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DDDV Ch 121 Part 1 – Entering The Sect (I)

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Murong Liluo still wanted to speak, but the guard beside her quickly pulled her sleeves. She closed her mouth unwillingly, but her eyes were fixed on Chao Muxue’s back.

A soft chuckle broke the silence, “Of course, let alone you youngsters, even a peak master like me also wants to become His Venerable’s disciple,” Peak Master Miao said with a smile.

“You make it sound as if others don’t want to as well. If His Venerable is willing to accept, then none of us will decline.”

“How old are you? At this age, still speaking so bluntly with no restraint. Don’t you afraid these new disciples will laugh at you?” Lu Chongyun spoke up. He then looked at Chao Muxue and solemnly said, “Senior Brother has no intention of taking in disciples.”

Chao Muxue felt disappointed, but also somewhat unwilling. She bowed deeply and looked up at Lu Chongyun, sincerely pleading, “I hope the Sect Leader can inquire on behalf of Muxue.”

Lu Chongyun stared at her face, his gaze momentarily flickering. He fell silent for a moment, “Senior Brother’s absence here has already expressed his stance.”

Lu Yaoyao was equally disappointed. Did it mean that she wouldn’t see Dao Venerable today? Then she looked at Chao Muxue worriedly, concerned about her friend’s future.

As for other disciples, they all fell silent after witnessing this scene, secretly relieved that they hadn’t boldly expressed their inner thoughts and faced such an awkward situation.

Seated above, Lu Chongyun spoke again, his voice calm and unruffled, “Are you willing to join my peak?”

A wave of astonishment swept through the crowd, their gazes involuntarily returning to Chao Muxue. Even the elders and peak masters displayed a hint of curiosity. It seemed as if the Sect Leader had a particular interest in this young girl. After all, he had once stated that Lu Junyang would be his only disciple and he wouldn’t take in anymore.

Chao Muxue hesitated for a moment before bowing: “Disciple pays respect to Master.”

“Good!” Lu Chongyun stroked his beard, a satisfied smile appearing on his face.

Lu Yaoyao was both happy for her friend being taken as a disciple by the sect leader and regretful that she herself couldn’t enter the tutelage of the person she most wanted to join. She turned her head casually and noticed Wen Zixing froze in place, his expression as if struck by lightning. Puzzled, she tilted her head.

What made Wen Zixing so shocked? Well, it was because this development differed totally from the plot he knew. If it weren’t for the inappropriate situation, he would feel like grabbing his own hair and shouting at the sky.

Chao Muxue should be Dao Venerable Hengwu’s one and only disciple! How did she become the Sect Leader’s personal disciple? How would they develop their relationship now?

The ceremony for accepting disciples continued, but the prominent peak masters and elders who had spoken earlier remained silent. Instead, a few hall masters from within the sect stepped forward to make their selections. Murong Liluo and her guard were chosen by a hall master, who showed no signs of happiness, as if accepting them was not his own choice.

The rest of those not named would become outer sect disciples. Among Lu Yaoyao’s group, Li Dazhuang was the only one not selected for the inner sect. Even though he was the only one without spiritual roots who successfully passed the trial, lacking spiritual roots meant he couldn’t cultivate. For this reason, no peaks considered taking him in, as the competition within the inner sect was much more intense and ruthless than in the outer sect. People without spiritual roots might not do well there. Most importantly, they believed Li Dazhuang’s success in the trial was largely due to his teammates who guided him through; otherwise, he would have been eliminated long ago.

Seeing Li Dazhuang being assigned to the outer sect, Lu Yaoyao looked over with concern. Among the five-member team, four were accepted into the inner sect, leaving only him. She wondered if he might feel a bit resentful. Li Dazhuang, with his simple and honest demeanor, noticed the concerned looks of his companions and responded with an innocent smile, showing no signs of being bothered.

Once all the new disciples found their places, the process wasn’t complete yet. Under Lu Junyang’s guidance, they paid respects to the ancestors in the Immortal Hall, listened to the precepts of the sect, and used their own blood to craft a personal name plaque placed within the Mingge Tower. Should a disciple lose their life, the name plaque would immediately shatter. After the last procedure finished, only then did they complete the initiation process and proceed to their respective peaks.

Lu Yaoyao wanted to chat with her friends, but they were already surrounded by their new senior brothers and sisters. In front of Lu Yaoyao also stood a handsome young man with a smiling face, “Junior Sister, I am your Second Senior Brother, Ziwen.”

Lu Yaoyao looked up at him and sweetly called out, “Second Senior Brother.”

“Ah, so obedient!” Ziwen had never seen such an obedient and charming little girl before. This soft and affectionate appellation, spoken by the little girl’s cute babyish voice, made him feel comfortable and fond. From now on, she would be his cherished junior sister. It seemed that their Master had done well this time.

“Second Senior Brother will take you back to the peak.” Ziwen’s voice grew even softer with fondness.


The South Fifth Peak under Peak Master Mo took in one personal disciple and three new inner disciples today. Ziwen led them into the peak, guiding the inner disciples to their respective lodgings, and finally accompanied Lu Yaoyao to her new residence.

Truly living up to its name as the sect’s alchemy peak, the entire mountain was covered in spiritual materials and herbs, not to mention the breathtaking scenery that stretched as far as the eye could see. It was so beautiful that Lu Yaoyao’s eyes couldn’t take it all in.

As they walked, Ziwen informed Lu Yaoyao about the situation within the peak. “Apart from me, you have three senior brothers. The eldest, Eldest Senior Brother Ziwang, has a solitary disposition, but he’s truly kind-hearted. Your Third Senior Brother is more carefree and tends to make mistakes frequently. Just the other day, he accidentally blew up the Master’s alchemy furnace and got himself confined. You’ll meet him once he’s out. Fourth Junior Brother is enthusiastic and cheerful…”

When they passed through the medicine fields on the road, Ziwen took the opportunity to educate his new junior sister about the properties of those spiritual materials and their medicinal effects, while also discussing what kind of pills they are suitable for refining. Finally, they stopped in front of a building, “Little Junior Sister, this will be your residence from now on.”

Standing before them was a very beautiful and delicate two-storied wooden structure, hastily prepared upon learning about the imminent arrival of their new junior sister, but it should be lacking nothing.

“Over there is where I live, and that’s Eldest Senior Brother’s…” Following Ziwen’s indication, Lu Yaoyao saw several small wooden lodges scattered irregularly in the vicinity, spaced at a certain distance but not excessively far apart.

“If you need anything, just call out. We can hear you.”

“Thank you, Second Senior Brother. I really like it here!” Lu Yaoyao’s eyes crinkled with a smile.


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