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DDDV Ch 113 Part 1 – The Vision from Eighteen Years Ago (I)

The Guiyuan Sect conducted disciple recruitment every three years. During the recruitment period, the sect announced sect missions, tasking disciples with searching for potential children with spiritual roots across various regions of the cultivation realm. Additionally, those who aspired to join the Guiyuan Sect proactively made their way to Tianyan City. However, this merely constituted the initial preparation phase. Those who undertook this journey and the recruited children convened at the registration center in Tianyan City to undergo a rigorous evaluation process. Only those who met the criteria were eligible to partake in the sect’s trial. Successful completion of the trial was the prerequisite for formal induction into the esteemed Guiyuan Sect.

Those who did not pass the assessment would either be sent back to their original location or choose to depart on their own. The number of participants in each assessment reached several thousand, even surpassing tens of thousands. However, only a small fraction, perhaps two or three dozen at most, had the opportunity to become inner disciples. The remaining individuals were considered outer disciples. Outer disciples who sought to become inner disciples must undergo the sect’s internal assessment and successfully pass in order to be promoted.

The registration point in Tianyan City was located in the central square. The spacious square was bustling with people, mostly young boys and girls with youthful and spirited faces, brimming with longing for the number one sect in the Cultivation Realm. Under the surveillance of Guiyuan Sect disciples in charge of maintaining order, they patiently waited in lines, awaiting the pre-trial examinations.

When Lu Yaoyao arrived at the square, she saw Chao Muxue standing aside, looking around from time to time. “Muxue!” Lu Yaoyao waved her hand and ran over excitedly.

Chao Muxue was also very happy to see Lu Yaoyao, “Yaoyao, you are here!” She smiled brightly.

“Sorry to make you wait.”

“Not at all. Let’s go, we should register first.” Chao Muxue held Lu Yaoyao’s chubby hand, and the two walked side by side inside. There were five registration points, each already filled with a long queue, but Lu Yaoyao keenly noticed one queue that was slightly shorter. She hurriedly pulled Chao Muxue and rushed over. Just a few steps away from the end of the queue, a young boy rushed over like a gust of wind and got in front of them.

Wen Zixing was panting heavily, his chest rising and falling rapidly, almost running out of breath. “Phew, I made it in time!” Once he caught his breath, Wen Zixing’s agile eyes darted left and right. Which one was Chao Muxue? Chao Muxue, Chao Muxue? Where was the woman who would trigger a life-and-death duel between the two last bosses?

In his original world, Wen Zixing was just an average high school student. Through an unfortunate accident, he found himself unexpectedly transmigrated to a different world. When he opened his eyes again, he found himself occupying the body of an orphaned beggar who tragically lost his life after being kicked by an arrogant young master while begging for scraps.

He spent several days familiarizing himself with this world and was astounded to discover that it was the world from the trap novel ‘Quest For Immortality’ that he had been secretly following. As for why he referred to it as a ‘trap novel,’ it was because this story developed until the human race and the devil race became entangled in a plot by the demon race and gradually escalated their hostility. Ultimately, due to the death of a woman, the human race’s Dao Venerable Hengwu and the Devil Venerable engaged in a true life-and-death duel. That battle could be described as even changing the colors of heaven and earth, overturning mountains and rivers. Truly a thrilling and earth-shattering fight.

Then, the author suddenly had a stroke of genius and miraculously introduced a plot twist where two Great Ascension-stage venerables unleashed their unparalleled cultivation power without reservation, piercing through the heavens and causing their mutual demise. As a result, the entire Yuanqi continent collapsed with them. All the conspiracies and machinations to unify Yuanqi abruptly came to an end. The entire continent crumbled, and both the male protagonist and the antagonist met their untimely demise, bringing the story to a close.

The end.

Yes, it’s the end.

The f**king end.

Needless to say, this turn of events drove the readers crazy, and they started to berate the author. It was rumored that the author had gone through a heartbreak and wanted to take it out on the story. However, this didn’t stop the readers from joining the chorus of criticism, demanding that the author rewrite the story. Yet, rewriting seemed to be out of the question, as the author remained as quiet as a chicken.

The plot was just about to embark on the tumultuous and breathtaking journey of the male protagonist. So many suspenseful elements had been set up, heightening reader expectations, when the author took this infuriating move. This incident left Wen Zixing angry for three days and three nights, so he naturally had a deep impression of the novel’s setting and its plot. After discovering that he had transmigrated into this world, Wen Zixing realized that the plot had barely begun. The main antagonist hadn’t unified the Demon Realm yet and proclaimed himself an emperor. The human race and the devil race hadn’t fallen into the conspiracy meticulously orchestrated by the demon race, which deepened their already heavy antagonism. Chao Muxue, the only disciple of Dao Venerable Hengwu and whose death at the hand of the Devil Venerable ultimately sparked the final battle, had just made the decision to join the Guiyuan Sect. There was still time to turn things around and set things right.

Wen Zixing firmly believed that his mission was to prevent this world from perishing alongside the two Venerables. As long as he could stop their ultimate life-and-death duel and thwart the antagonist’s conspiracy at an early stage, there was still hope to save this world. With this in thought, he traversed mountains and crossed rivers, going through a long and arduous journey until he finally arrived at Tianyan City, only to be a step too late. He missed the crucial moment when the male protagonist first encountered the important supporting female character, Chao Muxue. Chao Muxue made her debut in the Danxin Hall, where she accidentally had a clash with Fairy Yunsi, the most beautiful woman in the Cultivation Realm. Fortunately, Lu Junyang appeared just in time to rescue Chao Muxue, and they instantly connected, becoming kindred spirits.

Now that he had missed the first opportunity, Wen Zixing had no choice but to hope to find Chao Muxue among the candidates who went for the trial. He was busy looking around when he heard a voice.

“Muxue, so many people registering!”

“Guiyuan Sect is the number one sect, and it is a place that countless people yearn for.”

Muxue? At first, Wen Zixing thought he was muttering to himself, but then he realized it was a voice coming from behind. He was startled and quickly turned his head to look. The movement was so abrupt that he almost thought his neck would break. At that moment, a description of Muxue’s appearance from the book suddenly came to his mind: eyebrows as black as the blackest of ink, skin as white as snow, and a charming and delicate smile that outshone even the brightest stars.

Chao Muxue naturally noticed the bold and direct gaze of the person in front of her. Those eyes were only filled with admiration and devoid of impurity, so she didn’t feel offended and responded with a gentle smile. She then lowered her gaze to look at Lu Yaoyao. Lu Yaoyao turned her head and looked up, finding a thin and dark-skinned young boy staring blankly at Muxue. The boy was dressed in tattered clothes, his exposed skin bony, but it was evident that he took great care to keep himself clean. His messy hair was tied up with a grass stalk.

Seeing the boy still staring at her with a dazed expression, Chao Muxue asked with a smile, “Do I look beautiful?”

The boy nodded blankly.


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  1. Wow! Never thought the twist would be with another transmigrator, but he’s actually read the novel! I never would have thought that Chao Muxue would be the final link that leads to the destruction of the continent. Unfortunately for Wen Zixing, he doesn’t know that the story has already been altered by another transmigrator who still isn’t aware of being a transmigrator, lol.
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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