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DDDV Ch 121 Part 2 – Entering The Sect (II)

“Thank you, Second Senior Brother. I really like it here!” Lu Yaoyao’s eyes crinkled with a smile.

Ziwen smiled dotingly. “I’m glad you do.”

“In the future, we’ll be the closest people to you. If you face difficulties, remember to find us.”

“Yes, I will!”

“Today’s your first day, and you must be tired. Rest for a while,” Ziwen empathized with his junior sister. She was so young, and the trial had surely exhausted her small body. While her physical condition would recover once out of the trial area, the emotional strain and exhaustion were very real.

“Alright.” Lu Yaoyao didn’t actually feel tired, but she accepted Ziwen’s kindness.

Ziwen soon left.

Lu Yaoyao pushed open the door and stepped into the house. The interior was immaculate. Inside, there was a small hall with guest seating, a tea platform, and a small staircase to the side. As Lu Yaoyao ascended, she realized the second floor was a private living space.

The entire second floor was hers to use. There was a bedroom, featuring a finely crafted dressing table, a folding screen, and an equally spacious dressing room on the right, furnished with several large wardrobes. Adjacent to the bedroom was a beautiful study. But what truly delighted Lu Yaoyao was the cozy terrace on the second floor, offering a view of the surroundings.

Lu Yaoyao instantly fell in love with her new house. This was her own personal space, where she could shape it into her favorite retreat. Her desire to learn alchemy had originated from a certain idea she had before she joined the sect. Now, with this chance, her decision seemed more than justified. She was confident she would find great happiness here.

Having finished exploring the second floor, Lu Yaoyao came back downstairs. On either side of the main building, there were two adjacent annexes. The one on the left was a guest room, while the one on the right stood totally vacant. Outside the building, clusters of vibrant spiritual plants adorned the surroundings, lush and green, with some even in full bloom, creating a colorful and picturesque view.

Taking a deep breath, Lu Yaoyao inhaled the unique fragrance that filled the air, soothing to her senses. She really loved this place!

After completing her tour, Lu Yaoyao returned to the second floor, a satisfied smile gracing her features.

Once the initial excitement settled, Lu Yaoyao began contemplating the future. Now that she had successfully joined the Guiyuan Sect, she could finally address the lingering matters on her mind. Hmm, thanks to her sharp intellect, it seemed that her speculations were likely accurate. The problem was that Dao Venerable hadn’t appeared in the Grand Hall, so she now needed a follow-up plan to see him.

Lu Yaoyao’s agile mind brainstormed two potential solutions: arranging a meeting with Dao Venerable or cleverly luring him out to meet her. As for the latter, she could send a message through someone with access to him. If indeed he was her father, he would undoubtedly respond upon receiving the message.

Then there was the matter of the elder she met in the Abyss. She had promised to return his remains, but she first had to investigate the elder’s identity and find out if he had any potential relatives. What if his reputation within the sect wasn’t favorable? As a newcomer, a certain level of prudence was a must so that she wouldn’t raise any suspicions, thus the need to identify the right contact and opportunity to explain her purpose before handing the remains over.

Until these two matters were resolved, she also needed to prepare for her alchemy studies…

She was going to be extremely busy! Lu Yaoyao couldn’t help but sigh at her upcoming bustling schedule.

Oh, right, she forgot about Daddy. Would it be possible to send letters out? Besides Daddy, she also wanted to continue corresponding with Brother Yuanyuan and contact Xiao Si. Daddy must be furious after learning about her daring escape from the Devil Realm, but he surely wouldn’t come in great fanfare to take her back. This should give her ample time to compose letters to soothe his feelings!

After making up her mind, Lu Yaoyao hurriedly ran back to her new study, where she found writing materials ready on the desk. Once she started writing, she couldn’t stop. The events that had unfolded during her journey, stories about her new friends, and the details of her entry into the Guiyuan Sect could easily fill ten pages of the letter.

When she finally finished, Lu Yaoyao realized that the desk was covered with papers full of half-dried writing. As the ink dried, she collected the sheets into a thick stack. She was satisfied with herself. A letter this long should be enough to show her sincerity, right? Daddy surely wouldn’t scold her for running away from home once he read it!

With this thought, Lu Yaoyao carefully folded the papers and put them in her pouch, intending to hand the letter over to Yanqing at the first chance. If it was Yanqing, surely he had a way to deliver it to Daddy!

“Little Junior Sister, are you home?” Hearing Ziwen’s call, Lu Yaoyao quickly responded. She jumped off the chair and ran downstairs, “Second Senior Brother!”

Seeing the little dumpling running out excitedly, Ziwen suddenly burst into laughter, “Well, well, where did this little spotted kitty come from?”

“Hmm?” Lu Yaoyao tilted her head in confusion.

Ziwen smiled, took out a handkerchief, and gently wiped Lu Yaoyao’s face. The pure white handkerchief was immediately stained with ink.

Lu Yaoyao blushed instantly. She had been too engrossed when writing the letter and failed to notice the ink on her face. Trying to salvage her image, she explained earnestly, “I was practicing calligraphy, and I accidentally got ink on myself.”

Then she raised her hand to clumsily wipe her face, only managing to smear ink further.

Ziwen’s smile deepened. Well, his little junior sister was indeed still a child; it was no wonder that she liked to play with ink. Seeing the embarrassment on her face, he refrained from teasing her again.

“Master has summoned us.” After cleaning Lu Yaoyao’s face, Ziwen was about to stow the handkerchief in his storage bag, but Lu Yaoyao was faster. She hurriedly seized the evidence and put it into her own small pouch, stating, “Second Senior Brother, I’ll give it back to you once it’s washed.”

Ziwen didn’t mind and instead noticed another detail. “You have a storage pouch too?”

Lu Yaoyao patted the pouch and proudly said: “My father gave it to me!”

Ziwen nodded. He wasn’t envious, as alchemists were the wealthiest among other cultivation branches. In fact, all of his master’s disciples, including himself, had their own storage space items.

“Let’s go, Master and your other senior brothers are waiting for us.”



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  1. I had completely forgotten about the Guiyuan Sect Elder’s belongings she found in the Abyss! They definitely hold significant meaning to the sect and to his relatives, so hopefully she’s able to quickly discern his identity.
    On a side note, I was one of those users who was confused about all the locked chapters, too! I didn’t have an account because it’s much easier to just read without it, but now I had to sign up just to read my beloved novels. I would have greatly appreciated it if NU had at least made an announcement about it, but even until now, they still have clarified the login requirement or expressed their stance on it. It was quite frustrating figuring it out and still a disappointment that they haven’t addressed the issue. I do believe it was to prevent people from stealing all the hard work from translators like yourself, but an explanation wouldn’t have impeded their site and instead would have contributed to a better understanding and acceptance of their policy. Just wanted to vent a little, lol.
    Anyway, thanks for another great chapter! 😀

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