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MSRV Ch 100 Part 2 – Movie Premiere (II)

After Fu Zonghong left, Fang Wanping stood for a while at the door, then she returned to the chair and sat down; her face suddenly turned cold.

Fang Xueruo hadn’t seen her mother wear any expression other than a smile in a long time. Seeing her face was now cold and unfriendly, she cautiously called, “Mom?”

Fang Wanping gave her daughter a cold look and said indifferently, “Fang Xueruo, how did I teach you?” How could her daughter be so foolish? Playing a good hand of cards but ruining it in the end, wasting so much effort and time.

It seemed that she had failed to teach her daughter. Xueruo successfully seduced a man after using such a simple method, leading her to naively believe that everything was under her control. But she forgot that one could never be careless until the victory was in hand.

Fang Xueruo hesitated for a moment and said with unwillingness, “Is blood relation so important?”

Fang Wanping remained silent. She used to believe that as long as there was intention, even blood relatives could become enemies, never having any dealings with each other until they die. But now, she realized that blood ties weren’t so easily cut off.

“Xueruo,” Fang Wanping’s expression softened, and she gestured for her daughter to come closer.

Fang Xueruo moved closer and sat beside Fang Wanping.

“Xueruo, you’ve been dating A’You for so long; you should consider accepting him,” Fang Wanping said gently. “A’You is deeply in love with you, and you should cherish him.”

Fang Xueruo bit her lip, a trace of unwillingness flashing in her eyes. “Mom…”

“If you keep dawdling, Mom won’t be on your side anymore,” Fang Wanping lightly patted Fang Xueruo’s hand. “Marriage is like a woman’s second rebirth. It’s lucky to be able to marry a man who only has you in his heart.”

Fang Xueruo leaned her head gently on Fang Wanping’s shoulder and coquettishly said, “You always stand up for him. Am I still your daughter?”

“Silly child,” Fang Wanping scolded with a smile, “It’s precisely because you’re my daughter that I’m saying this.”

Fang Xueruo’s eyes softened, and she fell silent without saying anything more.

As Fu Zonghong entered the car, the driver respectfully asked, “Sir, where to?”

Fu Zonghong remained silent for a moment before mentioning an address. It was a property he owned in another place, some distance away from here.

No one was looking for him; Fu Zonghong simply didn’t feel like staying at home anymore.

He realized that he had never really understood his wife and stepdaughter.

Years ago, he only had one perception, that they, the mother and daughter, were always being mistreated and bullied by his daughter. Yunruo had a terrible temper and a nasty character, lacking any semblance of a proper young lady. Instead, she acted like a neurotic person all the time.

As time went on, Fu Zonghong’s temper also became irritable, and he lost patience with his only daughter. Every time they met, it was an endless argument.

It was only recently that he learned about Yunruo from other sources. As if he had just met this daughter of his, the experience completely overturning his previous perception.

Turned out, Yunruo could also have a good temper and be so popular.

A few days ago, he secretly found Fu Yunruo’s live streaming channel, and he installed the app on his phone, his first entertainment app. After watching her live streaming for the first day, he started to secretly follow and even learned how to send gifts.

And recently, Wenwen also created a social media account and caused quite a stir online. Fu Zonghong registered an account specifically to follow him and checked it every day.

Compared to his disapproval of Fang Xueruo and Fu Yunruo’s involvement in the entertainment and live streaming circles, Fu Zonghong had a different attitude towards Wenwen.

Seeing his grandson being so popular made him very proud, and he watched videos and pictures of him every day countless times.

But precisely because he had realized how he hadn’t paid enough attention to Yunruo before and knowing some of the reasons for her grievances that he felt guilty and didn’t dare to appear before them confidently.

Therefore, no matter how much Fu Zonghong wanted to see Wenwen and Yunruo, he didn’t actively show up anymore. Occasionally, he would drive the car to the flower garden or the area outside their residence, sometimes catching a glimpse of their figures.

When Fu Zonghong arrived at his private residence, his assistant had already cleaned the house.

Recently, the assistant had a task, which was to report the daily activities of Fu Yunruo and her son to Fu Zonghong. When he learned that Wenwen had started studying many courses recently, Fu Zonghong felt proud.

