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DDDV Ch 118 Part 2 – These Days, It’s Not Easy to Take Care of Friends (II)

Regardless of what happened in between, Lu Yaoyao and Chao Muxue eventually joined forces and slowly led the trembling boy to walk on the treacherous narrow path.

And thus, a bizarre view of a small child leading two crouching teenagers on a rope bridge was presented to the baffled Guiyuan people. The three made up a line, slowly moving forward at the speed of a tortoise crawling.

“Puhaha…” Hovering above the sky, Ziruo laughed so hard that he almost fell off his sword, “These kids are too funny!”

His fellow disciples couldn’t hold back their laughter too.

Even Lu Junyang, who stood nearby, also had a smile on his lips.

Zixu’s flying sword flew over, “Aren’t they breaking the rules here?” He asked perplexedly.

Lu Junyang shook his head, his smile unwavering. He first looked at Lu Yaoyao ahead and then glanced at Chao Muxue behind, and finally unable to suppress his laughter.

The disciples overseeing the trial couldn’t help but burst into laughter, and even the elders and peak masters in the Grand Hall joined in.

Too comical!

Yao Jiuxiao was the only one who remained expressionless. His gaze fixed on the fingers tightly gripping his little girl’s clothes. His eyes narrowed, and his already cold gaze turned extremely icy at once.

But the rope bridge was just the beginning. Others were seriously undergoing the challenges, but only this group seemed to be in a different world altogether. Unexpected situations happened one after another, causing endless laughter to the spectators. In no time, not only fellow candidates and examiners were familiar with this team, but they also left a deep impression on the elders and the peak masters.

When Lu Yaoyao and her teammates finally passed the second trial, they all collapsed on the ground regardless of the images, totally exhausted physically and mentally.

Other candidates, none looking even half as beaten as them, looked over curiously. What happened?

Panting on the ground, Lu Yaoyao complained to herself. These days, it is not easy to take care of a friend! It was already hard enough to pull Wen Zixing over to the other side of the rope bridge. Before they had time to catch their breath, the next test began, during which another unexpected situation happened. Finally, after passing with great difficulty, they arrived at a small illusionary realm, only to be chased by giant hornets, hunted by spiritual beasts, getting entangled by spiritual plants…

Wen Zixing finally recovered from his shock. He quickly jumped over to hug Lu Yaoyao and declared loudly, “From now on, you are my number one confidant and best friend! Don’t worry, when I become successful, I definitely will not forget you! “

Lu Yaoyao was totally disgusted. “Go away!”

Wen Zixing never expected that the littlest child in the team, the one he thought would definitely be a burden, would actually take him to pass through the trials! Even though he was still down and out at this moment, he was the one destined to be the world’s savior. Once he achieved greatness, he definitely would repay her thousands of times!

“Yaoyao, you are so kind. You and I are kindred spirits forever!”

Lu Yaoyao rolled her eyes.

“Yaoyao, Madam, Lady, Sis. Please look after me from now on!” Wen Zixing blinked cutely.

Lu Yaoyao was horrified. No need, thank you! She turned around to leave, but Wen Zixing crawled to the ground and hugged her little leg tightly.

“Let go! Let go!”

“I won’t! I won’t!”

Chao Muxue and Du Qianshan couldn’t stop laughing at these two lively guys.

At this moment, Lu Junyang stepped forward with a few fellow disciples. He looked at the candidates who had passed the first two trials and gave them a warm smile.


Lu Yaoyao turned her head and exclaimed happily, “It’s Brother Junyang!”

Chao Muxue was surprised to see Lu Junyang. “Lu Junyang is a disciple of the Guiyuan Sect?”

Wen Zixing had already gotten up from the ground and said mysteriously, “Not only that—” He’s the male protagonist! Although he hasn’t fully developed yet, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s the son of destiny!

Lu Yaoyao and Chao Muxue looked over.

Wen Zixing raised his fist to his mouth, coughed twice in a pretentious manner, and said, “He is the most beloved disciple of the Guiyuan Sect’s sect leader! The respectable chief disciple of the entire Guiyuan Sect!”

Lu Yaoyao felt disappointed. Who didn’t know about this? She thought it was something more special.

Wen Zixing stood up straight, his thin waist straightened, feeling the weight of his noble mission. He knew about Lu Junyang’s tragic background, how the Guiyuan Sect nurtured and taught him, preventing him from living in hatred and allowing him to become a man of integrity. However, fate once again brought him hardship and led him towards destruction under the conspiracy of the demon race, despite the warmth his sect provided.

He felt a sense of melancholy. Knowing too much was also a burden, as if he was the only one awake while everyone else was intoxicated.

Lu Yaoyao couldn’t be bothered with Wen Zixing’s quirks and instead focused on listening attentively to Lu Junyang. They had passed two trials so far and now faced the third one. According to the explanation, the third trial was easier than the previous two, as they only needed to walk across the Lake Of Mirror Purity.

Lu Yaoyao looked around and noticed that after the two major trials, there were only about a hundred people who had passed. She clicked her tongue in surprise; the elimination rate was quite high. After a brief explanation from Lu Junyang, he led the candidates towards the location of the third assessment.

Wen Zixing knew that the third challenge was simple. The Lake Of Mirror Purity reflected one’s true self and inner thoughts. Those with impure hearts, non-humans, or those who had shed much blood would suffer excruciating pain from the lake’s burning sensation. Many couldn’t endure and failed to cross the lake, preventing those with ill intentions or infiltrators from the demon race. However, Wen Zixing knew that there was a countermeasure against the lake’s effects. Otherwise, how could those villains in the plot have made it through?

But Lu Yaoyao had no idea about the lake’s purpose and thought the assessment seemed straightforward. As a result, she wondered if there would be any surprises or pitfalls.


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  1. Yaoyao is kind of nonhuman but she has no impure thoughts.

    Since we’re already told that there’s countermeasures, I’d guess either she really didn’t have any problem or she had problem because of her devil blood but passed from accidentally triggered the countermeasure.

  2. If Yao Jiuxiao was angered just from Wen Zixing holding his daughter’s clothes, I can only imagine his extreme fury when he saw his little daughter being hugged by him, lol. On a side note, since Lu Yaoyao is the favored child of the heavens, I’m sure nothing will show up in this test. Either that or because she’s so pure-hearted, the test won’t fail her even though it determined her not to be fully human. I can’t wait to see what the results reveal!
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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