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DDDV Ch 112 Part 2 – Missed Out (II)

Lu Yaoyao touched her tender and smooth face and sighed in melancholy, “Will the beauty pills be more effective if I take a few extra?”

Lu Junyang couldn’t hold back his laughter. “You’re using beauty pills yourself?”

“Of course,” Lu Yaoyao replied seriously. “Everyone has the desire to be beautiful. Even my lovely face needs some care. If taking these pills can make me even more adorable and beautiful, then I definitely want to take more.”

Such a little dumpling, speaking earnestly about beauty maintenance and looking pretty, was truly amusing.

“Yaoyao is already very cute and beautiful. Beauty pills won’t have any effect on you. Do you have any cultivators in your family? What level of cultivation?” Lu Junyang played the role of a shop assistant today. “You can buy some suitable pills to give to your elders as a filial gesture.”

The little girl was very lively. She was probably from a prestigious family and should be very well-loved and favored at home. Giving her some pills to show filial piety to her elders would definitely make them happy.

Lu Yaoyao said, “My family members are all very powerful. I want to buy the most expensive pills.” She took out a handful of high-grade spirit stones from her small purse. “I’ll use one thousand high-grade spirit stones today. Give me as many as you can.”

Lu Junyang was slightly surprised. It seemed that the little girl really came from a wealthy background. That being the case, Lu Junyang practically gave Lu Yaoyao all the top-grade pills in the shop.

The shop assistant twitched his face. With so many pills, they were worth much more than one thousand high-grade spirit stones and were practically being given away. Still, this shop belonged to the Guiyuan Sect, so Young Master Lu could sell them however he pleased.

Lu Yaoyao felt her little pouch bulge. So many pills!

Lu Yaoyao didn’t forget Chao Muxue, “Muxue, aren’t you planning to buy anything?”

Chao Muxue replied openly, “I don’t have many spirit stones at the moment, so I won’t buy anything for now. I’m just here to look around and broaden my knowledge.”

Chao Muxue had lost her only relative three years ago, and since then, she had been alone. After completing her mourning period, she embarked on a journey to explore and gain experience. She didn’t have much, yet she remained open-minded.

She had heard that the Guiyuan Sect would soon be recruiting disciples, so she came over to take a look and join in the excitement. If she was lucky enough to be accepted, she would finally have a place to call home.

Lu Yaoyao glanced down at her small purse, considering giving some pills to Chao Muxue. But she worried that her actions might be misunderstood, so she hesitated for a while.

Chao Muxue knew what Lu Yaoyao was thinking about. With a chuckle, she leaned down and lightly tapped Lu Yaoyao’s upturned nose. “I don’t need any pills for now. If I ever need them in the future, I’ll rely on you, Yaoyao.”

Lu Yaoyao patted her pouch and happily squinted her eyes. “No problem!”

After spending a long time at the Danxin Hall, Lu Yaoyao and Chao Muxue realized it was getting late and prepared to say goodbye.

Lu Yaoyao waved her little hand at Lu Junyang. “Big Brother Junyang, I’m going home. See you next time!”

Chao Muxue also smiled at Lu Junyang and said, “Goodbye.”

“Goodbye,” Lu Junyang bid farewell to the two of them. He quite liked Lu Yaoyao and was curious about where her family was. However, with the little girl’s secretive look, he was certain they would meet again, so Lu Junyang didn’t pursue further questions and eagerly looked forward to their next encounter.

Lu Yaoyao thought to herself — when she joined Guiyuan Sect, Brother Junyang might become her Senior Brother! There would be countless opportunities to meet in the future, and she wanted to surprise him.

Lu Yaoyao and Chao Muxue left together, walking side by side for a while before parting ways at a crossroads. Unbeknownst to them, shortly after they left the Danxin Hall, a raggedy young boy dressed like a beggar, with a dark and thin physique but bright, lively eyes, hurriedly arrived at the entrance of the shop, panting. Seeing only a few customers inside, he approached the shop assistant with a sense of urgency and asked, somewhat incoherently, “Was there a conflict here?”

The shop assistant instantly became wary and scrutinized him. “Why are you asking about that?”