“What a good child.” Even if his daughter refused to come back to live at the Fu family house, he had found tutors for his grandson. In any case, Yunruo wouldn’t refuse if it was for her son, right? So, when Fu Zonghong heard that they had found even better tutors than the ones he prepared, he felt proud but also somewhat disappointed, feeling that he had no useful role.

However, he heard that those tutors were hired by a celebrity named Si Yue? Fu Zonghong was somewhat displeased. Why was Si Yue so concerned about them? Being so attentive certainly meant he had ulterior motives, so he needed to keep an eye on him.

The assistant also delivered a piece of news, “In a few days, it will be the premiere of the movie in which Young Master participated.”

Fu Zonghong’s frown relaxed. “Get an invitation letter for me.”

It was his grandson’s first movie, and he wanted to watch it with his own eyes.

The next day, Fu Yunruo and Wenwen packed their luggage and departed for the filming set. This time, Si Yue also came with them.

“Didn’t you say you aren’t playing in this movie?” Fu Yunruo asked curiously.

“I am the producer and also the biggest investor.” Si Yue replied. There was nothing wrong with him visiting the set.

But Wenwen was very dissatisfied: “Why do you have to ride in the same car with us?” Face to face, no matter where he looked, he could see him, so annoying!

Si Yue raised an eyebrow, “We have the same agent.” Riding in the same car to the same set, it’s not a problem.

Wenwen grumbled heavily.

Seeing her son acting so awkwardly, Fu Yunruo also felt helpless. She believed that Wenwen had actually accepted the fact that Si Yue was his father. Otherwise, why would he be so capricious? This child was usually well-behaved and wouldn’t throw tantrums with others.

There’s a saying, those who are favored had nothing to fear. In the past, before knowing the truth, even if he got along well with Si Yue, Wenwen rarely threw tantrums.

Perhaps Si Yue was also aware of this, which was why he was very tolerant to Wenwen’s tantrums, and even childishly accompanied him with banters.

As such, Fu Yunruo decided not to interfere between the father and son if she didn’t have to.

After the car arrived at the hotel reserved by the production team, they discreetly entered.

Yuan Xin had arranged a high-level suite for them, with a room inside and another outside, perfectly fitting Fu Yunruo and Wenwen.

The suite was luxurious, and Fu Yunruo felt that the production team was giving them preferential treatment by providing such good accommodation.

Wenwen found it a novel experience to stay in a luxury hotel and felt a bit excited. Unable to resist, he jumped on the bed, but quickly felt embarrassed when he noticed his mother was watching him with a smile.

Fu Yunruo found her son’s attempt to act maturely very cute, but she liked Wenwen’s childishness even more, and she was very happy about it.

Not long after, the hotel delivered dinner to their room – one children’s meal and three set menus. Along with the meal, both Si Yue and Yuan Xin also arrived.

Si Yue’s room was just across the hall, also a suite, which he shared with Yuan Xin.

This time, because Wenwen saw that Yuan Xin was also here, he didn’t say anything. The instructions were already given in the car, and Yuan Xin only reminded them to rest early after dinner.

After the food containers were taken away, Si Yue and Yuan Xin bid farewell and left.

Si Yue’s gaze toward Fu Yunruo was tender as he said, “If you need anything, just call me. I’m right across the hall.”

Wenwen was extremely displeased. He stood in front of Fu Yunruo, trying to block Si Yue’s line of sight, but his height was completely negligible.

Fu Yunruo nodded, “Good night.”

“Good night.”


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  1. That mother daughter pair is so toxic. I find Mr Fu to be quite pitiful now…but also that his troubles are his own doing. I wonder if he knew about his grandson in the original timeline…

    Thank you for the chapter!

    1. Mr. Fu died in the original timeline and the Fu corporation was changed to Fang by the mother and daughter pair.

  2. Hi. First of all, thank you for translating this story. I really appreciate it. However, I have a small issue I’m not sure how to solve. Ads keep covering the page and I can’t read the paragraphs. I keep refreshing it but to no avail. Is there a way we can at least resize it so it won’t cover the paragraphs? Or arrange them in a way the story and the ads don’t overlap? I know ads are essential for the website but I just skipped three paragraphs because of it. And I’m dying to know what were those I missed. 🥲

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