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DDDV Ch 112 Part 1 – Missed Out (I)

Lu Junyang looked at the little girl in his arms. Her eyes were clear and sparkling, fixed on him with a hint of innocence. Her small, delicate body felt tender and fragrant. Reluctant to let go, he decided to ask directly, “Little girl, where is your home? Should I send you back?”

“My name is Lu Yaoyao, Lu from the word ‘continent’ and Yaoyao from the phrase ‘peach blossoms are beautiful.’” Lu Yaoyao didn’t struggle. She sat firmly and said, “I came out to play. I know the way back home. Brother, what is your name?”

“My name is Lu Junyang. The surname Lu is just like yours, Jun from the word ‘gentleman,’ and the ‘flying’ yang.”

“Brother Junyang.” Lu Yaoyao sweetly called out, “Your surname is Lu, my surname is also Lu. We must be destined! No wonder I feel so close to you at first glance, maybe our ancestors are one family!”

Lu Junyang chuckled amusedly. Since the little girl was not in a hurry to go home, he took her into the shop’s backyard. Once he put the little girl down, the surrounding suddenly became calm and tranquil again.

Lu Yaoyao sat on a chair, only revealing her small, bright head. She sat upright, happily swinging her short legs back and forth.

“I declined the apology from the sister earlier on your behalf, and now I’ll make it up to you,” Lu Junyang handed Lu Yaoyao a jade pendant no less exquisite than the previous one.

“Thank you, Brother Junyang, but I don’t want you to compensate me. I know you’re doing it for my own good.” In Brother Junyang’s eyes, she was just a vulnerable and helpless child. Receiving such a valuable jade pendant in front of everyone might attract ill intentions toward her. It could easily lead to trouble, not to mention she also didn’t want to receive things for nothing.

Lu Junyang didn’t expect the little girl to be so insightful. He chuckled lightly, took back the jade pendant, and then pulled out a fruit. “Then, let Brother treats you.” The fruit had a faint spiritual aura, suitable even for mortals. Judging from the little girl’s intelligence, he speculated that she might have an excellent aptitude for cultivation, so this fruit would be beneficial to her.

This time, Lu Yaoyao didn’t refuse. “Thank you, Brother Junyang.” She immediately took a bite, and the abundant, sweet juice filled her mouth. Tilting her head back, she sweetly smiled and said, “It’s delicious.”

Lu Junyang chuckled lightly. “I’m glad you like it.” He gently ruffled her head.

In a gesture of reciprocity, Lu Yaoyao retrieved a packet of oil paper from her pouch. “Please have some, Brother Junyang.” It was something she had deliberately saved, a favorite snack of hers!

Lu Junyang accepted it, “Thank you, Yaoyao.”

Lu Yaoyao remembered the injured young lady just now, and asked, “Where is that sister?”

Lu Junyang led her through a wide-open door, and Lu Yaoyao looked up to see the woman in white standing up.

“Sister, your foot is healed!” Lu Yaoyao was thrilled.

The white-dressed woman took a few steps, nodded with a smile toward Lu Yaoyao, and then looked at Shopkeeper Zhang. “Thank you.”

As the one in charge of Danxin Hall, Shopkeeper Zhang was well-versed in medicine. He could easily take care of ordinary people’s common ailments and minor pains. By using herbal concoction to massage the woman’s ankle and supplementing it with a pill, her injury improved within moments.

She then turned to Lu Junyang. “Thank you as well, Young Master.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Meeting like this is destiny. I’m called Chao Muxue. May I know your names, please?”

“I am Lu Junyang.”

“I’m Lu Yaoyao.” Lu Yaoyao followed closely, quickly followed, looking up at Chao Muxue and speaking in a sweet and childish voice, “Muxue, you are so beautiful.”

Chao Muxue laughed, “Yaoyao is also very beautiful.”

Lu Yaoyao blushed at the praise, her big eyes sparkling. She was delighted to meet someone of the same age who hit it off right away.

The two had endless topics to chat about.

Lu Junyang listened with a smile for a while before speaking up, “If you don’t have any other plans, feel free to play here. I’ll go take care of some tasks.”

He was here for official business today. The Danxin Hall sold Guiyuan-produced pills to the public and also handled purchases of medicinal materials, which they delivered to the sect at the beginning of each month. Not long ago, the Danxin Hall procured a few rare spiritual plants. Lu Junyang was tasked with fetching the materials ahead of schedule and delivering some finished pills by the way.

Lu Yaoyao and Chao Muxue settled themselves in the cozy pavilion within the courtyard. Lu Yaoyao’s curiosity sparked as she asked, “Muxue, are you a resident of Tianyan City?”

Chao Muxue shook her head, “I’m here to participate in Guiyuan Sect’s entry trial.”