The skinny young boy, upon seeing the shop assistant’s expression, mumbled to himself and turned away, saying, “I missed it, I missed it.”

Shop assistant: “???” What a weird guy.

Lu Yaoyao returned to the inn with a full load. She glanced to the left and saw that the neighboring room was quiet, with no sign of that annoying, spoiled girl. She went back to her own room and found that Yaqing had already returned. Lu Yaoyao happily told him, “I bought a lot of medicinal pills. Take a look and see if there’s anything you can use. By the way, can our devil race use the pills made by humans?” On the round table, a dense array of bottles and jars suddenly appeared, and Lu Yaoyao also took out snacks she bought on the street to share with Yaqing.

Yaqing replied: “No, we can’t.” The cultivation methods of the human race and the devil race were different. The foundation of human cultivation was spiritual aura, while the devils relied on the devil aura.

“Then, did I buy them for nothing?” Only she could use them, and she couldn’t possibly use so many.

“No, the pills can be converted into devil pills, and then they can be used.” However, very few devils would bother with such a laborious and mostly unappreciated task. The Devil Realm had few alchemists from begin with, because their race preferred a more straightforward approach. When needed, devils usually consumed raw materials directly or simply gave them a brief boiling.

Lu Yaoyao was intrigued. She was curious about the process of conversion. Since spiritual aura and devil aura were not compatible, it was such a waste that there were hardly any alchemists in the Devil Realm. Her Father had mentioned that by using special processing and combining certain spiritual materials, the maximum efficacy of medicinal properties could be unleashed, resulting in doubled effects for the pills. Lu Yaoyao became greatly interested and even contemplated trying her hand at refining pills for the devil race.

But she definitely couldn’t do it now. She was currently in the Cultivation Realm, and she had to conceal their identities well. As a result, Lu Yaoyao put aside the idea temporarily and decided to wait until she returned to the Devil Realm.

“Your Highness, this subordinate has already bought the house.” Yaqing reported.

“So fast?” Lu Yaoyao was delighted. “Yaqing, you’re truly amazing.”

Yaqing proceeded to provide all the details about the mansion’s location, price, and other specifics. Lu Yaoyao entrusted him with the entire process, and he carried it out diligently. However, in Tianyan City, there were limited mansions available for sale. The mansions in prime locations were usually associated with prestigious sects and noble families. Since they were currently hiding their identities, it was not advisable to draw too much attention. After some searching, Yaqing managed to find a mansion in a secluded area on the outskirts of the city. The mansion was spacious, so the price was not cheap. The owner, who had a small household, intended to sell it and purchase a smaller mansion closer to the city center.

Lu Yaoyao went with Yaqing to check on the mansion and felt very satisfied. The place was spacious enough and secluded enough, so Yaqing would be safe there.

Yaqing took out a magic weapon and began to work. Soon, the whole house was covered in a layer of protective barriers, preventing anyone from entering or prying inside without Lu Yaoyao’s permission.

Many parts of the house were left unattended and looked desolate. Yaqing cleared out two courtyards together and used them as their new residences. Lu Yaoyao entrusted Yaqing to renovate the rest of the mansion, but thinking about the exaggerated style loved by the devil race, she emphasized simplicity and elegance.

If Lu Yaoyao’s cultivation hadn’t been sealed, she could use the dirt-removal spell to clean everything in an instant. Unfortunately, she couldn’t help now and had no choice but to leave the task to Yaqing.

Soon, she no longer had time to take care of the mansion, because the registration for disciples of the Guiyuan Sect had begun! To avoid any accidents, Lu Yaoyao didn’t let Yaqing accompany her. Although Yaqing’s identity had not been exposed along the way, this place was, after all, the bustling capital of the Cultivation Realm, with numerous powerful individuals nearby. It was important to maintain a low profile.

Lu Yaoyao had familiarized herself with Tianyan City during her stay and knew exactly where the registration point was. She ran there excitedly, her heart filled with anticipation.


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  1. If Lu Yaoyao plans to stay with her father for five years, then is poor Yaqing supposed to wait in that mansion by himself for five years, too? He can’t even cultivate there because there’s no devil aura to utilize, so I wonder what he’ll do with his time. I already feel sorry for him, lol.
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