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DDDV Ch 120 Part 1 – Where Is Dao Venerable? (I)

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Lu Yaoyao followed the crowd into the Grand Hall, sandwiched between people on all sides, all were much taller than herself. Thanks to her short stature, she couldn’t even see the front of the lines. Now, all the elders and peak masters of the Guiyuan Sect were in the hall, and she wanted to see if her father was among them. Just as she was trying to figure out how to sneak a few glances without being noticed, she heard her name called.

Lu Yaoyao was taken aback for a moment, and then her face lit up. She wanted to appear mature and composed, but her lively steps and cute figure revealed her cheerful nature. Lu Yaoyao walked out of the group and stood at the front, making a formal bow. “Yaoyao pays respects to the Sect Leader and all the elders and peak masters.” She stood in front of the hall, trying hard to maintain a serious expression as she resisted the urge to look around. She slightly raised her eyes to peek ahead, but her line of sight couldn’t reach the people seated in front.

Lu Yaoyao cautiously raised her gaze and scanned the front with her good eyesight. She didn’t see her father, but she saw Brother Junyang standing at the front. From Lu Junyang’s position, he could see the subtle movements of the people below. He saw a little dumpling secretly poked her head out of the crowd, curious and cautious, and couldn’t help give her a smile.

Lu Yaoyao smiled back at him.

This little girl was already adorable through the image stone’s projection, but now seeing her in person made him even more fond of her. Hall Master Mo cleared his throat, about to speak, but Peak Master Miao preempted him and spoke with a gentle voice, “Yaoyao, would you like to join my peak?”

Hall Master Mo’s face darkened, and he looked at Peak Master Miao with displeasure, “Peak Master Miao, don’t play foul. This little girl is going to be my disciple.” During the discussion earlier, they had clearly agreed that this child would join his peak, and now someone was trying to steal her away.

Peak Master Miao chuckled: “How can it be? Where this little girl goes depends on her choice, isn’t it?” When did she agree with him? Silence didn’t mean acquiescence, alright.

“Peak Master Miao is right. We should respect her choice,” the master of the Third Peak boomed magnanimously. “Little girl, would you like to join my peak? I can teach you how to refine various artifacts. It’s really fun!”

Hall Master Mo’s eyelids twitched, and an ominous premonition rose in his heart.

Next to him, Peak Master Miao’s voice was pleasant and melodious, but her words were accusing. “Peak Master Yang, are you joking? What you do is for grown men. Teaching a delicate and cute little girl like her your rough craftsmanship, isn’t that big iron hammer even bigger than the little girl herself? Aren’t you afraid she’ll fall into it headfirst?” When she looked at Lu Yaoyao, her tone softened in an instant, “If Yaoyao joins my peak, you can learn various spells. It’s the most fun of all cultivation branches. See, you can cast a spell, and do many things in an instant…”

“No, no, crafting talismans is the most fun. Little girl, do you like drawing? This master will accept you as a personal disciple and teach you how to draw talismans. Once you learn to draw talismans, one thrown talisman can blow up a mountain. I’ll take you to blow up mountains and seas…”

“Sword cultivation is the true nature of a cultivator.”


Hall Master Mo looked at the group of shameless old men who were openly trying to steal his disciple. His face turned as dark as ink, and he snorted, “We’re short of manpower lately and can’t operate the furnaces.”

The peak masters and elders: “…”

Hall Master Mo’s face visibly brightened, feeling proud inside. Did they think they could steal his disciple? See first if they could do without his pills!

As the voices sounded one after another, Lu Yaoyao lifted her head openly and looked around. Her grape-like eyes were clear and transparent, showing a curious expression like a young cub. However, she showed no fear and stood confidently, allowing everyone to scrutinize her. She scanned the entire grand hall but still didn’t see the familiar figure she missed so much, feeling slightly disappointed in her heart.

