyao was reluctant to continue this topic, so she didn’t say more. She glanced at the handsome man who stood silently like a shadow behind Lu Yaoyao and, after some hesitation, inquired, “Where is the person from last time?”

“Brother Yuanyuan?” Lu Yaoyao tilted her head, “He’s back home. This is my other brother.”

Speaking of Brother Yuanyuan, Lu Yaoyao was reminded that it had been a while since their last contact. In the meantime, she and Xiao Si had exchanged letters several times, but Brother Yuanyuan’s reply still hadn’t arrived. What was he doing now?

Qianqian nodded and hid her confusion in silence. As far as she could tell, this person did not look like a brother but more like a bodyguard.

“By the way, Sister Qianqian, what are your plans after this?”

Qianqian smiled bitterly, “We can no longer stay here, so we will move soon.” She glanced at the wounded and exhausted kids, feeling anxious inside. Staying behind was not an option, but she didn’t know where they could go.

“It’s a good idea to move on. This is not a place to settle down permanently.” The village was built on a relatively hidden mountain depression within the misty forest. Naturally, there was a lot of miasma around, which was detrimental to the health.

Not long after, Li Mu, who had slipped out at some point, returned. His face was extremely cold, and it took a while before he slowly warmed up again.

Yaqing gave the boy a slight glance but soon retracted his gaze and remained silent on his post behind Lu Yaoyao.

“You have harmed the eldest son of the Li family. They won’t let you off, so depart immediately.” Li Mu warned in a severe tone.

“He is right. We cannot afford to offend Li’s family, so don’t get into trouble for us.” Qianqian was also anxious. “The Ye City is the home turf for the Li family. One of their ancestors is now the elder of the Wentian Sect. Those who offend them won’t end well.”

Wentian Sect? This was the second time Lu Yaoyao had heard of this name. The already bad perception she had about them now fell down several degrees. That degenerate heir of the Wentian Sect leader abused his power to bully weak girls, and now the family of their elder had such bad characters. They were simply the scourge of the cultivation world!

Lu Yaoyao puffed her cheeks and declared loudly, “I’m not afraid of them!” Her Daddy is the Devil Venerable!

Li Mu’s eyes glinted, and he seemed like he wanted to say something, but eventually hesitated and didn’t speak. He clenched his fist tightly, silently vowing to take revenge one day.

“We have to pack up and leave.” He finally said.

Qianqian nodded. They were also discussing this just now.

Seeing the two start weighing their options, Lu Yaoyao hesitated for a moment, “If you have nowhere to go, I have a suggestion.”

Li Mu and Qianqian turned their heads quickly.

“It’s a very remote place. The people living there are mostly half and mixed blood. There is no discrimination, and everyone lives peacefully under the common law…”

Qianqian grabbed Lu Yaoyao’s shoulder excitedly, “Is there really such a place? Where is it?”

“It’s just that the environment there is presently quite harsh,” Lu Yaoyao explained. That was the biggest minus point of the Abyss. The environment of the misty forest was already bad enough, but the Abyss was several times worse.

“We’ve never heard of such a place.” Li Mu’s gaze probed.

“Only insiders know.” Lu Yaoyao said. It was the territory she and Brother Yuanyuan built together two years ago.

“We want to go!” Qianqian’s voice raised several levels, unable to contain her excitement. She didn’t even pause to doubt whether such a dream-like place truly existed.

No discrimination… They could live freely and no longer have to hide like mice in the gutters? What a paradise!

“But this place is relatively hidden, and the entrance is temporarily unpassable for now.” The passageway that opened into the Abyss had not been stabilized yet. Lu Yaoyao herself didn’t dare to enter, so how could she send others in?

Qianqian’s eyes dimmed.

“But there is still a chance. I only need to gather some items first.” Since Lu Yaoyao had decided to lend them her hands, she simply helped to the end. “Big Brother, is there any place for them to live temporarily?” She looked up at Yaqing, and her eyes sparkled. If A’Mu and the others eventually settled down in Abyss, they would be her and Brother Yuanyuan’s subjects. She naturally had the duty to protect them!

Yaqing nodded.

Lu Yaoyao felt relieved. In fact, there was another way, which was to get rid of the Li family. But this alternative was too much a hassle and carried the risk of attracting the attention of the Wentian Sect. Lu Yaoyao was in a hurry to reach Guiyuan Sect and had no time to deal with these troubles.

Therefore, before the Li family came to seek revenge, Lu Yaoyao ensured that Yaqing had hidden them all and wouldn’t be discovered by the Li family. Once they were safe, Lu Yaoyao immediately departed with Yaqing, so she was unaware that Li Mu had left Yaqing’s protective array shortly after they were gone…


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  1. Hopefully Lu Yaoyao can find the necessary items to open a passageway to the Abyss. I’m sure by the time she’s able to travel back there, the environment of the Abyss would have greatly improved. As for Li Mu, even though the worst situation was prevented by Lu Yaoyao, unfortunately he’s still bent on revenge, so he’ll probably still walk the path she saw in her dream.
    Thanks for another great chapter! 😀

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