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DDDV Ch 123 Part 2 – Daily Life Begins (II)

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After having breakfast, just as Lu Yaoyao and Suqing were preparing to go out, Ziwen arrived.

“Good morning, Little Junior Sister.”

“Second Senior Brother!”

Ziwen cared a lot about his new little junior sister and thus rushed over early in the morning. “Yesterday was too hasty. Today, I will help you get acquainted with the peak.”

“Okay. Thank you, Second Senior Brother!”

“No need to be so polite. You are my junior sister.” Ziwen lightly patted Lu Yaoyao’s head, being careful not to mess up her hairstyle. He then turned to Suqing by the side, “You can go about your own business. I’ll take care of Little Junior Sister here.”

Suqing was reluctant to leave, but she couldn’t disregard Ziwen’s words, who was her martial uncle, and could only leave reluctantly.

Lu Yaoyao looked at Ziwen and asked, “Second Senior Brother, what about the other senior brothers?”

“Eldest Senior Brother and Fourth Junior Brother are in seclusion for alchemy. Third Junior Brother is still under confinement.”

“Confinement?” Lu Yaoyao was curious.

“Your third senior brother is too naughty. He secretly used Master’s alchemy furnace to refine pills and ended up exploding it. In the future, you should try not to get too close to your Third Senior Brother.” Ziwen briefly explained the reason for Ziwan’s punishment. Fearing that this adorable little junior sister might be influenced badly, he couldn’t help but advise her to keep her distance. This South Fifth Peak didn’t need another troublemaker to add to his and his Master’s headaches.

Lu Yaoyao nodded earnestly. She was a clever, mature, and responsible girl—how could she get into trouble with Third Senior Brother? No way!

As they chatted, the two of them strolled around South Fifth Peak. The peaks extended far, and Lu Yaoyao and Ziwen walked at a leisurely pace. Before long, Lu Yaoyao saw a young lady in purple approaching them.

Upon closer inspection, wasn’t this Sister Zelan she had met before?

“Sister Zelan!” Lu Yaoyao waved her small hand and ran over.

A faint smile blossomed on the girl’s otherwise frosty face. “Yaoyao.”

Ye Zelan was indeed looking for Lu Yaoyao. After asking for the little girl’s whereabouts first thing in the morning, she quickly left the guest room and came to her. “Congratulations!” Looking at the Guiyuan Sect’s uniform on Lu Yaoyao’s small body, she knew that even without their request, Martial Uncle Mo would still have accepted Lu Yaoyao as a disciple.

Lu Yaoyao smiled brightly. “Thank you, Sister Zelan!”

“This is a congratulatory gift from me.” With little small talk, Ye Zelan took out an exquisite red box.

Lu Yaoyao glanced at Ziwen. Upon his nod, she accepted the congratulatory gift and thanked Ye Zelan once again.

“We can stay in touch more often in the future,” Ye Zelan said. The Medicine Sect was a sect of alchemists, and Ye Zelan herself was one. Because of this relationship, she frequently interacted with the alchemy branch of the Guiyuan Sect.

Lu Yaoyao nodded and made a formal bow. “Sister Zelan, please guide me from today.”

Seeing Ye Zelan’s clear intent to lure his little junior sister away, Ziwen quickly cleared his throat. “No need. Little Junior Sister has us senior brothers here!”

Ye Zelan frowned slightly and gave Ziwen a sideways look. Among Yaoyao’s new senior brothers, only the person in front of her was slightly reliable. As for the others…heh!

Ye Zelan didn’t voice these thoughts in front of Lu Yaoyao, but the coldness in her eyes carried that meaning.

Even Ziwen himself, thinking about the three senior and junior brothers of his, couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed inside. Nevertheless, the smile on his face remained unfazed.

Lu Yaoyao had just joined and was not familiar with the inside story. Seeing both of them silent, she suggested, “Sister Zelan, Second Senior Brother is helping me get acquainted with the peak. Why don’t you come along?”

Ye Zelan naturally agreed, and so the group of two became three. They hadn’t walked for long when they turned and saw Lu Junyang and Chao Muxue coming toward them.

“Brother Junyang! Muxue!” Lu Yaoyao ran over. Seeing one familiar face after another, she was growing fonder of the Guiyuan Sect.

Just like Ziwen did for Lu Yaoyao, Lu Junyang was taking Chao Muxue around. His Master had taken in a new personal disciple, and as a senior brother, he naturally had to take extra care. Yesterday at the Grand Hall, Lu Junyang had noticed that his Master seemed to be acting a bit differently toward Chao Muxue. However, after she was accepted into their peak, Master didn’t pay too much attention and instead went into seclusion.

Thus, Lu Junyang took on the responsibility of looking after his new junior sister, and today, he was taking her out to get acquainted with the Guiyuan Sect. Because of Lu Yaoyao, the two of them headed toward the South Fifth Peaks. On the way, Lu Junyang couldn’t help wishing the little girl to be his junior sister, too. He could personally guide her, and that would be even better. Nevertheless, things were already as good as they were.

Their previous meeting hadn’t allowed for much conversation, but this time, Lu Yaoyao had endless things to say. Furthermore, there was also Chao Muxue. Lu Yaoyao was alternating between conversations with Lu Junyang and Chao Muxue, while also attending to Ziwen and Ye Zelan.

So busy!

In the end, the five of them continued together. Not limiting themselves to the South Fifth Peak, they explored other areas as well. The territory of the Guiyuan Sect was vast, and despite spending an entire day, they only covered a corner of it. Lu Yaoyao had so much fun that she didn’t want the day to end. When it was time to part ways, Ye Zelan bid her farewell. She was returning to the Medicine Sect.

Ye Zelan’s visit this time wasn’t primarily about study exchange. It was mainly for Lu Yaoyao, her little benefactor. Ye Zelan truly cared for her. Apart from wanting to repay the favor, she also felt a certain affinity toward the little girl. Now that Lu Yaoyao had successfully entered the Guiyuan Sect, and she had spent enough time here, it was only natural for her to return.

Lu Yaoyao felt reluctant to see her go, but they promised to visit each other when they had the chance.

That night, Lu Yaoyao no longer felt the uneasiness of being in a new environment. Perhaps it was because she had so many familiar faces around her in the Guiyuan Sect, and everyone treated her well.

As she strolled around with others today, she received the friendliest of gazes. Perhaps because her appearance made her the youngest-looking among the new disciples, others found her cute and lovable.

Apart from the children born in the Guiyuan Sect, this was the first time they had seen such a young junior sister!

Lu Yaoyao fell asleep quickly and had a dreamless night.

The next morning, she dressed herself neatly and stepped out of the pavilion, only to see Second Senior Brother waiting at the door.

“Little Junior sister, I’ll take you to class.”

Lu Yaoyao tilted her head. Seeing Second Senior Brother’s seemingly excited look, he seemed like a parent sending their child off to school for the first time, even more anxious than her.


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