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DDDV Ch 119 Part 1 – The Grand Hall (I)

The group followed the crowd and started moving forward. Seeing it would still take some time before reaching their destination, Du Qianshan turned around and asked his friends, “What do you want to learn?” Before others could answer, he spoke again, “I want to become a sword cultivator. Above all, my greatest wish is to be accepted as a disciple by Dao Venerable Hengwu.”

Chao Muxue smiled, “Who wouldn’t want to?”

Lu Yaoyao turned to look at her, “Muxue, do you want it too?”

Chao Muxue replied confidently, “Of course.”

Wen Zixing nodded in agreement. “I’m sure your wish will come true.”

Chao Muxue laughed, “I’ll borrow your auspicious words.” She then lowered her head and asked Lu Yaoyao, “And what about you, Yaoyao?”

“I am going to find my father. I will just stay with him when the time comes,” said Lu Yaoyao.

Chao Muxue was surprised: “Your father is from Guiyuan Sect?”

Wen Zixing was also curious. Was this the case of a little tadpole going on a journey to find her father?

“I still don’t know yet, I’ll only know once I confirm,” Lu Yaoyao was very proud. “Whether my father is in the Guiyuan Sect or not, he must be a very, very powerful person!”

“My father spoils me a lot, I don’t need to learn anything, I can just lie down and relax! Anyway, no one dares to offend my father, they definitely won’t provoke me, they have to pamper and protect me!”

This was Lu Yaoyao’s understanding after her time in the Devil Realm. With her powerful Daddy as her backing, she could walk freely in the Devil Realm. Even those powerful devil kings and elders, regardless of what they thought in hearts, also treated her with respect and courtesy.

If her father were really the Dao Venerable, she could also walk freely in the Cultivation Realm!

With this in mind, Lu Yaoyao was extremely happy.

“From now on, we’ll rely on you for protection!” Wen Zixing said admiringly.

Lu Yaoyao patted her chest proudly, “No problem!”

Du Qianshan sighed, “If your father were here, then we would have someone backing us up in the Guiyuan Sect.”

Lu Yaoyao nodded in agreement and said, “Don’t worry, if you need help, I’ll help as much as I can. If I can’t do it, my father will.”

“What about you, Dazhuang?” Chao Muxue looked at the person with the lowest sense of presence among them,

Dazhuang scratched his head: “I don’t know either. I don’t have spiritual roots, I rely solely on my strength. I will probably become an outer disciple and do some miscellaneous tasks in the sect.”

Chao Muxue encouraged him: “How can that be? Just think about it, even if you don’t have spiritual roots, you passed two trials, which means you are very capable!”

Wen Zixing: “…” Suddenly, he realized that amidst the various trials, he forgot his original plan to secretly eliminating Li Dazhuang.

What should he do now?

While Wen Zixing was stuck in a dilemma, the group finally arrived at the Lake Of Mirror Purity. It was a very beautiful lake, turquoise in color, surrounded by blooming flowers and lush green leaves. The colors of the flowers were pure and vibrant, while the leaves were a pristine green. Despite being called a lake, it only has a shallow layer of water. The lake’s surface is adorned with neatly arranged white and beige stones, creating a picturesque scene.

The people in the front have already taken off their shoes and socks, rolled up their pants, and stepped into the water, moving forward step by step. Lu Yaoyao noticed that they weren’t walking fast. Upon closer inspection, some of them walked effortlessly, while others seemed to struggle. Lu Yaoyao was extremely curious. Was this lake water different?

Someone seemed to be unable to bear it anymore and stepped on the stones that dotted the lake’s surface. Soon, a disciple came flying on a sword and brought him back to the shore. He was eliminated. The young man had a contorted expression and wanted to to argue, but he was swiftly taken away. Seeing this, a chill ran through the hearts of the rest of the candidates, and those who hadn’t entered the water yet felt a sense of fear.

Indeed. Just as Lu Junyang said, they only needed to cross the lake without stepping on the stones. Otherwise, it would be considered a failure.

From the beginning, Lu Yaoyao had suspected that this trial had more than could be seen. Sure enough, it was not that simple. Was this a test of people’s tolerance for pain – to see whether they could persevere under the strikes of the thunder tribulation?

Time passed. The lake was not big, only 20 meters wide. Several people had already successfully crossed, but two or three had been eliminated so far.

“It hurts! It hurts! I’m not going any further!” a slightly familiar voice shouted in pain.

Lu Yaoyao turned her head and saw the girl who had a small conflict standing in the lake, crying out in pain.

Lu Yaoyao sighed. This girl was impressive, too. Having not encountered her on the way, Lu Yaoyao initially thought that she had already been eliminated.

But it seemed that only one servant was remaining by her side.

“Miss, you’re just one step away from becoming an official disciple of the Guiyuan Sect. Didn’t you want to worship His Venerable as your master?”

Hearing this, Murong Liluo gritted her teeth and continued walking forward with determination.

Ouch! Was it that painful? Lu Yaoyao’s eyebrows furrowed subconsciously.

Soon, their turn arrived. Lu Yaoyao took off her red short boots, revealing her chubby and delicate white feet. She rolled up her pants to her knees, and her short legs were equally chubby and adorable.

Chao Muxue reached out her hand and said, “Yaoyao, I’ll hold your hand as we walk.”

“Okay!” Lu Yaoyao extended her hand and held on. She tensed up her entire body and carefully stepped into the water. Her cute little white feet slowly submerged into the water, reaching just below her knees.

Huh? Lu Yaoyao took a few steps, submerging both feet.

It doesn’t hurt, why doesn’t it hurt?

Lu Yaoyao looked up at Chao Muxue, “Muxue, how do you feel?”

Chao Muxue, who was now standing in the water, felt it for a moment and said, “It feels tingly and itchy.”

Lu Yaoyao chuckled, “I feel so comfortable!” The cool water enveloped her feet, making her unable to resist the urge to splash around.

Wen Zixing was also surprised, “Me too!”

Du Qianshan and Li Dazhuang felt something, but the pain was mild enough to ignore.

Lu Yaoyao and her teammates happily walked across, quickly making it to the shore. As soon as they left the water, their feet were dry, allowing them to put on their shoes directly.


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2 thoughts on “DDDV Ch 119 Part 1 – The Grand Hall (I)”

  1. I’m glad that bratty girl is in pain because it proves her evil nature, but I was hoping that the pain would dissuade her from completing the last trial. Alas, it seems such a brat will continue to act as a foil to our adorable Lu Yaoyao in the sect.
    As for Wen Zixing, I’m guessing he didn’t feel any pain because he’s not evil at heart and has no evil intentions in him. Even though he’s trying to eliminate the “demon spy” at this point, he doesn’t wish him death or anything so maybe that’s why he doesn’t feel anything?
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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