Could she have guessed wrong? Was her Father not a member of the Guiyuan Sect? With this thought in mind, Lu Yaoyao wasn’t completely disappointed. Perhaps not every main member of the sect was present here. Maybe Father just happened to be absent? Lu Yaoyao gathered her spirits and also paid attention to her current situation. Hmm… sure enough, she truly was an unparalleled genius. Everyone’s eyes were shining bright looking at her.

The new disciples were even more shocked. This little girl was actually being fought over by the elders and peak masters? That was something they wouldn’t even dare to dream of! If they weren’t standing in the Grand Hall, under the scrutiny of so many powerful figures, they would have lost control. Nevertheless, everyone’s gaze couldn’t help but sneak forward, filled with envy and jealousy.

You Huahai’s expression changed, and he stiffly retracted his foot. So, what exactly did this little girl have that made her more popular than him, a variant wood spiritual root?

Murong Liluo’s face twisted even more. She had always disliked Lu Yaoyao, and now this girl was so popular! She wished she could switch places with her.

As for Chao Muxue and the others, they were also envious, but also genuinely happy for their friend.

Hall Master Mo spoke again, “Yaoyao, would you be willing to become my personal disciple?” Worried that this little girl might not understand or be swayed by what others said, he tried his best to make alchemy sound interesting.

The rest of the peak masters and elders watched in resentment at the shameless old man who resorted to threatening to cut off the supply of pills. Could they be the ones who felt threatened? They remained silent, but they all looked at the little girl with implicit meaning. If she chose someone else, even Old Mo couldn’t say anything!

Lu Yaoyao’s tender and chubby face fell into serious contemplation. After a while, she raised her head again and spoke with a serious tone in her childish voice, “Thank you, elders and peak masters, for your kindness. Whether it’s crafting artifacts, making talismans, arrays, or anything else, they are all formidable pursuits. However, I personally have a greater interest in the path of alchemy.” Before the trial, Lu Yaoyao had just become interested in alchemy, and now that she had the opportunity to learn, she naturally wanted to pursue what interested her.

As she said that, Lu Yaoyao knelt down in the direction of Hall Master Mo, and earnestly performed a respectful bow. “Respected Master, please accept this disciple’s bow.”

“Good!” Hall Master Mo broke into laughter, “From now on, you will be my, Mo Liuying’s, youngest personal disciple.”

Lu Chongyun had been absent-minded all along, especially after the new disciples entered the main hall. He would occasionally show a trance-like expression, and the lively disputes in the hall didn’t capture much of his attention.

It wasn’t until he heard the laughter of Hall Master Mo and saw him accepting a new disciple that Lu Chongyun returned to his senses, “Congratulations, Junior Brother Mo, on finding an excellent disciple.” He smiled. His mind had been elsewhere, and although he had some interest in the youngest child in this trial, it was not a priority. But now, upon seeing the little girl in person, he realized she was indeed clever and likable. Instantly, he felt a sense of closeness and fondness for her.

Hall Master Mo laughed heartily: “You’re welcome.”

Next to his master, Lu Junyang also showed a gentle smile. Now that Yaoyao had become Martial Uncle Mo’s personal disciple, their relationship had become much closer in an instant.

With the disciple status settled, Hall Master Mo waved at Lu Yaoyao and said softly, “Come here.”

Lu Yaoyao stood up and happily walked over, standing in front of her new master. It was the first time Hall Master Mo had accepted such a young disciple, and he clumsily patted her little head, letting her stand by his side.

Lu Yaoyao was delighted. From her new position, she could see the entire Grand Hall clearly. She looked around for her friends, and saw them looking back at her with joyful smiles.


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  1. So she’ll first study under another sect elder until her father feels that she’s matured enough to take her under his wing? I feel bad for Lu Yaoyao, but parents sometimes need to give harsh love because they truly care about their children. Hopefully it won’t be long until they meet, though!
    As for the translator, take your time with this story because your health and real-life concerns take precedence over anything else. Thanks for bringing us another chapter! 😀

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