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ATCF Ch 35 Part 1 – Just a Pair of Elementary School Kids (I)

Feng Qi’s expression showed no signs of being provoked, leaving Tong Bingran completely helpless. The problem was that he couldn’t be sure if Feng Qi, this single man who had never had a girlfriend for life, didn’t understand his hint, or if he understood it perfectly well and was simply mocking him.

If it was the former, that would be fine. But if it was the latter… then his nephew might become more of a hindrance!

And that wouldn’t make him very happy.

To speak bluntly, as an uncle, he had been quite considerate. He provided for his nephew’s food and clothing, and whenever his nephew caused trouble, he immediately cleaned up after him.

As long as his nephew was willing to live as a second-generation rich kid, he could support him for a lifetime. After all, the child’s nature wasn’t a big problem, and he wouldn’t cause any major disturbances.

But if his nephew joined forces with the Feng family because of Jiang Li and later fought for power and benefits in the company against him, that would be troublesome.

Fortunately, the Feng family treated that girl like an apple in their eyes and protected her well. If he could make the Feng family aware that his nephew had set his sights on their treasure, they would surely take action.

Unfortunately, his plan to sow discord seemed to have failed.

Having been frustrated by Feng Qi, Tong Bingran decided to try talking to Old Master Feng instead.

However, Old Master Feng was busy attending to guests (read: boasting to a group of old men about how well-behaved and sensible his granddaughter was), and Tong Bingran never got the chance.

As the banquet came to an end, Tong Bingran sighed and could only temporarily give up. After all, once his sister married into the Feng family, they would become relatives, and there would be plenty of opportunities then!

The day of the banquet hosted by the Feng family turned into a laughingstock for the Jiang family, leaving all four members in a terrible mood.

Jiang Huai, in particular, received some banquet photos from a former business partner, which made him so angry that he almost made a call to give them a piece of his mind. However, he restrained himself, realizing they were all part of the same social circle, and burning bridges wouldn’t be beneficial for future collaborations.

Jiang Huai’s foul mood naturally impacted Assistant Bai, who had to be extra cautious around him, trying not to provoke any outbursts. Jiang Huai had been unpredictable lately, and Assistant Bai had learned to cope with his boss’ mood swings.

That was the fate of working under someone else – you had to endure the unpleasantness from your employer.

Yet, if anyone deserved sympathy, it was Madam Jiang. She was once the cherished daughter of the wealthy Feng family, but fate led her to marry Mr. Jiang, who came from nothing. Now that the Feng and Jiang families had distanced themselves, Mr. Jiang often displayed his displeasure in front of her.

To be honest, Assistant Bai couldn’t fathom why Madam was so subservient in front of Mr. Jiang.

Compared to the unpredictable Jiang Huai, Jiang Zhou seemed much quieter. His injuries hadn’t fully healed, so he rarely went out during this period, spending most of his time lying in bed.

Although this kind of life was boring, he quite enjoyed it. However, after Jiang Ruo went to the filming set, he found it hard to get used to the solitude.

Thankfully, Ruoruo returned home every day, even though she left early and returned late. They still managed to spend some time together every day.

For Jiang Zhou, he thought that it was good for Ruoruo to be busy with filming, because it could distract her from thinking about unpleasant things. If not for her busy schedule, she would probably have been depressed all day due to the Feng family banquet.

Jiang Zhou’s prediction was accurate. Jiang Ruo was indeed busy as a spinning top, and she had no time to think about the Feng family banquet.

However, the reason behind her busyness was not only filming but also the deliberate troubles caused by some people in the crew.

As a former child star, she believed her acting skills were up to par. However, the director kept asking her to redo scenes repeatedly, making the entire crew’s attitude towards her gradually become strange.

The director was actually having quite a headache. He had chosen Jiang Ruo to play the female lead because her appearance perfectly matched the character, and more importantly, she seemed ideal for portraying a carefree and naïve, princess-like role.

Although Jiang Ruo hadn’t been in many dramas, all of them were of excellent quality, and her performances were particularly likable, earning her the title of ‘National Little Sister’ among her fans.

