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DDDV Ch 120 Part 2 – Where Is Dao Venerable? (II)

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The ceremony of accepting disciples continued. After Lu Yaoyao, the second one called was You Huahai, followed by four other single-attribute spiritual root disciples. Hall Master Mo had taken a disciple, so he remained calm and did not participate in the subsequent competition to snatch disciples. If he were to claim all the outstanding disciples for his peak, the other peaks would certainly object. There were debates and negotiations, and exceptional disciples were sought after by one or two peak masters, but no one was singled out and faced competition from all the peak masters and elders like Lu Yaoyao.

Soon, all five found their new homes. You Huahai joined the Twelfth Peak, becoming the personal disciple of Peak Master Liuguang and embarking on the path of sword cultivation. The others were also accepted as direct disciples at various peaks. Lu Yaoyao noticed that those called out were highly valued by the peak masters and elders. All the single-attribute disciples were accepted as direct disciples, while only a few dual-attribute disciples received the same treatment, and the rest became ordinary inner disciples. Lu Yaoyao began to worry about her friends, but fortunately, they started being called out one by one.

Du Qianshan also joined the Twelfth Peak, but not as a personal disciple.

Soon, Chao Muxue and Wen Zixing’s turns arrived. Wen Zixing was surprised to hear his name and then happily walked out with Chao Muxue. Was he going to witness Chao Muxue being accepted as the only disciple by the Dao Venerable at close range? This realization made Wen Zixing even more excited than being accepted as a disciple himself. In his excitement, he forgot to wonder why Lu Yaoyao, who had never been mentioned in the plot, suddenly become the personal disciple of the Alchemy Hall Master.

Wen Zixing stood on the right side of Chao Muxue, his thin face flushed with excitement. The others didn’t think much of it when they saw how happy he was. If they were called out, they would be just as thrilled.

When Lu Chongyun saw the group of people stepping forward, he visibly tensed. His upper body leaned forward slightly, but he quickly sat back up straight.

Lu Junyang was standing right next to Lu Chongyun and naturally noticed his master’s unusual behavior. His gaze couldn’t help but sweep over the five people standing in front of the hall, landing on the fair face of a beautiful woman. He guessed that his master was acting strangely because of her. But why?

This time, the peak masters and elders didn’t fight among themselves, but simply asked the new disciples if they had any preferred destinations. Three of them expressed their wishes and were quickly taken away by the corresponding peaks. When it was Wen Zixing’s turn, he wasn’t familiar with cultivation and had no idea of what to choose, so he said, “Disciple doesn’t know what he is good at. Disciple has never cultivated before. Any peak master or elder who finds me agreeable, please take me in!”

Wen Zixing’s pitiful words amused the peak masters, especially considering his performance during the trial. Two elders were about to speak, but the master of the Seventh Peak interjected, “In that case, why not join my peak?”

The master of the Seventh Peak didn’t have a strong desire to accept disciples and simply was here to add the numbers. Except for the little girl at the beginning who made him consider taking a disciple, the others didn’t catch his eye. At this point, almost all the good ones had been claimed up. He was considering taking two or three new inner disciples for his peak but suddenly had a second thoughts upon seeing Wen Zixing. Cultivators attached great importance to karma and fate. Since he found this young man agreeable, it should be their fate to become a master and disciple. With this thought in mind, the master of the Seventh Peak said solemnly, “Are you willing to become my personal disciple?”

Wen Zixing’s eyes lit up, and he said without hesitation: “I am willing!” He was so excited that he almost strained his voice. Who would want to be an ordinary inner disciple when they could become a personal disciple? There was an enormous gap between them! Wen Zixing was extremely thrilled. He ran over excitedly, his voice loud, “Disciple pays respects to Master!”

Seeing this, others teased, “Junior Brother, you’ve found a treasure.”

The master of the Seventh Peak was delighted. “Get up.”

The master of the Seventh Peak and Hall Master Mo sat adjacent to each other, so Lu Yaoyao and Wen Zixing ended up standing together.

Wen Zixing winked at Lu Yaoyao, who made a face at him in return.

Finally, only Chao Muxue remained. The other peak masters looked at her, seemingly wanting to know her thoughts. Chao Muxue looked hesitant and struggling. After a moment, she finally raised her eyes and said firmly, “Muxue knows her own limitations, but Muxue wishes to become a disciple of His Venerable.”

As soon as she spoke, the hall fell silent, as if even the breath had paused. The new disciples present felt a little surprised. Who wouldn’t want to become a disciple of His Venerable? But they knew it was impossible. Everyone knew that His Venerable wouldn’t accept disciples, so they didn’t speak up. The group of new disciples had stood in line for a long time, and almost half of them had been called out, but no one paid attention to Murong Liluo. Finally, unable to bear it any longer, she said anxiously, “I also want to become a disciple of His Venerable!”

Here it comes! He was about to witness a historic scene!

Wen Zixing stood up straighter, his eyes gleaming. He stretched his neck to look in the direction of the high platform ahead, wanting to see the renowned Dao Venerable Hengwu, the number one figure in the Cultivation Realm.

Then he saw a middle-aged man with a long beard.


No, wait, he still remembered the description of Dao Venerable Hengwu in the novel: an extraordinarily handsome and unparalleled figure, with an aura that resembled the everlasting snow on the top of a mountain; cold and unapproachable, like a lofty god.

Wen Zixing realized that the middle-aged man was the Sect Leader of the Guiyuan Sect.

Then where was Dao Venerable Hengwu?

Such an extraordinary person would surely attract the most attention in the hall, but where was he? In the original text, he appeared in the hall and accepted his one and only disciple! If His Venerable wasn’t there, how would he take Chao Muxue as his disciple?

Wen Zixing looked at the empty seat next to Sect Leader Lu, feeling totally confused inside.

Lu Yaoyao didn’t notice Wen Zixing’s peculiarities at his moment. When she heard “His Venerable,” her ears perked up. This was the person she speculated could be her Father!

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes circled around the main hall, her little face filled with confusion.

She had been paying close attention from the side for a long time. Each person sitting in the hall had spoken up, and she remembered their identities. None of them were Dao Venerable.

So, where was Dao Venerable? Would he appear?


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  1. I feel bad for Chao Muxue not getting her destined discipleship under Yao Jiuxiao, but maybe taking a different route can prevent her future death? Maybe she’ll be a disciple of the sect leader instead and become closer with the novel-version’s male protagonist changing her fate from an important female side character to the main female character (at least in terms of romance with the male protagonist).
    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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