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes lit up, “Me too.”

“Ah?” Chao Muxue was surprised. She looked at Lu Yaoyao’s small body, and hesitated for a while, “Are you over eight years old?”

Lu Yaoyao patted her small chest, “Of course!” She then lowered her voice and said mysteriously, “Maybe I’m even older than you!”

Chao Muxue looked to be in her seventeen to eighteen at the most, so they were more or less of the same age.

Chao Muxue laughed amusedly, but she obviously didn’t take Lu Yaoyao’s words seriously.

“Shall we go to the trial together, then?” Lu Yaoyao happily invited. Maybe they could study under the same master!


The two didn’t chat for long and soon returned to the lobby of the shop. With the main target, Lu Junyang, wasn’t there, the crowding cultivators had no reason to stay and regretfully left. Only a small number of customers remained in the lobby. When the shop assistant saw Lu Yaoyao and Chao Muxue coming out, he enthusiastically walked over and greeted them, “Miss Lu, Miss.”

Because Lu Yaoyao had spoken out for him, the shop assistant was particularly affectionate towards her. “Did you put the spirit stones on the table? I gave them to you, no need to pay.” The shop assistant returned the spirit stones to her. He could afford to give her a pill as a thank-you reward.

Lu Yaoyao waved her little hand and said seriously, “Money doesn’t come easy, how could I take advantage of you? I still want to buy a lot of pills.” Lu Yaoyao patted her little pouch and said boldly, “Don’t worry, I have spirit stones!”

The shop assistant smiled and asked, “I understand. So, Miss Lu, what pills do you want to buy?”

Lu Yaoyao pondered for a moment and said, “Do you have a catalog?” She knew nothing about pills and didn’t know what to buy.

“Catalog? What kind of pill is that?” The shop assistant was confused. He had never heard of such a pill before.

“It’s not a pill. A catalog is like a menu, where you make a booklet listing all the pills sold in the shop, along with a brief introduction of their usage and effects.” Lu Yaoyao gestured, and the shop assistant suddenly realized. “We don’t have a catalog, but I know all the pills we sell in the shop, and I can explain the general effects of every single one,” he said proudly.

Lu Yaoyao was amazed.

“But Miss Lu’s idea is indeed very useful. It’s only me and the shopkeeper taking care of the shop, and sometimes we get overwhelmed. If we had such a booklet in the shop, it would make things much easier,” the shop assistant said happily. That way, he wouldn’t have to explain and introduce each pill individually.

Most people who came to the shop to buy pills already had a specific purpose in mind and could directly state what they wanted. However, there were also those unfamiliar with the names of pills and did not know what was what.

“I will discuss it with the shopkeeper, and we will make one for the shop.”

“What are you talking about?”

Lu Junyang lifted the curtain and walked out. Hearing the conversation, he casually asked. After finishing his discussion with Uncle Zhang, he didn’t see the little girl and Miss Chao, so he came out to take a look.

“Brother Junyang, are you done with your tasks?” Lu Yaoyao spotted Lu Junyang and hurriedly ran over.

Lu Junyang smiled and held the little girl’s tender hand.

The shop assistant quickly repeated what they had just discussed, and Lu Junyang nodded, acknowledging that the idea was excellent and could be implemented.

Chao Muxue marveled from the side, “Yaoyao is really smart.” She had never heard of a catalog before.

Lu Yaoyao’s expression was filled with pride, but she humbly said, “I’m just moderately smart.” That being said, there was no catalog for reference, but she still needed to buy the pills, so Lu Yaoyao said again, “Give me a bottle of all pills available, regardless of rarity. Make sure they are of the highest quality.”

She was bold with her wealth and emphasized, “I’ll also take ten bottles each of Youthful Glow Pills and every other beauty pill in your stock.”

As a girl, she had no resistance to beauty products. Would she become even cuter if she took these beauty pills?

Recently, Lu Yaoyao found that acting cute to her Daddy no longer had the same useful effect as it was before. She wondered if her charm had dropped and couldn’t help feeling worried. What if her cuteness also no longer worked on Father?

She touched her tender and smooth face and sighed in melancholy, “Will the beauty pills be more effective if I take a few extra?”

Lu Junyang couldn’t hold back his laughter. “You’re using beauty pills yourself?”

“Of course,” Lu Yaoyao replied seriously. “Everyone has the desire to be beautiful. Even my lovely face needs some care. If taking these pills can make me even more adorable and beautiful, then I definitely want to take more.”


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  1. Lu Yaoyao’s thinking is so funny sometimes! No matter how cute she acts, cuteness will only get her so far, especially since both her fathers have high expectations of her and see through her little ploys, lol. On a side note, I didn’t know there was an age limit on entering the Guiyuan Sect, so I wonder how she’ll get past that first hurdle.
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