After watching Jiang Ruo’s previous works, the director was already very satisfied, and the audition only reinforced that feeling, so he signed a contract with Jiang Ruo’s agent early on, fearing that her summer schedule might be full. For this reason, he also arranged to start filming after she was done with the high school entrance examination.

A while ago, the scandal of the real and fake daughter made headlines, and the director had also heard about it. However, considering Jiang Ruo’s appearance and acting skills, he decided to stick to the contract.

After all, the most crucial thing for an actor was the performance in the works, and with the current buzz surrounding Jiang Ruo’s scandal, this drama would undoubtedly receive a lot of attention. As long as Jiang Ruo performed normally and brought life to the drama, it might even help change her public image.

However, after the filming began, Jiang Ruo’s performance was quite disappointing. Her acting skills were the same, and her appearance hadn’t changed at all. However, the vitality that used to emanate from her seemed to have disappeared, as if she had lost that carefree and naive aura she had before.

After a few retakes, the director sighed and decided to give everyone a break before continuing with the filming.

Jiang Ruo naturally noticed the disappointment in the director’s eyes. Feeling down, she sat on a small stool in the corner, preparing to chat with her brother for a while.

However, when she unlocked her phone, she immediately saw a video message from Zhou Li, urging her to watch it.

Jiang Ruo plugged in her earphones and started playing the video. At first glance, she recognized that the video was taken at a banquet. As she thought about the banquet held by the Feng family for Jiang Li, her mood instantly worsened.

Just as Jiang Ruo was about to exit the video, she caught a glimpse of Qin Zheng’s figure, and her attention was immediately drawn.

But after watching the entire video, she was left stunned.

Qin Zheng’s parents didn’t like her, and she understood that. After all, she wasn’t her parents’ biological daughter, and Uncle Qin, being a businessman, naturally valued interests. That was understandable.

However, she had always believed that Qin Zheng didn’t care about all that. They grew up together since they were children, and even though they were the same age, Qin Zheng always looked after her.

Moreover, Qin Zheng clearly stated that he didn’t care whether she was the Jiang family’s biological daughter or not. She was simply Jiang Ruo to him.

So it turned out to be all a lie!

He didn’t refute his parents when they belittled her, and he praised Jiang Li at every opportunity, as if Jiang Li was the most outstanding girl in the world.

Jiang Ruo held her phone, stunned, until the director called for the shoot to begin. She suddenly stood up and walked to the director’s side, whispering, “I’m feeling unwell today. Can I take a leave and make up for the filming tomorrow?”

The director: …

He really wanted to say that Jiang Ruo’s condition yesterday was already off, and today they were making up for yesterday’s scenes.

But looking at the redness in the young girl’s eyes, he eventually sighed and said, “We will shoot the later scenes first. Take some time to adjust your emotions, and try to perform better tomorrow.”

He knew that even if he forced Jiang Ruo to stay, it wouldn’t achieve the desired effect. It might be better to give her half a day off and see if a miracle could happen.

After leaving the film set, Jiang Ruo hurriedly returned home. Upon arriving, she went straight to Jiang Zhou’s room and called out with a very aggrieved tone, “Brother.”

Seeing her expression, Jiang Zhou reflexively furrowed his brows, “Did someone bully you?”

He originally wanted to get up from the bed to comfort Jiang Ruo, but the movement was too intense, accidentally pulling on his wound, causing his eyebrows to crease in pain.

Jiang Ruo quickly helped him lie down again and sat down beside his bed. After a while, she said, “I won’t care about Qin Zheng anymore.”

Jiang Zhou was obviously stunned, “What happened? Did Qin Zheng dare to bully you? I’ll go to him and settle the score.”


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    It’s so unfair that Qin Zheng is being blamed and persecuted when he actually cares about her. She’s so ignorant to the things around her that Jiang Ruo never realized that her brother was purposely blocking Qin Zheng from seeing her. She may not be Feng Yin’s but daughter, but she definitely has her brain.

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